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Posted by George Freund on August 2, 2015 at 8:40 AM

Officers carry the 6ft-long wing flap that it believed to have come from missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 from the beach in Saint-Andre on La Reunion island after it was discovered on Wednesday

We have a saying here at Conspiracy Cafe. If you want to catch the NWO in its tracks or any villain really you use the old western adage. YOU HEAD THEM OFF AT THE PASS. If you know where your adversary is going, it just stands to reason there will be movement along the points of egress. In the Indian Ocean we are faced with the neighbouring islands as the route of the pass. 

Officials are examining debris found washed up? on Reunion island east of Madagascar to determine if it is related to the missing MH370

It is the talk of the town now that pieces from Flight MH370 the 'missing' Malaysian Airliner have washed up on the shore. However, the first news photos showed the infamous wing portion above far from the shore. The next day other photos were released of it being carried from the shore. However, there is one cardinal rule in the handling of evidence. It is you DO NOT touch it or move it. The position of evidence is crucial in any investigation. We also note in the above photo the handlers are walking to the beach edge not away from it. Are they planting the seed or harvesting it?

What would be the odds that the Royal Australian Navy was on a goodwill tour of the neighbouring islands? Well they are pretty good. HMAS Anzac is pictured here next door to the island of Reunion at Mauritius' Port Louis July 19 days before the crucial discovery. 


Mauritius is the next door neighbour to Reunion Island. The Royal Australian Navy made goodwill stops to Madagascar, the Seychelles, and the Comoros. However, Reunion wasn't recorded in the recorded itinerary for some reason. 

Part of the stop at Port Louis was to visit the grave of a deceased WWII sailor from the RAN. That's quite an honour for two warships to be sent on the behalf of the service. Here a relative poses with the High Commissioner at the dockside. 

The photo shows HMAS Newcastle at the Seychelles July 6 for the celebration of their National Day.

A Platoon from HMAS Newcastle participates in the festivities of Seychelles National Day at the Roche Caiman Sports Complex. FACEBOOK

Lieutenant Colonel Barbe from Seychelles Peoples Defence Force, Kendra Moroney, Australian Defence Policy Adviser and Colonel Tuckerman, Director Logisitics Joint Task Force 633 (Middle East and Indian Ocean). Photo credit: LSIS Brenton Friend

No matter how you slice the pie Australia is prepared on land, the sea and the air it seems.


Modern warships carry their own air component.

There was an element of 'play' involved here at Tamarin Beach Mauritius.

Winning the race for Australia's Navy

How did those pieces get ashore at Reunion Island next to Mauritius? Were they landed in an amphibious operation or were they placed by helicopter? What is certain is it is highly unlikely they washed ashore. I sincerely doubt the wing fragment could float. I'd like to see that part. Even very tiny cracks or perforations would have filled it with water and caused it to sink. I can't see it impacting with the ocean without any damage to maintain buoyancy. 

Flotsam, jetsam or placement - how could this newly discovered piece get ashore?

It seems we had a credible force in the vicinity of Reunion Island that could have planted evidence of Flight MH370 on the 'beach.' The major thing is the loss of flight MH370 was one of the greatest intelligence operations in history. The entire world was duped about the circumstances and a cover story was created. For Australia's part they are bearing the onerous expense of the search. It is time for closure. Would finding debris bring closure. I think that's the object lesson here. Reunion is a French possession. Like the classic line from the movie Casablanca, round up the usual suspects. This one had motive, opportunity and the necessary equipment. The rest is up to us to figure out. The world moves at the speed of the predator not the prey. We have to catch up. 

FLOTSAM & JETSAM ON CONSPIRACY CAFE Our showpiece episode on Flight MH370. Even then we anticipated something coming ashore.

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