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Charles Macintosh 250th Birthday Google Doodle

Posted by George Freund on December 28, 2016 at 7:00 PM

December 29th as the 250th anniversary of the birth of Scottish chemist Charles MacIntosh. He was the inventor of water resistant clothing. His patent involved treating garments with naphtha applied to rubber to make the material breathable. It was a quantum leap in science really. We take it like most of the inventions that make life much more comfortable in vain complaining about the trivial and mundane. The obvious moral of the story is the deluge will roll of us like water off a duck's back. It is ironic that the Russian embassy responds to the expulsion of diplomats in the alleged hacking scandal as a lame duck. However, the raincoat is only a subplot in the doodle. The main plot is the top hat. 

President Lincoln's top hat from the assassination

Though long past its prime, the top was the staple of men's fashion from the end of the 18th century until the 1960's and beyond in formal attire events. As we approach Inauguration Day, we must remember that JFK was the last president to wear one. President Eisenhower did not and neither did President Johnson. However, President Lincoln is well remembered for his. There could be a message encoded here that presidents under extreme prejudice are at risk. One is coming to town under great aplomb. Will he see the water roll off his back like a duck or a duck in a noose? The point of the issue is the top hat is open to the elements. As it is lifted a flood of water falls upon the wearer. The symbolism is undeniable. It will come as an inside job just like the Kennedy and Lincoln assassinations. 

Of course there is another very, very symbolic top hat. It is the one worn by Uncle Sam. In this scenario the United States is going to be exposed to a great deluge. Where normally the water would roll off the country's back, in this instance the flow will be overwhelming. A great storm could be the application of a weather weapon causing a great flood, or in the traditional use of Uncle Sam in the recruiting poster a great war may spring upon us. The globalists are Satanists and are working overtime to mire the republic in a war for global domination. They care not if it even involves nuclear weapons and protracted casualties. There is another matter to take to heart in regard to the symbolism, and that is the pentagram star centered over the forehead or third all seeing eye is the symbol of baphomet

The top hat has been the fashion statement for the western bankers since the early Rothschild's. It is the badge of honor to western capitalism. Rich Uncle Pennybags from the board game Monopoly sets the standard. British aristocracy still wear the top hat for ceremonial occasions like a day to the races. With the ascot tie, it is the epitome of style and grace. However, it is what is in the hardened hearts that illicits evil. This aspect suggests an economic deluge that will allow us to drown in debt ultimately as the system restores itself. The Worshipful Master in Freemasonry also wears the top hat with pride. In Germany all members are allowed to wear the hat. The president and honorary officers of synagogues also wear the top hat. This may imply a role for Israel in the cascade of water flowing through the hat. Since the Middle East is the biblical location for the events to come and recipient of historical floods, we tip our hats to MacIntosh and wait for the shadow language to show its hand. The GLE is a graphic layout engine. We analyse the the graphics to negate the effects of the symmetry. So at the Cafe we wish you a Happy New Year free from calamity and intrigue, but should they attempt provoking, we will respond with analysis. 

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