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The Russian Foreign Ministry has presented "their" evidence of fraud in the case of MH17

Posted by George Freund on April 24, 2016 at 8:00 AM

April 22, 2016 Joel Harding


The Russian Foreign Ministry attempts to counter Bellingcat’s proof that Russia lied about the MH17 shootdown.


(Translated from Russian by my Chrome browser)

April 22, 2016

By Bellingcat


Last week we published the correspondence Bellingcat and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation. In his letter, we asked to bring proof of their accusations of forgery of evidence about the circumstances of the death of MH17 Bellingcat team and other groups. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation responded to our letter. Below is the full text of their response to the evidence of use fakes, as well as the text of the response letter Bellingcat.

E. Higgins Sir,

Your persistence could put to better use if you do more faithfully performed voluntarily taken on the role of a medic Internet space. For its part, would consider it important to note that the Russian Ministry of Defense has already resulted, extremely detailed and clear examples of your fraud. We absolutely agree with the thesis of colleagues, but it would like to add a number of facts from him.

Everyone is really obvious that your priority goal – to create the public impression of the presence of Russian troops in the area of the alleged missile launch, the plane struck the Malaysian July 17, 2014 over the Ukraine. However, you can not confirm it. Indeed, to date no one has provided real evidence of the presence of the Russian Armed Forces of Ukraine. It is simply impossible, because the Russian military is not there and never was. Data from social networks, as well as various publications on the Internet, used by you, under any circumstances can not be regarded as real evidence of the involvement of the Russian side to the conflict in Ukraine.

Now to particulars – it is worth emphasizing that most clearly the facts of your fraud can be traced in your approach to give processed, the Board of the original images, allegedly revealing the truth.

Seek at least to your report, published October 8, 2015, in which you, as stated, summing up the study of open sources of information about the MN17. In particular, the alleged facts set about the origin of the rocket launcher “Beech”, brought down the Malaysian aircraft, its movement and even accompanied. All its conclusions you are accompanied by photographs. Well, you ask for facts proving falsification on your part. Let me mention just a few.

– Use of the composition of photos and clippings of the video with the “Volvo” 1 image trailer cabins and 8 pages of the report you are trying to prove that this is the same car that July 17, 2014 allegedly brought a rocket launcher from Russia to Ukraine, and July 18 has already exported it back. It’s fake. Even if you omit this important detail that can not be through the Internet “so reliably” determine the date of movement of the vehicle and its route, it is obvious that the photo shows the different cars. Especially degraded image quality purports to hide this fact – the first picture has a spare tire on the other it does not exist (it turns out that spare tire that is, it is not, then again there). Furthermore, there is the technical features of the cabin equipment, which indicate a clear difference machines.

– Another example. You say that in the course of studying the photos and videos of missile launchers “Buk” in Ukraine and Russia, you find that one of the missile systems “Buk”, seen in Russia in the end of June 2014, had features similar to those observed in two photographs of a rocket launcher “Buk” in Donetsk. Seen in Russia “Beech”, as stated, it was provisionally designated as “3×2”, due to poor visibility on the machine room, which, in your opinion unjustified, typical for the board rooms of various equipment, are ferried from Russia to Ukraine. This is also a fake. In fact, the “3×2” board number indicates that this unit can belong to any anti-aircraft missile brigade, including the Ukrainian. Board number “3×2” means: 3 – Division X – Battery, 2 – number of the plant itself in the battery.Thisthree-digit numbering of military equipment has remained ever since the Soviet Union and adopted by almost all armies of the former Soviet republics, including Ukrainian.

– Let me point out one more Your fake. As you stir once, repeatedly, were allegedly photo contrail of a rocket launch with a hint of the area of the village of snow. This is a photograph of the visible vertical white smoke. Any military expert will tell you that from the start of the trail, “Buk” missile can be vertical, it is the laws of physics will be located at an angle. On the internet you can easily find a video example of how to run missile exercises. What is presented on your “sensational picture”, nor on what parameters can not be associated with “Buck”.

Smoke MFA– There’s something else. In their submissions you post more convincing rocket and for the readers at the bottom sign that this “Beech”, apparently trying to “splurge”. But even here the falsification – in fact in front of us missile “Cube”, which, incidentally, is removed from service and not used in the Russian army.


And that’s just out of your October report.

We can recall the one that came out of your pen in May 2015, it was called “Analysis of satellite images published by the Ministry of Defense of Russia in the international press conference July 21, 2014”. The report you said that at least two of the six satellite photos of the Defense Ministry rigged. For authentication you have used “analysis of the sources, the metadata analysis and error level analysis” method on N.Kravettsa, professor of Texas and the University of California. On the same day he N.Kravetts in his “Twitter” disown your work, saying that it was a perfect example of “how not to do the analysis,” and the report called a “crystal ball gazing”. Expert analysis of the images and created photographic archive IRISPIX Y.Krize criticized the approach of “Bellingket”, calling it unscientific. Sorry, but again – falsification.

However, as your February’s creation (2016) – here you sprinkles names of parts and divisions of the Russian Armed Forces, the names of military personnel. As a result, the main guilty call Putin and Shoigu. As evidence – photos of dozens of social networks, which show some men with blurred faces, military equipment to be difficult to read on-board accommodation, besides it is not clear where located. That’s funny.

In fact, we can very long to enumerate here your specific fakie. But it is better to emphasize the following. One of the basic principles of the work of journalists and people related to the information space, is confident the reliability of the material used, which will then be reused variety of media. We are sure that you like nobody else, you know how easy development of modern technologies to create and replicate any myth that a cursory look at it looks quite truthfully.

We hope that you are able to understand how important is the quality of information relating to such tragic events. That is why we urge you to continue to avoid the use of outright fraud, and begin to provide only proven, reliable data, at least because the topic that you are doing is very painful and directly affects people who have suffered the terrible loss of their loved ones.

If you want to and intend to work seriously, we are ready to answer your questions and provide the necessary information. If you continue to follow the chosen tactics of a selective approach to the selection of material, the further correspondence, in our opinion, does not make sense. We – for the first option.


Russian Foreign Ministry

Below, we give our full response directed Russian MFA:

Ladies and gentlemen,

Thank you for your response. As you emphasized my persistence, you can hardly be surprised that I, in turn, has prepared a detailed response.

Please do not worry about how much effort I put into “voluntarily taken on the role of a medic Internet space.” Given that we are talking about the death of 298 people, I find it important to establish the facts and check the evidence presented by all parties, and so glad that you have decided to share with Bellingcat evidence available to the Russian Foreign Ministry.

Firstly, I must express my disappointment that you did not specify whether or not you believe that the international investigation team (Joint Investigation Team, JIT) using “all possible” fakie “to create psevdodokazatelnuyu basis for accusations of Russia” . If you start your next reply with a clarification of this statement, it will help to close this issue. If you really push these charges JIT address, I (and I think not only me) would be most grateful if you would have provided evidence of these allegations.

As for the statement, “The Ministry of Defense has already resulted, extremely detailed and clear examples of your fraud”, we, unfortunately, did not find such examples cited the Defense Ministry.We would be very grateful if you could provide a link to the Department of Defense cited “very detailed and specific examples of your fraud.”

As for your statement concerning the Russian troops in Ukraine I believe, at this stage, it can be argued that many would not agree with your assessment of the situation. Some evidence of the presence of Russian troops in Ukraine was published in the report Atlantic Council «Hidden in plain sight.” The report is available in Russian here. In addition, we recommend that you look at several award-winning documentary News, VICE’s «Selfies soldiers” . After the publication of the report was published a number of different examples of evidence of the presence of Russian troops in Ukraine.We would be very interested to hear your assessment of each of these examples. We suggest to start with the investigation , which indicated that in Ukraine after a tank battle were captured two existing Russian military.

Then you mention the installation image “Beech”, transported through the territory controlled by the separatists, July 17, 2014. First you specify on the “important detail that can not be through the Internet” so reliably “determine the movement of the vehicle and the date of its route.” Let me challenge this statement. Firstly, we were able to find the exact location shooting all the photos and videos.Our findings confirmed the journalists of various media who have visited these places and to confirm their compliance with photos and videos.

Those journalists found witnesses who saw the carriage of “Buka” in the area in the time specified by us. In addition, we found a message on the social networks of local residents who saw the “Buk” in these places at the time, in which, according to our findings, there he was driving.

Unless you do not believe in conspiracy theory, which involves a variety of media, publishing false information on his field visits, creating multiple fake web accounts in social networks, have published posts and communicate with different persons on various topics for a long time, training of front of witnesses giving false evidence are mutually consistent, and the creation of several fake web photos and videos, it is impossible to deny the fact that the installation of “Beech” in the morning on July 17 transported on the territory controlled by the separatists, and in the afternoon arrived in the city snowy, also controlled by separatists.

With regard to your next statement in relation to the spare wheel: suppose you made the same mistake that the authors of the various conspiracy sites. Do you think that the wheel is attached to the cab, while in fact it is attached to the body, as seen here:

Despite the quality of the images, they can see the wheel marked in red on the collage below:

If you want me to elaborate on this issue, I can do this in one of the following answers.

With regard to the “Buka 3×2”: apparently you misunderstood our conclusions on this figure. We know that both Ukrainian and Russian “Buki” have a three-digit numbering, because in the course of our research, we have studied many months Russian and Ukrainian “Buki”. Studying the “Beech”, which we call the “Beech 3×2” We found several distinctive features, including the exact position of marks and traces of soot, as well as damage to the rubber caterpillar panel, matching only the “Buka”, filmed in Ukraine on 17 and 18 July and “Buka”, was in the convoy, moves through the territory of Russia on June 23-25. If you would claim that two different “Buka” can have many overlapping features, we are ready to discuss with you this question. However, we would prefer that the Russian Ministry of Defense to discuss this with the International investigation team.

As for the column of smoke pictures near Snow: very much depends on the position of the camera relative to the trajectory of the missile.For example, in this video , which shows several launches “Bukov” missile because the camera position relative to the path of a missile, it appears that it flies upwardly. Camera, shot a column of smoke on July 17 was located directly under the path of the missile, guided from the starting place near the last location Snow MH17.

With regard to your next application for the scheme with the image of the missiles: let me quote the original post :

“The most obvious visual difference between a rocket and a 9M38M1 new missile 9M317 – the length of the stabilizers: as you can see below, the rocket stabilizers 9M38M1 longer.”

Here’sa picture given in your reply:

I do not know how it was possible to more clearly indicate that we are talking about missiles and 9M317 9M38M1. This diagram also clearly marked every type of missile depicted thereon – including 9M38M1 (second from top), and 9M317 (third from the top). So I felt that indicate a particular type of vehicle and the presence of each of these types of designations in the figure is enough to any reader to understand what is at stake.

As for the satellite imagery of the Russian Ministry of Defense: Although our use of “error rate analysis” remains a controversial issue, in any case, it is obvious that the dating of satellite images of the Russian Federation Ministry of Defence is incorrect. For simplicity, I will give one more characteristic example: A group of trees or shrubs, which in July had already clearly absent, suddenly appeared on the satellite image of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation dated July 14:

I would be very interested to hear from you or from the Defense Ministry to explain how these trees or shrubs appeared in mid-July, the Ministry of Defence if the dating is correct satellite images.Please include your views on this matter in your next reply.

Let us turn to the February report. You criticize the report because it contains photos, “which depicted some soldiers with faces blurred.”However, as we pointed out in the report, we have specially painted out faces of the soldiers, in order to protect their personal data. Be sure that more versions of the report, aimed Dutch police are neretushirovannye image and indicates the identity of all men, and there are many unpublished information, which we shared exclusively with the police.

As you can see from the above, I am very serious about the investigation of the death of MH17. Since you are “ready to answer questions and provide the necessary information,” I hope that you will respond to the questions raised above. If the answer to any of the questions you need more information, let me know. I recall a list of basic questions that we want answered in your next letter:

Could you clarify whether you really believe that the international investigation team (Joint Investigation Team, JIT) using “all possible” fakie “in order to create the basis for charges psevdodokazatelnuyu Russia”?

Could you provide a specific reference to “very detailed and specific examples of” our “fraud” given by the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation?

Can you or the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation to explain the differences between their July satellite images and all other satellite images of the same area taken in July?

I like the whole team Bellingcat, look forward to your reply.

Yours faithfully,

Eliot Higgins

PS Do not we can not say that the examples cited by you – is a retelling of the two posts LJ user “albert-lex”. Some phrases from your letter word-for-word copied from these posts. We would be very grateful, if in the future, talking about information regarding the shooting down of MH17, you formulate your own answers or provide links to the sources of your statements. As representatives of your Ministry rightly noted in a previous letter, this topic is “very painful,” so we, in turn, encourage you, to use your own words, “to continue to avoid the use of outright fraud, and begin to provide only proven, reliable data.”


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