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IT'S BUY THE BOOK: Obama buys Descent into Chaos

Posted by George Freund on November 27, 2011 at 10:40 AM

Do you feel confidence when the pilot of your airplane needs to read Flying for Dummies or your surgeon flips a coin, says drats and then picks up Gray's Anatomy. What do we do when the Commander in Thief heads to the bookstore for the classic Descent into Chaos.

Oh boy. What do I do know? Considering Obama was running for President while it was already doomed to war in Afghanistan, it is amazing there weren't a few questions on that particular part of the equation.

It is unfathomable that time and time again we put the pretty boys and girls in the top positions that have little to no idea of history and conflict. But then if he did, he would understood the similarity to Viet Nam as confessed by the late Robert McNamara who made all the wrong moves before and warned the Bush junta of same. 

I always loved being the lowly working bloke who warned the elitist that he was about to step in a bucket of shit. The braniacs would always take the step. I did my duty warning them and then had the privilege of teasing them well afterwards. I remember one of my colleagues always putting his finger on the trigger when he pulled his pistol out of its holster. I warned him over and over. Don't do that. He was the smarter. KABOOM! Then he got promoted. That's how the world really works for some strange reason.

So meanwhile back at the war in Afghanistan even those who only know recent history should understand what happened to Russia. What are we possibly going to do to them that Russia didn't do already. They had 30,000 combat deaths. Remember Custer's get to be generals in every man's army.

The Afghani's are prepared to lose hundreds of thousands of their sons for their freedom from colonialists. They did it to the British. They did it to the Russians. They'll do it to NATO. We aren't prepared to lose all those sons. We practice birth control. They don't. You have six sons so that three can fight and die in battle and three can tend the family farm. Europeans did that before the infamous pill too.

So if we're not prepared for overwhelming casualties, we're not prepared for war there. Two British Armies were massacred in Afghanistan in the 19th century. In one of those routs the Afghani's let the regimental doctor escape to tell his countrymen to not come back. Of course the braniacs always know more than us humble peasants. KABOOM!

When Canada made the step towards the bucket of shit, I reminded our fearless leaders on Kitchener radio about this fact. They went anyway. KABOOM! I'm sure many were promoted too. Bravado doesn't win wars. Strategy does. Sun Tzu, Von Clausewitz, and the main generals of even modern times should be required reading. I remember a colleague volunteering for Afghanistan. We talked about war and combat. I mentioned General Patton. Who's he was the reply. KABOOM!

If I was going to be an electrician, I should know that Volt, Ohm, and Ampere are names important to electricity. If I'm going to be a soldier, I would hope I knew Patton mainly because he was a winner. Beyond that I should know intelligence crafts and secret society treachery. Patton did fail the third exam. They killed him in the fake car crash. I knew that trick. I lived.

So we get back to Canada and Afghanistan. When a Canadian officer was bludgeoned with an axe, I remember another soldier holding two rifles in his hands. I wondered if anyone other than I knew the significance. I doubted it. One was a Martini-Henry. The other was a Snider-Enfield. Those were the British service rifle of the age when each of their respective armies were destroyed. I mused perhaps in another hundred years there would be someone holding an M-16 variant.

The Martini-Enfield (front) The Snider Enfield (rear)

So now we enter the 21st century. The war has been waged for years. The reasons why have been propagandized. The main reason for war is GOD - gold, oil, drugs. In Afghanistan the Taliban slowed narcotics trafficking right down. Since opium is traded in U.S. dollars, that had a devastating effect on the U.S. There was no option. The oil pipeline was an excuse for those to have an excuse other than terrorism. We have an army with seriously overextended supply lines in a remote, hostile land.

So what do the braniacs do? They attack the country, Pakistan, where the supply lines traverse. They cause so much hostility bombing them that they have just cause for war. But war may not be necessary. Close the border to the supplies. Starve them out instead and let the Afghani's pick them off slowly. KABOOM! Someone's going to get promoted. You just know it. In the meantime Pakistan will shift towards China. Their union will set the stage for a bigger, broader war. That is what was really planned for. That's the cause for promotion. That's why the President is buying the book Descent into Chaos. That's where the New World Order is taking us. 

Pakistani soldiers carry the coffins of their comrades who were killed in a Saturday strike. Peshawar, November 27, 2011. (AFP Photo / A. Majeed)

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