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Elon Musk's tunnel under L.A. will actually go from his office to his Bel Air homes

Posted by Conspiracy Cafe on December 3, 2017 at 8:15 AM

The starting point sits near the SpaceX headquarters because the company owns the land, and could immediately begin digging there, a spokesperson said. Musk also owns $70 million worth of property nearby in Bel Air - with five homes all within walking distance of each other

Tunnel will run Westwood to LAX, passing SpaceX and his Bel Air properties

A shaft has been dug by the Boring Company under SpaceX's LA headquarters

The 150-metre tunnel 'should be 2 miles long in three or four months' he said

Elon Musk's plan to dig a tunnel beneath LA could vastly improve the daily commute for thousands of people in the city.

And, it's likely no one will benefit more than Musk himself.

The project is expected to run from Westwood to LAX – passing right by both the SpaceX headquarters and Musk's Bel Air properties, according to Fast Company.


Great way to bring in the underage meat or engage in some sort of covert activity. I doubt CHP will be watching the tunnel for infractions of the law.

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