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Man, 22, who left Trump visibly shaken after rushing the stage at his Ohio rally is a former child actor who caused uproar last year by standing on the American flag in anti-racism demo

Posted by George Freund on March 13, 2016 at 9:40 AM

Students, including Dimassimo, were then recorded and photographed (above) standing on American flags and holding signs saying, 'Not my flag'

Thomas Dimassimo, 22, was arrested for disorderly conduct and inducing panic after rushing the stage at Donald Trump's rally in Ohio Saturday

Before attending the rally, he tweeted about his plans to disrupt the event

He helped lead an anti-racism protest in April 2015 studying as a junior at Wright State University

Video at that protest shows him dragging America flag and stepping on it

Last summer he participated in a counter-protest during a Confederate flag rally in Georgia alongside Black Lives Matter activists

Dimassimo appeared in minor rolls on 'House of Payne' and 'Reno 911!' as a child and is in his fourth year studying acting

Trump took to the stand in Ohio the day after Chicago rally meltdown where bloody brawls broke out inside the University of Illinois at Chicago

After Ohio Trump went to Kansas City where further scuffles broke out and protesters were pepper sprayed by police who arrested two people

Four people have been charged in Chicago after Friday's canceled Trump rally broke out into violence



Dimassimo helped lead an anti-racism protest in April 2015 while he was a junior at Wright State University. File photo above


Now that we know who he is think back to various mass shootings and other false flag events for a complete agent provocateur and traitor to the Republic and the flag for which it stands. 

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