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Posted by Conspiracy Cafe on August 31, 2017 at 8:30 AM

I photographed the eclipse and didn't think much of it because the light was so overpowering I didn't think the results would show anything. On closer inspection there is unique blue and purple anomaly above the sun. The purple light almost looks like it's drilling into something where the flared bluish, green circle is.

I've come to accept the theories about the existence of the Earth are thoroughly enriched with a fabric of deception. I reject the spinning ball concept entirely and feel the flat plane with a dome firmament is the true nature of our existence unless we are in fact a computer program or holographic existence as some scientists conjecture. 

Something is catching the light above the Sun. If there is a protective dome, then it has either captured the light of perhaps something is outside the dome boring in. 

Directly above the sun under the anomaly is a small blue speck that isn't on other images so it's not a speck on the lens. It leaves open the possibility it is another space body. I would discount it being a spacecraft. In proportion to the Sun it appears to be quite large. 

It appears our blue sphere was on the move. This image was take from Orillia, Ontario. My image was taken in Toronto. 

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