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Posted by George Freund on March 3, 2015 at 10:35 AM

In ancient Rome March 19th started the celebration of Quinquatria a salut to the goddess Minerva. She still appears in many idols and symbols including famous statues, money, and medals. On the first day of the celebration no blood is to be shed. On the next four gladitorial combat satisfied the lust. We are on the verge of the festival. It will also be the day of a solar eclipse giving the Illuminists great ambition for the 20th of March. Of course you can prepare your seat in the arena. Will there be a false flag massacre or war? The timing is ripe. Don't be surprised if it happens. The issue is discussed in our 2011 restored show The Bible Code ancient keys compass to the future.

The Lunar New Year 2015 Google Doodle makes reference. We see the darkened sun between two blood moons with the Ram butting his head in an attempt to start fireworks. Does that mean war and conflict? All roads led to Rome. All Doodles lead to the future. The time may be nigh unless we change it.

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