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Posted by George Freund on June 7, 2014 at 9:20 AM

In the great propaganda war of the ages the mantra of proponents of the police state always say if you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear. Being a student of history I have always known that when the time comes that you something to fear you will have no place to hide. One of the greatest myths of all times has been the one about the peaceful kingdom. There are eras in time when they exist for a short period of time, but the truth of the matter is that there are competing systems of evil that desire to dominate as much of the world as they can subjugate. They use religion as their first control mechanism distorting the concept of God into a machination of evil. Then there is the political where the secular attempt the same domination against the religious or those with contrarian ideas. There is nothing new under this sun. It has always been this way. That is why the police state has to be resisted as a political entity in perpetuity regardless of the pressure applied to create it. Once established it will bare the teeth of the oppressor most assuredly.

When faith is manipulated as a political tool, if becomes a weapon. In Elizabethan England it was treason for priests to minister their faith. Rome was a political entity that is sure. It still is, but at the grassroots level it is a church for people to pray in. Undaunted Rome sent Jesuit priests to England to infiltrate. Their objective would be to overthrow Elizabeth if they could, but that would not likely be the result. To get his divorce Henry VIII separated from the Roman church. He became head of his church as following English monarchs are still to this day. Citizens were forced to swear fealty to Elizabeth and attend her church on pain of fines. Any affiliation to other religious dogmas were considered treasonous. Assets could be forfeited. Prison terms could result. Torture was prevalent. Gruesome executions were common. Believe me when I say how fortunate we are today to have freedom of religion and freedom from religion. The secular humanist agenda can be thought of as a non God religion. It is forced upon people by its advocates under penalty of loss of privilege. That is why individual rights and liberties are so important. In those days homes were equipped with Priest Holes a false chamber where clerics could hide from the authorities.

That is not to say there was a right in the matter. Any side forcing their views on another is an ungodly act especially if we say we profess Christ. He couldn't have made it more clear when he told us to love one another in his final commandment and to pray for our enemies and to forgive trespasses. It is fundamental. The Roman church practiced great recriminations with crusades even against other Christians and the notorious INQUISITION. There could never be a more ungodly act. Is it no wonder Christ referred to Peter as Satan when he stood before him. If this was the rock, it was clearly fractured.

It was Emperor Constantine that stole the Catholic faith and welded it into the Roman State. It is the remnant of this that grew into a banking empire of war and treachery. Most of the Popes were the most lecherous of persons. In these struggles all that can be held true is that the various actors are in error with fundamental doctrines containing a tinge of right. It is the quantum universe. There cannot be a them or us because everything is of God's creation. Science confirms that in the concept of the Holographic Universe a scientific theory that supports religious beliefs. Our concepts of the creation are at their best infantile. That is why Christ gave us simple core value instructions that could protect us from harm. Thoughts are energy. Love and forgiveness will power positive action reaction principles I describe as the karma wave. 

They had nothing to hide until they learned they had everything to fear.

The Hiding Place

Our leaders thrive in the pursuit of Earthly pleasure like money, power and control which are at best alien to the creation. They trick us with well mastered lies to get us to kill each other and destroy as much of the creation as possible. We know them for their works. The quest for the imaginary concept on wealth is one of the great giveaways. The establishment of systems of slavery through debt or fealty to a dystopian state are manifest. Once inured to such a system there can be fleeting attempts at liberation. Then once reduced to comfort people are easily convinced that freedom is their enemy and oppression is their friend. At first only isolated segments are targeted, then larger and larger groups become suspect until madness collapses the state. Many of the recent political failed states are examples. The Soviet Union and Nazi Germany are prime examples. The Soviets state executed tens of millions of heretics. The Nazi's continued the war against the Jews that Rome initiated many centuries before.

Burning heretics the old fashioned way. Do your leaders coerce you to accept a repression of individual liberties? Do they say the Constitution is antiquated and needs modernization? Do they desire to restrict arms from the people? Guess what the end game is. Guess who will be the next heretic to be burned at the stake. They practice with the burning man festivals to inure you to the process. Don't get caught in the trap.

There are beliefs that the Holy Grail is the bloodline of Christ. Before DNA analysis the only way to be sure was to eliminate the entire race. In the modern era the state wants everyone's DNA for more selected targeting. Our refuge has always been Bills of Rights and Constitutions based on God given rights that cannot be taken away by mere bodies of bureaucrats. Of course these were fought for after repressive regimes were laid to rest. The lethargic have little concept of repression. It is not taught. We are all victims in the great game of world global domination. It is Satan's desire to wrest the creation to his own ends. All we have to do is let him by our inaction and lack of understanding. Those who don't know their history are condemned to repeat it. It is not a lesson you'd ever want to experience twice, but God gave us the choice. Use it wisely lest you find you have everything to fear and no place to hide because you let the devils rebuild the totalitarian state. 

You can run, but can you hide? You can win, but will you change the channel?

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