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Posted by George Freund on October 10, 2014 at 9:20 PM

There was a day, and there was a time when politicians were roasted by television comics before millions of people where many a truth could be spoken in jest. These were truths the news media might be loath to report until the pressure reached the boiling point. One of the last great versions was Saturday Night Live. The opening phrase, "It's Saturday Night" still rings in my ears. That humor told us the world was safe for democracy. There were checks and balances. The greatest balance was the court of public opinion.

In this era the major balance has shifted away. Now the politicians are guests of the late night comics. They get free PR exposure and little roasting unless they find the odd one outside of the political maelstrom of evil like Toronto's Mayor Rob Ford. I feel nauseous at the concept because the great equalizer of WE THE PEOPLE is no more. Corporate media assuage the corruption with diversions to the Land of Oz where illusion reigns supreme, but I remember.

This pair of Saturday Night Live comics were masters of the art. They were Jan Hooks and Philip Hartman. They parodied the Clinton's in a time of great scandal and malfeasance. It was all taken in good grace because Saturday Night Live had the support of so many good Americans. They were icons. However, they weren't untouchables. I'm sure in the dark recesses of the human mind the likes of which Alfred Hitchcock spoke there may very well have been machinations.

There is a list. It is called The Friends of Bill. The moral of the story is you don't mess with the Clinton's. The list is quite revealing including the popular, the powerful and those who just got in the way. It has lost some of its luster after the Bush years and the Obama fiasco. The list now even has a Hillary portion. Of course the most important was the murder of Ambassador to Libya John Christopher Stevens. In spite of Hillary's what difference does it make comment, I can assure you it makes all the difference. There is a level of ruthlessness in American politics that knows no bounds; and if that is the case, can we posit a case where Jan Hooks and Philip Hartman merit addition or at the very least circumspection.

Philip Hartman was allegedly murdered by his wife Brynn at about 3 a.m. on the morning of May 28, 1998. She is supposed to have shot him twice in the head and once in the side with a .38 caliber revolver after a heated argument about her drug use and Phil's threat to leave her. Brynn enlisted a friend to return to the scene of the crime after confessing. He called police at 6:20 a.m. They removed their two children from the home while Brynn locked herself in a room and committed suicide. It's all very plausible unless you're friends of Bill I guess. Then it's not unusual to just plane end up dead. There was no more Bill Clinton on Saturday Night Live.

Many years passed. A book was written on the case. Then recently Jan Hooks passed away at 57 with no public release of the cause of death. Well maybe they're afraid to say?Maybe it wasn't something to be proud of? Maybe it was even Arkanside as they used to call back in the 90's? But Hillary Clinton has appeared on Saturday Night Live with another cast member doing the duty. Jan Hooks is a distant memory. They played a song on that show. It was called Bullet in the Brain. My how things can both change and remain the same on Saturday Night. I would venture to bet that Philip was shot with a Saturday Night Special. In conspiracy lore the song would be a telltale sign that the perpetrator has taken the role on the stage from the victim and boasted about the execution of undue process to the sounds of music. The host was Charlize Theron of A Million Ways to Die in the West fame. You couldn't make it up.

Philip and Jan were both voice actors on The Simpsons home to 9/11 and Ebola predictive programming. They both may very well have not been appreciated by the Clinton's. They both deserve honorable mention on The Friends of Bill list I think. They were American icons and heroes to the cause of exposing corruption in the court of public opinion live on Saturday Nights. God bless them.

The Black Keys Bullet in the Brain:


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