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Posted by Conspiracy Cafe on October 20, 2017 at 10:05 AM

It's hardly necessary. 

A lot of folks are jumping on the Directed Energy Bandwagon with regard to certain anomalies. Fire is a wonderful servant and a terrible master. However, it doesn't seem to be too well understood. Burning temperatures are cleary understood and have been tested for many years. Melting temperatures, too, have been well studied. All you really need to start a massive forest fire is a match, an accelerant and the right conditions. It doesn't make much sense to bring in Star Wars technology. In the above photo the trees still stand as the fire rages. The reason is obvious. The wind is blowing in the direction of the flag's nexus. It is readily apparent it is not hot enough at that location to burn the material. The trees and even the leaves are safe.

This image confirms a similar event. The man in the foreground is alive and well. The heat is being blown away from the foreground and the tree near the man. After the fire burns itself out it should come as no surprise that no matter the level of destruction to the structure the tree remains relatively unscathed. 

Another facet of the DEW angle is that the fire melted aluminum. Well yes it has. Aluminum melts at 660° C or 1220° F. However, a raging wood fire can burn up to 1,100° C or 2012° F. The primary part of the fire to reach these temperatures is the charcoal. So the burning wood itself cannot not do it until it enters the charcoal phase of the fire. 

Another image making the rounds is this burned out vehicle above. What we have here is a vehicle fire not a forest fire. There appears to have been a grass fire along the side of the road. This is being shown as proof of a DEW. I would disagree. Gasoline ignites at a relatively low 495° F (232° C). It burns at a significantly hot 1500° F (945° C) well above the melting temperature of aluminium. There is a reason military vehicles are fitted with diesel engines. This is it. 

Another photo making the rounds is the tree burning on the inside. However, it clearly looks like a tree that was hollowed out from issues unrelated to the fire. You see the holes are natural and have existed for some time. That implies there was a lot of space for oxygen to get through to the fire and the absence of a solid center would burn more easily. So this is not evidence of a DEW. 

Another type of photo involves the complete destruction of a dwelling without the collateral damage to the trees. This doesn't mean a DEW weapon was involved. It means the heat was blown either in a certain direction or in the absence of wind the heat would rise. The contents of the house would generally collapse into the foundation and be covered over. The absence of them doesn't imply an exotic weapon. They may be very well in the remains when sifted. Homes can also contain other fuels that would cause very high burning temperatures. 

So all in all I feel a tall tale is being spun that could very well be explained by the burning and melting temperatures and the direction of the wind. I cannot definitively say a directed energy weapon was deployed based on what I see presented. I see that not all the facts have been made available and conclusions have been drawn on those few details. It is hardly necessary to use an exotic weapon when low grade technology will suffice and conceal the perpetrator of the crime. 

Tom Morello Califonia's Dark

It started in basements

And it started in sheds

It started in backyards

And was hidden under beds

I turned on the TV

Don't believe a word they say

We can't stay here

And we can't get awayThere's a riot on Sunset

And fires burn in the park

The sun has set my friend

And California's dark


And over the screaming

I heard a clear voice

I looked at my choices

And I made a choice

Smoke and ashes

Tonight hide the stars

The stop lights are red now, love

We've come for what's oursThere's a riot on Sunset

And fires burn in the park

The sun has set my friend

And California's dark


Come stand among the rattlesnakes

At the side of the desert road

And close your eyes and listen

To the music hard and cold

Tonight the moon is blackened

Tonight the doors are shut

Behind the shuttered windows

We pray the sun will come up

For something walks across these fields

For which there is no name

You might have heard different

But I was there when it came

It will start with a spark

And a great fire will grow

Don't know how I know it

But I just knowThere's a riot on Sunset

And fires burn in the park

The sun sets everywhere

And the whole damn country's dark

There's a riot on Sunset

And fires burn in the park

The sun has set my friend

And California's dark

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