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Posted by George Freund on December 2, 2013 at 2:10 PM

Today Comrade Google honors the opera singer Maria Callas in their popular doodle feature. I can honestly say I have appreciated her music very much over the years. She was a very talented woman who had a troubled background. Her name on her birth certificate was Sophia Cecelia Kalos. Her baptismal name was Anna Maria Sofia Cecilia Kalogeropoulou which is of course Greek. Her father, George, shortened the Greek version to Kalos. That is the key word in the doodle. In classical Greek it meant beautiful a wise choice for a daughter although she felt she was the ugly duckling as a child. In combination with the word kagathos it was used in a military context chivalrous. The term would apply to a knight or gentleman and a person destined to sacrifice such as a war hero or martyr.

Kalos is also a region on the Pokémon world. It is shaped like a five pointed star. A five pointed star is a star polygon. In Greek of course the prefix penta would be applicable. 

In geometry, a "regular star polygon" is a self-intersecting, equilateral equiangular polygon, created by connecting one vertex of a simple, regular, p-sided polygon to another, non-adjacent vertex and continuing the process until the original vertex is reached again.

An example would be the classic pentagon. I think we can see that this specific word is taking us into the military specifically the American military headquarters or even more precisely Google's headquarters which is in the Pentagon district of Venice, California that we were lead to in a previous doodle. It is fitting because Maria's father George relocated the family to America specifically the Washington Heights area of Manhattan. New York is the classic target for martyrdom. It was constructed by Washington's Continental Army in The Revolutionary War.

Maria's mother, Evangelia, left New York and her husband George with her two daughters Maria and Yakinthi (Jackie) in 1937. From the frying pan she entered the fire of an occupied Greece of World War II. Evangelia did not work and pressed her daughters to let themselves be entertained by German and Italian officers in return for money or food. It was said Maria remained untouched by the sordid practice. It says a lot for the present day banker's occupation of Greece where the Greek people are forced into entertaining the whims of EU bankers of whom many are German. 

There is a star fort in Japan on the island of Hokkaido named Goryōkaku. With the rising tensions in the far east that may have tremendous significance. There is a Korean made car called the Kalos as well. Both Japan and Korea are major focal points of tension. We would hope such a vehicle is not used to achieve martyrdom in some future false flag attack in New York.

The Kalos is better known as the Pontiac Wave or Suzuki Swift in America.

Maria's first role was in Puccini's opera Tosca based on the play La Tosca on April 11, 1938. It is the story of Napoleon's invasion of Italy in 1796. He took Rome on February 11, 1798 establishing a Republic with seven Consuls. He returned in May 1800 fighting the Austrians in the Battle of Marengo on June 14, 1800. The play concerned the days of June 17th to 18th. Floria Tosca, an opera singer, has a lover, Mario Cavaradoss, a Bonapartist sympathizer. Rome's Regent of Police, Baron Scarpia, is going to execute him. Floria stabs him to death since the price of sparing her lover involves submitting to Scarpia. All three die. The era then was like the future now as civilizations prepare to clash involving torture, murder and suicide. Many of the dates may have significance to future events.

Tosca places candles by Scarpia's body in Act 4 of La Tosca (Le Théâtre illustrée, 1887)

The next major historical opera Maria starred in was Wagner's Die Walküre (The Valkyrie). It was the second of a four part series called Der Ring des Nibelungen (The Ring of the Nibelung). The others were Das Rheingold (The Rhine Gold), Siegfried, and Götterdämmerung (Twilight of the Gods). The Valkyrie is based on Norse mythology about a group of women who decide who lives and dies in battle. It premiered in Munich on June 26, 1870. It was played fully at the Bayreuth Festival August 14, 1876. This is very important because the Nazis accepted the Norse mythology as gospel. They attended Bayreuth annually like religion. Maria played Brünnhilde the daughter of Wotan. She is to protect Siegmund in a coming fight with Hunding. However, Wotan determines he must die. Wotan's nine daughters including Brünnhilde are the Valkyries. She offers to take Siegmund to Valhalla. He refuses. He has Wotan's sword Nothung which is to give him victory in battle, but it has lost its power. Brünnhilde offers to help Siegmund, but Wotan shatters his sword with his spear. Hunding kills Siegmund now unarmed. Brünnhilde picks up the pieces of the sword and escapes with Sieglinde Siegmund's betrothed.

Brünnhilde at the rock, title page art from the 1899 Schott's vocal score.

They meet the other Valkyries on a mountain summit. They are dismayed by the fact Brünnhilde has arrived with a living woman and not a departed soldier. They flee and leave her to face Wotan alone. Sieglinde bears Siegmund's son Siegfried. Brünnhilde is stripped of her power. She tells Wotan protecting Siegmund was his true desire. He encircles the mountaintop with an eternal flame so none but the most honorable (Kalos) suitor could pass. He kisses her into a sleep while summoning the Norse demigod of fire Loge. He pronounces, "Whosoever fears the point of my spear shall not pass through the fire." We must remember the spear of destiny to put things in their proper perspective.

Adolf Hitler mit Winifred Wagner und vier männlichen Begleitern in einer Opernloge im Festspielhaus auf dem "Grünen Hügel" in Bayreuth. Note the look of terror in his eyes.

We see Hitler admiring the Crown of the Holy Roman Emperor, the spear and the orb in Vienna.

The next pressing stage in the life of Maria Calles was her affair with billionaire shipping magnate Aristotle Socrates Onassis. It was said she had a child by him that died soon after birth. She renounced her U.S. citizenship and there is a post 9/11 trend to do that. The creeping fascism is no longer in doubt. Of course Onassis wed Jacqueline Kennedy the widow of President Kennedy. His staff said his flame with Calles continued. She spent her last years in Paris dying of a heart attack at 53 on September 16, 1977. Paris is the focal point of the other major locale the NWO is trying to use as a target to bring in the crisis that results in a global fascist government. 

Callas bowing after a successful performance in Bellini's La Sonnambula at La Scala, 1957

Actor Paul Walker of the Fast and Furious movie genre died in a wild car crash November 30th in Valencia, Santa Clarita, California. It is a suspicious crash because the taking care of business option of the Hollywood elite has always been an option. Cars are computers and they can be hacked. Walker was leaving a charity for the victims of  Typhoon Haiyan. That is significant because he stared in the film Hours about a father fighting for his child in New Orleans during the manufactured hurricane Katrina. We have to ask. Does he know about weather weapons? Was he going to speak out? The wreckage is strewn all over the road yet the point of impact is a tree and lamp post at the side of the road which is clear and dry with marginal traffic. What came off and by what force? He was in the process of making a remake of the film District 13 called Brick Mansions. District 13 is a French film on the dystopian future of Paris where our doodle ends. Again what did he know? His film Eight Below took him to Antarctica where Admiral Byrd said he saw things. Was Paul a modern day Siegmund abandoned by the Valkyries? We are free to think out our Kalos.

We see things too. Is Paris Burning? yet.

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