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Oregon Legislators Move to Allow Starving, Dehydrating the Mentally Ill

Posted by George Freund on June 27, 2017 at 5:25 PM


Senate Bill 494, recently introduced in the Oregon Legislature, would allow the starving and dehydrating of patients who suffer from dementia or mental illness. A perfect illustration of the danger this bill presents can be seen in a situation involving an Ashland resident named Nora Harris who suffered from Alzheimer’s disease. After moving into a memory care facility, Nora eventually lost the ability to communicate her wishes. She lost her fine motor skills as well, which prevented her from using utensils. Hungry, she would eat and drink what was offered to her, but her husband sought a court order to require the nursing home to stop assisting her. However, the court would not deny Nora basic sustenance because that would have violated Oregon law. Now Oregon legislators are pushing to remove this legal protection!

SB 494 removes current safeguards which prohibit surrogates from withholding ordinary food and water from conscious patients with conditions that don’t allow them to make decisions about their own care. Currently, patients like Nora are given help with eating and drinking when they cannot do it themselves. This is not tube feeding or an IV—this is basic, non-medical care for conscious patients.

The way these safeguards are removed is subtle. A cursory look at SB 494 might lead you to think it merely updates the law regarding advance directive. This is true, but there’s more. If the bill passes, it could allow a court to interpret a request on an advance directive to refuse tube feeding to also mean you don’t want to receive spoon feeding! SB 494 would also create a committee, appointed rather than elected, that can make future changes to the advance directive without approval from the Oregon Legislature. This could easily result in further erosion of patient rights.

UPDATE: SB 494 has moved from the Judiciary committee to the Rules committee. The Rules committee is the last committee to close so SB 494 can be moved to a floor vote at any moment until the session ends. This bill is deadly and must be defeated. Your representatives in the Oregon legislature need to hear that patients have a right to food and water. To contact your State Senator, please click here now!

If you do not live in Oregon, please email your opposition to SB 494 to Senate Majority Leader Ginny Burdick, who is the chair of the Senate Rules Committee, where SB 494 is currently assigned. Sen.GinnyBurdick@oregon​legislat​


If you ever watched the movie Logan’s Run, you find a dystopian world where are your desires are met. However, at a point in time your bio-metric chip requires you to die. The New World Order has a plan carved in stone in the Georgia Guide Stones. The world population will be 500 million. People are a burden to the earth and must be culled. The most vulnerable are selected at the early stages. The first major group were the unborn. The next will be the elderly. The police state used the term useless eaters. We are at the precipice. Others with complicated diseases will be selected for elimination next. Of course one of the most severe disorders involves unhealthy ideas of the mind. You may refute the state’s godless religion. You may not appreciate various social changes with the new family. Your opinions are commonly suffixed with the term phobia. Even worse you may believe in the sovereignty of your person and nation and adhere to a Constitutional form of government that even includes a right to free speech and the ownership of arms. That just won’t survive the eventual criteria for selection of incurable disease.

We exist in a world where there is great pressure to disarm us. Various events are hyped to panic us to abrogate those rights. As the process evolves, we’re told our rights are inviolate; but then there’s terrorism. We must be safe so we surrender those rights too. I pen we can wake up before we get on the train. We can wake up on the train. We can wake up at the entrance to the camp; but if we wait until we’re at the shower room door, we’ve waited to long. The only escape then is the smokestack at the crematory. The world moves at the speed of the predator not the prey. It should be obvious which is which. It is the classic Art of War by Sun Tzu. Why are we being subjected to tactics of war unless the predators in power wish to conquer us as a nation and a people. This is the slippery slope. If we fail, we cannot expect anything short of Logan’s Run. Your chip is flashing. It is your time. Fight or flight are your only options. Good luck. God bless. Our seniors deserve to be honored for their contributions to our world not starved.

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