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Posted by George Freund on September 6, 2015 at 8:15 AM

The power of mass media is their ability to craft words or images and mass market them to people who have little to no understanding of the history of manipulative propaganda techniques. The average person immediately accepts what is proffered as real and accurate - the truth if you will, but the track record of mass emotional deceptions is quite clear. Usually that's the first sign of a fake. It is everywhere and forms a political consensus akin to mass hysteria that cannot be controlled. Like an arrow, it has a predetermined course to a set agenda. However, rhetoric and emotion aside, what do we really see?

In this image of a child purported to be Aylan Kurdi who was drowned when his refugee boat capsized and whose body washed ashore, I see a body that shows no signs of distress really. It is pristine. That seems rather strange. Pay close attention to the fingers. Have you ever done dishes? Have you had your fingers immersed in water? They shrivel.

In this image we must pay very careful attention to the skin color. Death is not pretty. The body changes quickly in water or hot climates. The exterior skin looks oxygenated. When the heart stops blood doesn't circulate. The skin turns blue. It is called cyanosis. I would submit by this photo alone the subject is very much alive.

The most important piece of evidence would be the mouth. When you drown you get frothy material there. It is unmistakable. However, the images are positioned to preclude an angle on the mouth. It can be a rather large accumulation. This crucial piece of evidence is missing.

The above is a CNN photo of another drowning victim. Decomposition is in progress. There is no doubt this victim is deceased. However, the image generated no power to mass appeal. There have been many all over the world. The image of a child is a much more effective photo. There have been many as well, but they wouldn't be suitable for the front page. The graphic nature would cause revulsion. We need an image that makes you desire to cradle the child in your arms.

We have perfection with this image. All the criteria are met for a perfect propaganda photo. Ignore the man in the background he will be edited out. From the TV image rescued we see they edited out the big rock as well. Was the 'body' moved to get better photos or was the location not as effective? This image was not too popular.

This is the last known photograph of Aylan Kurdi taken on the boat at sea. As an actor he would be well suited to play a role involving eternal sleep. His top is blue not the red of the beach shot.

These appear to be the clothes he wore when his body was found. It was a happier time no doubt. Now the question arrives. Was the photo set faked for propaganda purposes to get support for the mass influx of refugees in Europe by pulling on our heart strings like the classic propaganda image is known to do? They've done it before. Why would they ever stop? It works.

Another photo purported to be Aylan's older brother Galip, who was 5-years-old, was placed near rocks. However, they are not the same rocks as the ones seen above. The reason why they would promulgate one and not the other defies explanation if a reaction was being sought. 

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