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What has our new Prime Minister accomplished since being elected:

Posted by George Freund on April 5, 2016 at 9:40 AM

His first 100 days

1) From his swearing-in on Nov. 4, 2015 to Feb 12, 2016, the Trudeau

government distributed 208 cheques worth a combined $5.3 billion. But

only $997 million was for projects inside the country. The rest — $4.3

billion — will be spent outside Canada on everything from aid for

refugees to helping poor countries fight climate change.

2) Hired 2 nannies paid for by the taxpayer.

3) He and his family flew to the Caribbean for a 10 day winter

vacation on a Department of National Defence Challenger jet, which

cost about $10,000 per flying hour to operate but reimbursed the

Canadian taxpayer only the cost of an economy air fare. Yet he could

still afford to pay $2,500 US a night to stay in a 3,400-square-foot

villa on the Island of Nevis.


4) He stopped the enforcement of the First Nations Financial

Transparency Act (FNFTA) and restored full funding without any

requirement of accountability.

5) He reinstated the Mandatory Long Form Census and the $500 fine or

up to three months in prison for refusing to fill out the survey or

providing false information.


6) In the rush to bring in the first phase of 25,000 refugees the

government back in November had our military vacate their housing on 7

military bases and are still not allowed back. The reason? There is

the possibility of more refugees moving into base housing as

complaints of hotel accommodations become more frequent. Also there

will be another influx of 25,000 more refugees by the end of 2016, to

bring the total to 50,000.


7) His "secretive Board of Internal Economy" just gave all MP's a 20%

increase in office expenses which will add an additional $57,690 for a

new office budget total of $346,140 per MP and an additional $193,029

for a new office budget total of $1,158,117 for the Speaker.


8]  He began discussions on decreasing the MP's workweek by 20% by

dropping the Friday sitting of Parliament. The reason? To make

Parliament a more family-friendly workplace.


9) He paid $32.9-million (U.S.) to maintain Canada’s membership in

the F-35 buyers’ pool, despite his election promise to exclude the

aircraft when selecting this country’s next warplane. So how does he

answer to that? He creates a new secretive government committee

tasked with overseeing defence purchases.

10) He scrapped legislation introduced last year that allowed

Canadians who held dual nationalities to be stripped of their Canadian

citizenship if they were found guilty of terrorism, treason or spying

offences. The first person that will benefit from this is Zakaria

Amara the mastermind of the plot to bomb downtown Toronto in an effort

to terrorize Canadians and cripple the economy. He will no longer be

deported nor have his Canadian citizenship revoked.

Now aren't we all glad we stopped Harper. Think sunny ways.

To hell with Panama

Offshore Jurisdiction Review: Saint Kitts and Nevis

I personally feel the stripping of citizenship was an unreasonable act to play of the sensitivities of the not too well informed. Most of the terror is fake and state organized and implemented as Operation Gladio amended. So the so called terrorist is a state actor putting on a show to increase the power of the state and the hold of the people in its grip.

I have said elections in Canada have been tag team looting since 1867. It started with the building of the railroad. It hasn't ended. I think we can be well assured the billions going off shore to fight climate change were padding pockets with the latest scare technique global warming. It is testament to the power of propaganda that we can be convinced to fear changing weather patterns and pay to have government solve these 'problems.' Lunacy has few bounds. However, the root cause of effects, the spraying of poisonous chemicals from aircraft, is left to the realm of conspiracy theory in spite of the fact you can see it with your own eyes.


If two bills were to be put on the order paper table they would be The Constitution Protection Act and The Sovereignty Preservation Act. Any person especially one holding public office that degrades the rights enshrined in the Constitution would be subject to loss of citizenship, all property and titles and five years incarceration without parole. Any person especially one holding public office that attempts to remove the sovereignty of our nation through trade pacts or political unions or any other means but not including capitulation in time of war after all avenues of defense have been extinguished and the maintenance of human life becomes necessary would be subject to loss of citizenship, all property and titles and ten years incarceration without parole. These are very light penalties for what is tantamount to treason to the Canadian people depriving them of the freedoms that are enshrined and the estate they are entitled to. That must be the case because they make oath to the Queen not the country or its people. That must also change to set limits to the heathen.

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