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Posted by George Freund on November 30, 2011 at 9:45 AM

We have a new image on today's Google page. It seems innocuous enough if you pass on the details, but we don't pass. We delve into the deep, dark secrets of the illuminists. We must remember that dear old Mark Twain was a member of some nefarious organizations in his day. He was Scroll and Key at Yale. He was a member of the Bohemian Club. Mark means target. Twain means to cleave in two. Need we say more or should we let Mr. Twain speak for himself.

I wish Europe would let Russia annihilate Turkey a little -- not much, but enough to make it difficult to find the place again without a divining-rod or a diving-bell.

- The Innocents Abroad

This was from a book written after Mr. Twain's visit to the Holy Land. It appears that same Holy Land is on the radar again today. What the big media isn't harping is the fact that the Americans have assembled a carrier task force off Syria. The Russians have countered this moving their only aircraft carrier the Admiral Kuznetzov into the area.

There hasn't been a major super power standoff for many years. Russia is backing Syria where they have been reestablishing their naval base. They have been arming and equipping Syria as well. If this wasn't bad enough Russia has turned on their new radar system that was installed when President Bush encroached Russian territory with his missile batteries along the border. He took us back to the might makes right concept of international law. It is ironic the USS George Bush is leading the American naval forces.

Iranian students have stormed British compounds in Iran. Missiles have been fired into Israel. We are quickly heading to a crisis point. This will be good news to the western economies because it will take eyes off the business pages and if push comes to shove invigorate the economies with growth that war can bring. However, this cycle in the nuclear era is prone to disaster.

In Afghanistan US forces may face a blockage of resupply. Military axioms are commonly discarded for political reasons. It is foolhardy in the extreme to overextend supply lines. The longer the lines the more vulnerable are the troops. It wouldn't take long for them to be facing collapse. There was an issue with Pakistan recently blocking another avenue of support.

However, we digress. The code is the thing. Observe what Tom is actually writing not what it is supposed to be. He has painted GOOLL not Google. Two of the fence boards are being painted green. The brush is over the second applying the paint. The 'g' and the 'e' have been omitted. Perhaps that only means something in the Turkish language? It does. GOOLL is a designer fashion label in Turkey. Are you getting the message?

Of note is a website featuring these products. They have a unique image that jives with Mr. Twain who was born when Halley's Comet passed and dies after it passed another time. We see multiple objects streaking to earth in this picture.

In scripture flaming chariots have a special significance in end times prophecy. The fact that the center stage in this event is Syria should not be treated lightly. Its capital Damascus is an ancient city. Prophecy says Damascus will be destroyed. We have the technology this time. We should be concerned with the nations aligning in such a fashion as this.

In the previous decrypts we discovered Turkey being the bridge for Persia (Iran) getting into Europe. That sounds more like a world war as opposed to a regional conflict. China has been teaming up with Pakistan and Russia with Syria. A 200 million man army is no great feat coming from the east today. Every step is so far revealed by one of the most powerful corporations in the world today. This forum is the only one devoted to reading and interpreting the messages. Expect things to escalate. They most likely will. 

If we look at the story of the Google doodle Huckleberry Finn gives the paint to Tom. Tom uses it as expected and then is knocked to the ground by the triumphant Finn who gives the thumbs up sign used to denote success or victory. In Rome it was used to denote life or death in gladiatorial combat. I fear the latter version in WWII is the one where planes are cleared to take off in battle this time. 

Even more interesting is Huckleberry has the apple and is about to bite it. In scripture that was a most symbolic event. Adam and Eve partook of the apple and hide from God. This plan is hidden from us. After the bite our Garden of Eden may well cease to exist. The war will be upon us unless cooler heads prevail.

The colours of the boys' shirts may be of significance as well. Blue is the colour of NATO and Israel. Red is the colour of Russia's military. Turkey's flag is red and yet as part of NATO it is blue. If Turkey gets into conflict with Israel, then where will NATO side?

There is a lot to this image for people with eyes to see. Soon there will be another. The die is cast.

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