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Gerardus Mercator Google Doodle

Posted by George Freund on March 5, 2015 at 8:10 AM

Welcome to the world of Gerardus Mercator cartographer of the world born on this date in 1512 in Rupelmonde, Belgium. The town celebrates Schelleksfeesten on the first Sunday of August which is the 2nd this year. The numbers encoded are still taking us on a divine course. March the 3rd month and the 5th date multiply to 15 whose numbers add to 6. 1512 sums to 9. Gerardus passed away on December 2nd 1594. The 12th month gives us a three multiplied by 2 another 6. 1594 can break down to 6 and 13 adding to 19. That gives us plays on 666 or the inverted cross 999. The message is prophetic. 

Mercator lived out the remainder of his life in Duisburg after leaving Flanders. He was charged with heresy by the church of Rome. Duisburg is part of the Ruhr Valley heavily bombed in WWII and part of the steel center and trade apex of Germany. In mythology Tuisto, the son of the sky god born on Earth, built the Rhine's right bank. He was deemed the progenitor of the Germanic peoples. In a map of the tribal areas occupied by the Germanic people we see a certain resemblance to the area conquered by the Nazi's. The trade route was called Hellweg or salt road. Grimm called Hel the route to the Underworld in his epic Worterbuch. So in effect we are on the road to hell in this twilight map of the world. Many of the areas are still stress lines in human relations. 


Mercator means merchant. He was originally born Gerard de Kremer. As in most of the affairs of the world, there are many layers. Mercator drew the maps that made the atlas we understand today and the globes that mimic it. He designed the lines of latitude and longitude that grace it. His Theatrum Orbis Terrarum or Theatre of the World was the name of it. In light and shadow there are still stages to it. We see that in the Doodle image. One globe is solid and one is hollow. There is a shadow world. The Doodle itself is hollow because only Mercator is in the image. In the original Jodocus Hondius sits where Mercator is and Mercator is on the opposite side. The left right paradigm is no more.


Portrait of Gerard Mercator and Jodocus Hondius

Amsterdam 1630.


Description :Arguably the finest engraved portrait of early mapmakers. In the well-executed design, Gerard Mercator and Jodocus Hondius are seated within an architectural cartouche of the kind seen frequently in their atlas.

They are depicted using, and surrounded by the tools of their trade: globes, pairs of compasses, atlases and a wall map.

We see very great differences between the Google representation and the original work. Hondius is absent and Mercator is sitting in his place. Both men worked on the solid Orbis Terrarum world. The hollow globe or underworld was above the table out of view. Hondius worked out of view as well. He worked on the exploits of Sir Francis Drake who was on a covert mission for the Queen. His voyages were skewed to cover his real destinations. His crews sworn under sentence of death to silence. Hondius also mapped the Roanoke Colony in Virginia. Its inhabitants mysteriously disappeared

In the doodle the books have disappeared. The feature map is of Europe much of the known earth at the time. It is the conquest of which has led to many wars. The Google version maps the whole world. That is the target of conquest today. It is a matter of trade for the merchants. They are divided like always into two spheres. The root of Tuisto means two as well. Google represents the western alliance like NATO. They deny the other like Russia a seat at the table and take theirs. They hide the books or facts from the world and replace them with their version only. To get away from the global theatre is the solution. The facts should all be on the table. As in the original, the book should be open. Our weapons are aimed by the lines on the maps. The GLE means Graphic Layout Engine. We can design whatever images we crave, but are the lines a true representation? If we truly are star seeds of the sky god, we must be able to see beyond the limited plain. We must get the BIG PICTURE. If we fail, we may disappear like the Virginia colony.

There is a dredging ship called GERARDUS MERCATOR. It was reported in the Bay of Biscay recently. It will stir up the waters like its namesake in the doodle. Perhaps if things calm down, we will see clearly again. Until then every thing is a secret unless we see the shadow from the twilight language. 

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