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Radiation Spike Hits Phoenix, AZ; Slams Coos Bay, OR

Posted by George Freund on November 26, 2015 at 8:35 AM

Post by Newsroom- Nov 25, 2015


An extreme spike in Beta and Gamma Radiation is affecting Phoenix, AZ today and slammed Coos Bay, OR two days ago; yet the media is silent.

According to the Nuclear Emergency Tracking Center (NETC), a sudden and dramatic spike in Beta Radiation levels in Phoenix, Arizona is taking place today and folks are speculating it may be more fallout from the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Plant meltdown in Japan (2011), which wafts across the Pacific Ocean in plumes.

The "typical" amount of Beta radiation in Phoenix over the past six months has averaged seventy-four (74) counts-per-minute (CPM). Today, that level is six-hundred-thirty (630) CPM, which is 8.5 times the "typical" level! People in Phoenix cannot see it, cannot smell it, cannot taste it; but it is there, right now.


Prudence dictates that folks keep the windows to their homes closed, and refrain from going outside for several hours until the radiation plume passes. If folks do go outside, it would not be wrong to wear a filter mask of the type used in hospitals (N95) or, preferably, the type used in industry (n100) to make certain that "hot particles" of radiation are not inhaled.

Families with children should take appropriate measures to make certain the children are protected; remain inside until the plume passes, wear a mask if going outside.

For both children and adults when returning indoors from the outside, remove clothing directly into a washing machine, add detergent and start the washing machine, and take a warm shower with plenty of shampoo, soap and water to wash off any radiation that may have fallen onto hair or skin.

The levels of radiation taking place today are not necessarily dangerous and people should not panic. Scientists do say, however, that the effects of radiation are "cumulative" -- they add-up over the years. More importantly, it is possible that "hot particles" from the exploded reactors, may be in the air. These dust-sized particles are millions-of-times more radioactive and if they get into a person's lung, they begin to burn the lung tissue, and lead rather quickly to cancer.

In the past, such "hot particles" have been captured in filters all the way around the world in Norway, and have been positively traced back to the melted-down nuclear fuel from inside the three reactors which were destroyed in Fukushima, Japan after the March, 2011 earthquake and tsunami.


Coos Bay, OR Got Slammed

Two days ago, another radiation detector, this one in Coos Bay, Oregon, detected a staggering increase in radiation, rising from a "typical" average of thirty-four (34) Counts-per-minute (CPM) to a staggering nineteen-thousand, seven-hundred, eighty-two (19,782) CPM. This terrifying jump in radiation has not been explained and did not last long at all; a few hours at most. If accurate, it was 581 times higher than "typical."



Folks are trying to determine if the reading was an anomaly or if it was real, and those inquiries are ongoing. If it was correct, then Coos Bay, OR got hit with potentially DEADLY levels of radiation yesterday. We caution, however, that people should not panic because radiation exposure does not automatically mean anything. When a person is exposed, the distance from the source, the type of radiation and the DURATION of exposure are all important factors in determining actual danger. So folks who remained indoors for most of the time, would not have anything to be concerned about.

Strangely, the media is silent about this because, we're told, the local and state "powers-that-be" do not want to frighten people over something the government has no control over and cannot protect them from.

"We can't have people selling their houses and moving away from the west coast because of Fukushima Radiation, it would destroy property values, wreck the state economy and ruin the tax base" said one official who asked to remain anonymous for fear of losing his job.

It is the policy of SuperStation95 to report the news and let the public decide for themselves what to think or do about it.

The general public can view radiation levels for free, at the Nuclear Emergency Tracking Center web site HERE

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