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We are on the "Fast Track" to world Fascism

Posted by George Freund on April 26, 2015 at 4:20 PM

Obama and Monsanto lobbyists, and a handful of others have creatively passed the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) on a "Fast Track" to be ratified by the Senate soon, a destructive trade agreement that is "NAFTA on steroids."


Bill Clinton's NAFTA did in-fact create that "sucking sound" of jobs and further caused small business entrepreneurs (the middle class) to close their doors, which America appears to be a third world country as you drive through small towns. Boarded-up windows and weeds growing along the road, America was transformed into the North American Union....and YOU could not stop it !


The borders are wide open and the small time Mexican farmer has been forced out-of-business as a result of NAFTA's agricultural expansion that only benefits large agro.


Now we have the final nail in the coffin...the TPP cannot be debated in the senate and THEY cannot read the treaty, but must pass it first to understand what it actually means for America. However, Obama and his minions agreed to a maximum of 88 seconds for each opposing view, while the yes votes are encouraged to proceed without interruption.


If the TPP is ratified in the senate, we as the former United States, will enter a New World Order phase that (pretty much) destroys many aspects of the Constitution. The details are being hidden from public view.... major and critical aspect of the TPP will give the GMO giant, reign on the world with their dangerous and tainted seeds. Other food products laced with (Round-up pesticide) a.k.a. Genetically Modified Organisms will be forced-on several countries that currently ban GMO produce.


The pay-off to those countries is more job creation (on their soil) and mega giant corporations in America will benefit by cheap labor, here and there. Farmers that survived NAFTA in the U.S. and refuse to use Monsanto's poisonous seeds, will be pushed-out and finished.


This is nothing more than a corrupt government, controlled by the world globalist elites, selling America to mega corporations (owned by the globalist elites) and will further enslave every American and eventually every person on the planet. This is not only "Fast Track" for the TPP, but is also a "Fast Track" to FASCISM.





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