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SCRATCH ONE FLATTOP: John McCain and the USS Forrestal Fire

Posted by George Freund on December 10, 2011 at 8:50 AM

Rupertus (DD-851) maneuvers to within 20 feet of Forrestal so fire hoses could be effectively used on the worst US carrier fire since WWII.

On 29 July 1967, a devastating fire and series of chain-reaction explosions caused great loss of life on the aircraft carrier USS Forrestal (CV-59) after an unusual electrical anomaly discharged a Zuni rocket on the flight deck. One hundred and thirty four sailors were killed and 161 were injured. Forrestal was engaged in combat operations in the Gulf of Tonkin during the Vietnam War at the time, and the damage totaled $72 million (not including damage to aircraft).[2][1]

Many of you weren't alive in 1967. That doesn't stop you from being under the effects of the Vietnam War. The flow of time is quite unique. Events you have never heard of or witnessed shape the world around you and effect the decision process that determines your very life. Without a deep understanding of these eddies of eternity, you are adrift in the massive sea of universal happenstance. That is a very unsatisfactory state of existence. So if we have any contribution to make to the ages and our choices, we act as a defacto time cop to attach eras together to affect the decision process. Great mistakes make poor foundations to build upon yet they are before us as unstable masses of human consciousness as we speak. This ground though unseen can cause the Earth to sway and shake into oblivion. That is the power of thought. 

The evil elements of the human psyche desire to control thoughts because they are energy. Thoughts from liberated minds are the greatest threat to the machinations of dictators and demons. The energy from those thoughts are power. The power to prevent humanity from stepping into a stranglehold of a trap set through eons of time by Satan himself. That is why the media has been the primary target of the wicked through the ages because if you changed the channel and altered your programming you couldn't be fooled into taking that step into the snare. That is why ignorance is the crime still punishable by death. Your lack of understanding the depth and breadth of the issue lures you to your death.

As a case in point we have been extolling the role of the Senator from Manchuria John McCain. Those who feel history is in the past and not worthy of consideration have taken the first step to the gallows of responsibility. John McCain is one of the most powerful figures shaping the future of America and prepping the world for total New World Order enslavement in most likely a post apocalyptic world. Ignorance is an awesome responsibility.

McCain stands before the tri-color flag of the Benghazi terror brigades he, the US government and NATO funded, trained, armed, and provided air support for as they committed wholesale genocide across the nation of Libya. This would be just one of several celebratory strolls through nations he helped sow sedition and chaos throughout. Egypt being another. He now aspires to stand in the ruins of Moscow.

As a prisoner of war (POW), he was most likely subjected to serious mind control conditioning from a dark era where the cold war and the struggle between communism and capitalism were at their zenith. The end of hostilities with the confirmation of a New World Order mean absolutely nothing. For you see John McCain is a weapon of a bygone era that has been frozen in time since his release in 1973. He was created to return to the United States and destroy it and win a war that few even know happened let alone are prepared for its denouement. John McCain is a doomsday weapon. Even as I prepare these words masses are marching in Russia where an 'Arab Spring' may be forming. As elucidated on our last program They're playing the wild card,  this destabilization of Russia has been created in America by organizations supported by and under the control of McCain.

This alone should be cause for grave concern. We add the fact he has written secret legislation to undermine the U.S. Constitution and establish a full and complete tyranny in America with provisions in the National Defense Authorization Act whereby anyone anywhere can be denied the most basic civil rights up to and including permanent imprisonment and even execution without any due process. That is the Fort Sumter shot that should have started a civil war, but with the control of thoughts the war was lost without being fought. A slow war of attrition will proceed until we are consumed.

James Vincent Forrestal

1st United States Secretary of Defense

So as we return to another day of infamy July 29, 1967; we discover one of the usual suspects from today again in the shadows of the explosion and fire of the USS Forrestal. This ship was named after a former Secretary of Defense James Forrestal who was murdered in a fall from the Presidential suite at Bethesda Naval Hospital long before the Vietnam War. We are cornered by the effects of time from the energy of the power of dark ideas then too. He started talking about sinister forces vying for control of the Earth. He was declared mad and taken into captivity. He was in fact quite right. 

McCain circa 1967 (His flight suit is a different colour from the one in the Hanoi museum)

John McCain as a devoted Satanist determined to succeed in the plot to enslave humankind was a pilot on that grand vessel. Did he have delusions from American mind control programs to eliminate Forrestal again? The ship was in the Gulf of Tonkin. It was the Gulf of Tonkin incident that raised the false flag for conflict. Was his mission to eliminate key personnel who might have been a threat or just a dry run on how far he could be made to go in killing Americans and destroying his own country? Without the background to this issue, we can't raise the thought energy to limit the effect of the doomsday weapon John McCain.

On that day a second bombing mission was being prepared. John McCain was to fly in it. There was a shortage of bombs. An older more volatile bomb was loaded in its place. Dare we hint at conspiracy here? At 10:50 a.m. a rocket was fired from aircraft number 110 on the flight deck. The story is there was an electrical surge from a connection responsible for this. The missile hit either McCain's aircraft 416 or White's 405 tearing open a fuel tank and starting a horrendous fire. Of note here is Lt. Cmdr. White was waiting to launch. McCain was in front of him. That means he was launching and would have been in the center of the flight deck. White died in the fire. McCain survived. He couldn't have been at the epicenter. Bombs started exploding in the fire as well. McCain was able to walk off the nose of his aircraft. He got away. Chief Gerald W. Farrier went to the fire and tried to extinguish it. He bought time for pilots to escape. He died in the flames.

So like Dallas with the single bullet theory, here we have the single missile theory. However, as we known John McCain's father was the Admiral of the Pacific Fleet. No inquiry would ever place any blame on his son. That is a given to anyone who understands the Navy. In fact Admiral McCain was a major player in the coverup of the USS Liberty incident. Need we say more? The scuttlebutt which seems to make more sense in the world of reality is that McCain wet started his engine. That is a process where jet fuel is built up to burn excessively and shoot large flames rearward. It was a common tactic made by hot dog pilots. That explains more fully how the missile in a rearmost aircraft was fired off. It hit White's plane setting off the chain reaction and fire.

Flaming engine

Zuni rocket pod

Another pilot in the area Lt. Cmdr. Hope rolled off the flight deck and returned to lead firefighting efforts after the main fire fighting crew were killed in the explosions. Men like that are mere foot notes in history. They should be the movers and shakers of the political dynamic that leads nations. They are not. We are left with the mediocre instead. We have grave uncertainty and doubt leading the world to denouement. Is the Senator from Manchuria making rational decisions for the benefit of America or is he revealing his programming from captivity in Vietnam? The shredding of the Constitution should be a good clue. If we wait until the planet Earth is enveloped in flames like the USS Forrestal, we will have waited too long to see the obvious. The wild card has been played. It's your move. Change the channel or perish in the flames.

Sailors carefully lower the first of their shipmates killed in the fire to the Leyte Pier at Naval Air Station Cubi Point in the Philippines.

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