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CHE-TV Episode 3 Imagine the Revolution Peace

Posted by George Freund on January 16, 2012 at 11:30 PM

CHE-TV Episode 3 Imagine the Revolution – Peace


NOTE: I wrote a TV series years ago based on a reverse rendition where famous people in history were held by Che and his revolutionaries in his jungle redoubt. Interrogations revealed deep dark secrets of the true history of the world. This episode deals with the attempted false flag at the Republican National Convention where Nixon would have bombed his own and declared martial law. It failed. It went down the memory hole after that. Now you can relive it. In hindsight we can see why John Lennon didn't attend the protests. He was being set up for a great fall. Mad yes. These are the times.)


The scene opens in a jail cell. A figure rises in the dark as his cell door is opened. He is tired and worn, but still indefatigable. As he sits up, his interrogator takes his position on a chair nearby. He remains in the shadows.


John: You know I spent my youth living on the edge like this.


Colonel: Yes I remember. We were both younger then, but I was fighting for what you tried to destroy.


John: Destroy? What exactly could music destroy?


Colonel: Music? You were a political force that could shake the planet. I don't know how or why, but millions listened to your bullshit and forced an end to our war.


John: Your war was a blight on humanity. You stained what was decent and noble in western society. My music suggested another way - peace not war. The peace was instrumental in leading to détente I think. Détente prevented larger, broader wars.


Colonel: We know. That is why we tried so hard for so long to eliminate you from the body politic. You should have taken the easy way out. What was so hard about being deported back to England? With you away from American media, we could have defeated the commies.


John: That created the threat you saw in me. I learned I could defeat you. One man alone with his wife defeated what was wrong in America. We became part of you and what was great in us transformed our country. The old, evil warmongers were exposed for what they really were. My stunts and music caused people to think about peace and love. That led directly to the end of the war and the downfall of a President.


Colonel: We'll never allow that to happen again. You weren't the only one. Artists,musicians, politicians whoever the threat are eliminated. No trials, no appeals,no media. You were the tough nut. You stayed and fought. Unfortunately you died a martyr. That was a mistake. We had a better end for you.


John: A better end? What could have been better than gunning me down in front of the woman I loved?


Colonel: Destroying your image and vilifying you for eternity. Imagine the war on terrorism starting in the 70's as was originally planned. Imagine all you commies being exposed as the great threat to democracy you were.


John: What are you? An acid nightmare or some other kind of monster. What could you have possibly done to my reputation? I was more popular than Jesus. I preached the same message – peace and love.


Colonel: We had a plan. You were lucky. You would have been vilified by the public and even crucified by your disciples.


John: Pray tell.


Colonel: Why didn't you attend the rally at the Republican National Convention?


John: I had other commitments, and it didn't feel right. After the cancellation of the San Diego convention you know.


Colonel: What should I know? That groups of subversives were going to attack our system of government.


John: I don't know anything about any attacks. I've evolved past that sort of thing. San Diego was a well known hot spot for government sponsored revolutionaries. There was talk of a Nixon campaign fundraiser, the ITT Chairman, getting his anti-trust suit dropped after pledging 400 grand to the republican convention, but there's more I think.


Colonel: Yes John there's more, much more. You are named in a report 'Foreign Support For Activities Planned to Disrupt or Harass the Republican National Convention.'


John: I never needed to take to the streets to effect change. I could evoke a revolution without ever leaving my bed. What people did after that brought the 'chaos' that led to change.


Colonel: CHAOS! Who told you about CHAOS?


John: You see the wisdom of my remaining home. I wasn't going to be a pond on your chessboard. You play the Hegelian Dialectic well, but I've come a long way since Liverpool. I understand the basics, but I never new the specifics of your CIA's surveillance plot. It was more than surveillance, chaos, wasn't it?


Colonel: CHAOS was a necessary operation to expose your communist plot. It was war, and all is far in war. We gave the agitators the rope. They hanged themselves - the civil rights types, the anti-war freaks, all of them.


John: All is fair in love as well Colonel. I wouldn't bite. After what happened to the anti-war veterans, I'm glad I didn't go.


Colonel: They had what's coming to them disgracing their service - the Gainesville Eight. Glorious. We framed their asses big time. It was beautiful. It was that Goddamned jury that let them off. Now we try them in the media. Even if they are acquited, in people's minds they're always guilty.


John: I think they thanked God Colonel. You spied on them, infiltrated them, set them up, fabricated evidence, and damn near got away with it. The jury was so pissed, they didn't even have to hear their side. They had a right to protest. They had a right not to be framed by America.


Colonel: Commies don't have rights.


John: Including me?


Colonel: Especially you. That's why you're here. So who told you not to go to the


Convention? Pete Seeger.


John: Him too? Are you watching everyone?


Colonel: Almost. You have to be zealous to be free.


John: I don't think you understand the meaning. San Diego – they were going to bomb the convention. They were going to kill the protestors. Nixon was going to declare martial law or was he? Isn't that it? They said there was going to be a bomb in the podium. Tackwood, he talked.


Colonel: Yes, he talked. No one listened much. We convinced Agnew that he was going to be killed. He wrote a book about it even. No one would read a book by a guy named Spiro - Get out...or Else. What a joke. Nixon moved the convention after FBI Director Gray told him people on his own staff were trying to kill him. We were in Miami too. We were going to get you instead. You didn't show. The Gainesville Eight were the patsies. Patsies were expendable assets. They jump when the bombs go off never knowing exactly who planted them.




Colonel: No CHAOS! Or more appropriately the SAO. The Secret Army Organization. Nobody knows how to fight a secret army not even the President.


John: This is so deep. Man it is so far out that no one would believe it.


Colonel: Then you were lucky.


John: Lucky to get shot.


Colonel: Lucky to die a hero's death. We were set to destroy your memory and make you the most hated man on the planet. It was the greatest set up ever created. There was going to be a bombing at the convention. Our agents would have set things in motion. You peaceniks would have been blamed. You were to be the villain of the ages – hated and despised as the ultimate traitor. A hypocrite to peace, love, and America – all you believed in. It was brilliant. Somebody talked, who was it?


John: Will I wake from this nightmare?


Colonel: This is no nightmare. This is the game. There are no rules in this game. We consume amateurs like you. We make you fuel for conflict. You got away. We want to know how?


John: I can't help you man. I can't begin to understand.


Colonel: Guards. Start up the chopper. We'll try a different approach. We'll take you to the ultimate high, followed by the ultimate low. You'll talk.


Two guards enter and take hold of the prisoner. A black bag is put over his head. He is marched outside to a waiting helicopter. The soldiers are reckless shoving and pushing the helpless prisoner. They fail to notice other figures nearby.


El Commandante Gringo and Captain Ron approach from the rear. They neutralize the guards with blows to the head. They grab John under the arms supporting him. Sarah and Mike drag them into the darkness. They rush towards the helicopter.


Bill the CIA guy: Air America at you service John. This is the rendition flight to freedom.


They leap into the helicopter. Captain Ron pulls off the mask while Sarah removes the manacles.


Sarah: You say you want a revolution. We all want to save the world.


El Commandante Gringo: I wish I could have fought the revolution with a guitar. We could never have let them destroy your reputation. Even then we had agents at work. We protected you then; we're protecting you now.


Bastille Chick: (hands John a guitar) They were going to make you the Osama Bin Lennon of your age. Whether you knew it or not, your not going to the convention saved America. Nixon was going to declare martial law. The peace movement would have been destroyed. The war in Vietnam would have continued. If there was ever a fortunate twist of fate that was it. All that they had left to do was kill you. They did it in spite of the fact martyrs don't die. The revolution continues. You are still a part of it. You'll never die.


John picks up the guitar and plays revolution as the helicopter whisks away.

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