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Posted by Conspiracy Cafe on September 28, 2016 at 10:50 AM

In the great Presidential debate of 2016 we waited for the all time heavyweight championship of the left right paradigm. Though rigged in favor of the NWO's candidate Hillary Clinton, there was plenty of room for The Donald to not only wiggle but drive the proverbial wooden stake through the demon's heart. Since he knew what the questions would be in advance, he should have prepared himself better. He was in the ring with one hand tied behind his back facing the champion of slime. 

There were two opportunities presented to The Donald. The main one was of the conspiracy genre the Obama birth certificate. It is related to the candidate being forthright on a number of issues like the tax and health records. They all hold close to the chest the ones they don't want people to see. Hillary hides her health issues and The Donald his tax returns. However, if you know something to be true and hold your ideals to heart, you can't knuckle under to the great deceptions. Obama was never born in the United States. That's why he withheld his birth certificate for so many years, and when he did release one, it was fraudulent. 

Though not required in a sound bite logic debate, the four flaws are his race for one. In 1961 you were a negro not an African American. The term hadn't been invented yet. Listen to any speech by Dr. Martin Luther King for a reality check. Second his father's birth place was listed as Kenya, East Africa a nation that wasn't formed until two years after the birth. Kenya was a British colony at the time. Third the alleged hospital, Kapi’olani Maternity & Gynecological Hospital, wasn't in existence until 1978. One of the component parts could have been the hospital, but a copy of the record must be historically accurate. Obama stated in his book his father was a WW2 veteran. He was born in 1936. They took them rather young it appears. 

Other flaws are the Certificate of Live Birth isn't exactly a birth certificate. It was printed on a computer printer and not typed onto paper. To the modern day manipulator a typewriter must be something only seen in the Smithsonian. Another factor was the information was so classified that the originator of the document was promptly killed in a plane crash. Her name was Loretta Fuddy. 

Of course we must muddy the waters further due to the fact sources in Kenya take credit for the birth including two hospitals. They have provided a birth certificate too. We have to acquire skills in discernment to live in the matrix of lies and deceits. The example would be using the age old concept of logic. It was a requirement for the DNC to prove his birth status from the outset. They should have asked for and seen a birth certificate. People are asked all the time to buy liquor or tobacco. There's no big deal. He'd only have to hide it for a reason. There's something wrong with it. He couldn't show he was Born in the U.S.A. His background in my opinion was completely created and makes the hidden birth certificate a minor issue. He was created as a Manchurian President to lead the world down a counter revolutionary trail of fascism and destroy America. 

However, you can't win a debate with facts. People aren't really listening in highly charged emotional situations. To succeed you have to be the champion of wit. What The Donald should have done was concede the fact with Orwellian logic. He should have stated that he was led by Obama's refusal to produce the document for so many years and it seemed logical that there wasn't one. He should have expressed gratitude at the discovery and the marvels of technology that printed it on a printer that wasn't invented in 1961, that foresaw the establishment of the Kenyan nation and the merger of the hospital in question 17 years after the fact. It was a marvel in American ingenuity. He should have reminded Hillary of one of the top novels of the 20th century 1984. Two plus two must be what we decide it is to be not whatever Big Brother says it is. In this instance we were being forced to accept the DNC's fraudulent line. Trump then could concede that now in the face of the great pressure that you and the corporate borg of media have applied to me, that two plus two equals three. I guess that's how you earned the label Big Sister. However, there still are facets of the American people that don't adhere to the state telling us what to think in spite of obvious flaws. Personally I suspect one of the Kenyan birth certificates was a fake one put out by the Obamamites to muddy the waters. 

Another major issue that The Donald dropped the ball on was the tax return. That was a golden opportunity wasted. His answer should have been to say Hillary I've known you personally for many long years. I will always regret not following your lead by establishing a charitable foundation and laundering my money from questionable sources through Canada so it couldn't be classified as taxable. It was a serious mistake on my part, but at least I had the integrity not to offer employment to the Commissioner of Internal Revenue to one of my companies like you did to FBI Director Comey. I further understand what the 'C' from classified means. And I did not delete my tax return like you have done with the 33,000 E-Mails subpoenaed. Slam dunk wooden steak through the demon's heart. The icing on the cake would be her admonishing him for using negative words to certain women in the past. Of course the DNC made reference to Bernie Sanders' Jewish faith and that should have been his retort. He should have added further that the allegations are that the vote was rigged to favor Clinton over Sanders. Should we expect vote rigging from the coming election from your side as well? 

In regard to what he was allegedly hiding and the allegations he didn't pay any income tax, it must be remembered many corporations and wealthy individuals pay little to no taxes. It is not illegal. It might be immoral. However, that's not really an issue. I'm sure Hillary pays far less her due if it weren't for the Clinton Foundation. However, Donald has a foundation too The Donald J. Trump Foundation. There are allegations shady people and deals go through it as well. Perhaps after all he did listen to Hillary and won't press the issue as well as we would like, but at least he was born in the U.S.A. not that that matters anyway. The big conspiracy is the United States went bankrupt and the present system is a corporation for the receiver. That's why we need the birth certificates anyway. We are a Birther Nation. The President of the corporation doesn't. 

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