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Marshall McLuhan's 106th Birthday Google Doodle

Posted by Conspiracy Cafe on July 21, 2017 at 7:45 PM

The interesting thing about this Google Doodle is that we blazed the trail about it for our Canada Day dissertation about Satan being the prince of the airwaves. It goes beyond that really. There are lines of communication that open the mind to programming and control. It started with the alphabet, was exacerbated by the printing press and maximized with television and radio the ethereal space of the Prince of the air Satan. So indeed fake news has been the bane of humankind for a very long time. 

Marshall McLuhan was born on this day in 1911. That alone implies another 911 event on the horizon, or in general terms reveals that these manufactured events and the use of the programming mediums of type, sound and image can shape our minds to the degree we are pressed into servitude as Satan's minions willingly and thoroughly by allowing the medium to be the massage of our thought and rationale processes. Being aware of these concepts, this writer has strived to avoid the pitfalls set out before us and hewn a different path through the neural jungle. That takes conditioning and strength to resist the equivalent of a computer virus designed to degrade the mind's ability to reason and turn it into a slave of the master Satan. 

We frequently opine the old childhood adage to refrain from taking candy from strangers. The various fake news print editions, radio and TV are candy to most everyone. They denigrate your abilities to assess data and pollute the core content in such a manner that you'll believe your thoughts are your own despite the fact the core elements in the reasoning process were manufactured somewhere else by someone else. With that orchestrated reality you're quite content to basically act as a computer bot and invade the reality of existence with a new false reality. It is brilliant really because the great theorist and strategist, McLuhan, has been forgotten overall from the rationalization process. So if we are unaware of the process, we cannot even begin to contemplate that our thoughts are not our own, but a carefully crafted meme to alter reality in a manner that is not advantageous to our relationship to God or his Eden.

I surmise that since the Prince of the air Satan is the father of all lies and deceits, that most everything we have ever learned has been severely skewed to lead us away from truth and enslave us in a false reality where God and his creations do not exist as they were always meant to be. That is the predominate idea behind Christ's adage of the truth setting us free. One of the first major steps is to change the channel from the ethereal space to another. Don't subscribe to or support the fake mainstream mass mind control media lest you die. For that is the end result to the process. We are and always have been lured to war and the mass murder of our fellows for false and sordid reasons, but like any addiction, it takes great resolve to break free, and break free we must.  

McLuhan said this war was an infowar. One of the most popular alternative media sites uses that nom de guerre, and McLuhan clearly said it was going to be a war where there would be no distinction between civilian and military forces. That is all around us too. Seth Rich tried to reveal the truth and was murdered for it. He is one of a long list of patriots defending the ethereal space from determined enemy assault. It is imperative that those waging the battles have a strong healthy relationship with God. He alone is your manifest destiny. We will face what were termed in ancient times trials by ordeal whereupon we are subjected to many forms of harm by this multifaced hydra.

They may attempt murder, coerce, threaten and punish in a multitude of ways. The Prince of the air has many tricks at his disposal. Pray for strength and God's protection. Having been through the tribulations and surviving, I notice the difference from those who haven't. I dropped the prayer virus Amen many years ago. Amen is the sun god Amen Ra. Moses freed us from bondage many years ago. Like robots we repeat this word without the slightest care or concern. God warned us he was a very jealous God. We are not to have any other Gods before us. That is a prime directive COMMANDMENT. Yet people of faith destroy their prayer power significantly by taking this medium into their minds. 

Remember you are at war. The term Australian rules meaning there are no rules comes to mind. You do whatever you have to do to survive. Rule number one is don't trust authority because the bulk of people in authority are vassals to the master of the ethereal space. As a child of the true and eternal God, you are the authority. I'm amazed how many of the deceased were going to the police or in the American cases the FBI for protection. These tendancies are preprogrammed into our minds from childhood. The police are not interested in revealing truths. Whatever evidence you have is for the court of public opinion. Post it on line or reveal it in the ethereal realm. 

Princess Diana announced in advance she had a profound revelation to make about the royal family. There was a complete take out operation for JFK assassination witnesses or any other for that matter. Keep your wits about you and your heads up. Try not to leave yourselves vulnerable. Think tactically. Look for ways out of any situation. You are the prey not the predator. Make sure whatever tries to get you pays a significant price for the effort. Most victims just walk walk into their executions. You need to take action to protect yourself and make it difficult for the assassin. Having them walk into a trap is best. I always liked the comedy Home Alone for that. It was the ultimate pie in the face. 

I must be thankful to God for the plethora of training and experience He gave me over the years. It started with my father and his maxim trust no one. Anyone can succumb to the power of the evil one and fail you. Our family business was the local pool hall. When troubles came they might arrive on motorcycles that bore the label Hell's Angels or Satan's Choice. However, they were open about their afiliations and easy to accomodate. The difficult one is the snake in the grass pretending to be godly but really working for the dark side. That is my message to massage your mind. Everything is not as it appears especially since our minds were programmed with lies from the outset in many things we thought to hold dear. Government has been co-opted by evil. The church has allowed evil to infiltrate it. Christ even called Peter Satan, and in spite of that we were conditioned to trust these institutions. It was Rome, the state, that was the Christ killer and saint obliterator.

The end game is to trick us into the final war of the Revelation with the nuclear powers primarily the United States and Russia. You know them for their works. Think about who is manifesting the Russian meme. They are Satan's forces. They are the fake news that has lied to you from the outset. Think about the power of the false flag attacks. They are theaters of the mind. The TV show The Twight Zone defined it all to well. 

There is a fifth dimension beyond that which is known to man. It is a dimension as vast as space and as timeless as infinity. It is the middle ground between light and shadow, between science and superstition, and it lies between the pit of man's fears and the summit of his knowledge. This is the dimension of imagination. It is an area which we call the Twilight Zone.

We struggle in this dimension McLuhan termed the ethereal space. Tell me if any of the other medias advise you of this. Virtually all of them are agents of the dark side whether witting or unwitting. Here we know the score and try to liberate you by challenging the most deep seated lies and aberrations. Your standards of discerment will elevate you to the truth and set you free. God just made me a conduit to enlightenment. Marshall McLuhan tried as well, but his message has been forgotten by most. The agents of the Prince of the air know it well and still apply it to unsuspecting minds. Perhaps it will be the struggle of and for eternity with many casualties. You have been warned again on the 106th birthday of one on Canada's great thinkers Marshall McLuhan.  He coined the term Global Village. The anti-Christ forces just have to build it. Whose side are you on? I chose mine a long time ago. 

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