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Posted by George Freund on March 29, 2014 at 7:50 AM

Welcome to Conspiracy Cafe's first Hearth Hour. In a counter stroke to the slick mind control operation Earth Hour, we feel the need to stoke the hearth with God given wood to warm our weary bones in the comfort of the family den. The joy of the ease through which mind control is asserted is in the fact the vast majority have no idea such a thing is possible or that they have been the unwitting victims of same.

The doom and the gloom of our impending demise is the first clue as to the fact we are most likely falling under the spell of an agenda crafted in the best shadow of the Hegelian Dialectic better known as the create a crisis propose a solution trick. One of the other major factors of the deprogramming journey is the sage old saying what's good for the goose is good for the gander. However, the gander seems to live completely opposite to the world view he's trying to create. Furthermore, the gander stands to profit handsomely from the crisis.

While there may be evidence that temperature change may very well be the result of human activity, it doesn't have to originate from the stated cause. During the last ice age the CO2 content of the air was ten times higher than today. To imply a cause and effect relationship would be downright ludicrous because there is a glaring problem exposed with the model in this case. When we factor in the fact the prime mantra film An Inconvenient Truth used computer generated images stolen from a Hollywood film that definitely fails the pogrom with the smell test. As the 'georgism' goes if the facts have to be fudged, the goose has to be cooked, or in our case depleted of funds and liberties as we beg for salvation. If there is a case for man made global warming, the primary cause is most likely the chemical sprays spewed by tanker aircraft more commonly known as chemtrails.

Another common sense test I heard years ago was that if the industrialized nations were to regress to a non industrialized state, countries like India and China would be allowed to pollute to their heart's content. That alone said FRAUD! In the news piece I heard the dirtiest of coal was being burned in Chinese cities. It was difficult to see across the street and citizens would actually choke on the 'air.' If the ship is sinking, no more water can be taken aboard even if it's Perrier. If the world was dying, then no more smoke could be blown. What we are seeing here is a plot by the rich to loot the masses personal pockets and their nation's treasuries while moving industry off shore to evade environmental regulations and fair labour practices. It was a brilliant ploy. So many have fallen for it.

So here at the Cafe we recommend you to stoke the hearth and sit back and cherish the fact you haven't been seduced by the spin doctors. As the glib fools turn off the lights at the appointed hour, you can assume a posture of political incorrectness burning some good old wood by the fire. You may care to smoke the pipe, or take succor from a glass of wine while the other suckers turn out the lights. If you're totally inured to the mind control, you may take the time to clean your rifle if it still hangs upon the mantle. You'll drive your programmers MAD!

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