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Posted by George Freund on January 7, 2017 at 7:00 PM

The strange thing about human beings is being more sentient than other life forms on this planet, we have great difficulty recognizing patterns that are well established in history. When a deer hears a twig snap in the forest, it bolts to a position of safety, and then looks back on the cause. We humans get bogged down with wordy concepts from the predators that prevent us from seeing threats and analyzing facts that fall before us. In my lifetime a president was assassinated, and another one came very, very close. I've come to understand there is great evil in the world, and it is prepared to go to any length to achieve power and control. In ancient times they called it palace intrigue. That hasn't evolved from the human condition. In 1963 John Kennedy was assassinated. Prior to the event there was a secret meeting to discuss the plot and assume control.

As an infrequent hunter, I understand the forest. I learned more about it in the police and security fields. I have been the hunter and the hunted. I have heard the twig snap and recognized a pattern that bears concern. Prime Minister Trudeau of Canada will not attend the inauguration ceremony on January 20th. The United States is Canada's major trading partner. Our economic livelihood is completely dependent upon our southern brothers and sisters. Furthermore, the United States is the protector of our nation's security. We only have a token military force. This is tantamount to skipping your own wedding. There must be a serious reason. The cover story is he's going to meet the people in a Canada wide tour. He also will not attend the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland either. That is one of the most important meetings in the world in relation to global business and innovation. Something smells rotten in Ottawa about this development.

Justin Trudeau attended a secret meeting with Aga Khan a billionaire philanthropist recently. The meeting occurred on his private island in The Bahamas. That alone should be the grounds for scandal with our pay for play Prime Minister offering his services like a high end escort, by screwing the citizens of his country instead of his 'client.' The Aga Khan is the 49th Imam of the Nizari Ismaili community the second largest Shia branch of Islam. It is well thought that Mr. Trudeau converted to Islam while attending a mosque in Montreal that had been a hotbed of extremism. The mosque was under surveillance by intelligence authorities, or perhaps a better analogy might be under the control of U.S. intelligence agencies as a facet of a proxy army to create crises for those agencies to entrench power with a manufactured enemy. Men going to fight in Syria attended the mosque. Ahmed Ressam an LA airport attacker prayed there. Other alumnus were on the FBI's most wanted list or on sabbatical at Guantanamo. The mosque was Canada's equivalent to the notorious Finsbury Park mosque in the UK. Former senior Canadian Police Commissioners paid tribute to the mosque as well with one getting elected to cabinet in the Harper government.

Justin Trudeau says the prayer required for conversion

Emperor Justinian I of Canada was a featured speaker at the Reviving the Islamic Spirit (RIS) Convention which was sponsored by a group called IRFAN. They are a 'charity' organization that funneled money to Hamas and had their charity status pulled. Speaker Tariq Ramadan has links to the Muslim Brotherhood and is a moderate radical who advocates a moratorium on stoning women but not a ban. An American neo-Nazi William W. Baker spoke at a previous incarnation in 2004, but the liberal press seems to accept radicals that grease their own wheels. Imam Siraj Wahhaj, an unindicted 1993 World Trade Center bomber, spoke at the 2006 revival. Sheik Bilal Philips was another. He is a moderate as well advocating the killing of homosexuals. Sheikh Abd Al-Rahman Al-Sudais, Imam of Mecca's Grand Mosque, spoke in 2004. His opinions are, "Jews of yesterday are the evil forefathers of the even more evil Jews of today: infidels … prophet murderers, the scum of the human race, accursed by Allah, who turned them into apes and pigs." You can feel the love of the liberal left with every word. Tolerance is their byline. Indian physician-preacher Zakir Naik spoke in 2010 saying every Muslim should be a terrorist. 


In fact the Arabic word for assassin, Hashashin, comes from the medieval Nizari Ismailis. They were a secret order that originated in the 11th century. The assassins were feared by the crusaders. Their tactic in pursuing political and religious goals was to assassinate prominent rival figures in public places. They were led my a mysterious 'Old Man of the Mountain' Rashīd ad-Dīn Sinān who convinced Saladin to ally himself after two assassination attempts. Saladin was assaulting Aleppo a city still in the news. Rashīd was originally sent to Syria to proclaim the Day of the Resurrection Yawm al-Qiyāmah the final assessment of humanity by God and the annihilation of all life. This was the time of the Qa'im which you might understand by the term Mahdi.




The Hashashin were adept in the art of war. They infiltrated positions close to their enemies. We find Grand Mufti in Chief Obama has placed numerous Muslims in key positions within the intelligence community and more. The Obama machine was instrumental in getting Mr. Trudeau elected in our last illusion. There are no elections by the way. They were specialists in covert warfare, psychological warfare, linguistics, and disguise. They were known to warn an adversary by threat before killing them. Sometimes that would entail a strategically placed dagger. In the modern version a senior senator like Charles Schumer could call the intended victim dumb for attacking intelligence agencies. They had a warrior code called Furūsiyya. It was not permitted to allow women to be at the scene of battle. Of course, Mrs. Trudeau will not be in Washington either.

We learn from our history to prevent it from repeating. 

In scripture God says we're all sinners. In public relations some people are presented to be saints. Somebody's lying. I place my bets of the truth coming from God. The very thought of people in high office attending secret meetings is an idea repugnant in a free and open society. We know the result of the one in 1963. We pray there is no plot against Donald Trump, but we are sage enough to know the liberal left hate him enough to attempt murder if necessary. Perhaps Trudeau knows something. Perhaps he's just behaving like a spoiled child from a family of affluence. I prefer to regard him as the wolf in sheep's clothing. Has the twig snapped? History will tell us January 20th. 

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