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Posted by George Freund on November 26, 2011 at 11:00 PM

I sometimes feel horse advocating the only alternative to fiat currency. Precious metals are the only Plan B. The people who are crashing the global economy are the ones telling us all is well. There is no cause for alarm and like fools too many believe them. 

When the time comes, and indeed it will, that people are certain the ship will founder; there will be a mad dash scramble for the lifeboats. The issue will be at that point the lifeboats are gone. You will go down with the ship or face the cold, cruel sea. It is every man for himself at that point. It will be an ominous time in human history.

However, one Ontario billionaire has bought the supply of silver lifeboats $1.5 Billion worth. He is one of the wise early movers to Plan B. When the others start to figure it out, there will be panic. When the last realize their dilemma, it will be too late for them. They'll be wiped out.

As a Godly person, I find that deplorable. I put my lifeboat funds into the crow's nest alternative media. I've screamed over and over to whoever will listen, "Iceberg dead ahead!" Some of you may still have time. I pray you make good use of it. 

The elite rich are doing what they always do. If you find yourself walled out of precious metals or stones, get barter items like liquor of to some degree cigarettes. Of course you can't go wrong with food and seeds. It is incumbent on us too to be prepared to teach and lead others in trying times. We may have to find ourselves pulling our fellows from the water. Preparing your local church with some basics couldn't hurt just in case it gets really tough. It is better to be prepared to share as opposed to fight.

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The last part is the easiest. Even a child can do it. Pray earnestly to God. I personally leave out the Amen part just in case it does mean Amen Ra the sun god.

As Sprott files to buy $1.5 bn of silver, a surge imminent


ONTARIO(Commodity Online): Canadian billionaire Eric Sprott has filed for the purchase of $1.5billion in Silver bullion for covering an expected demand in his Sprott Asset Management's silver ETF- PSLV. A $1.5 billion in purchase will require about 45 million oz of silver.


Such a large purchase has normally Lead to higher prices. Sprott's $580 million silver purchase in 2010 was accompanied by an almost 175% gain in COMEX Silver when prices surged from $18 to $49! The current purchase of $1.5 billion is almost 3 times the 2010 purchase and as such prices could easily double or even triple.


Barclay's iShares Silver Trust issue also witnessed rapid price acceleration. COMEX silver had doubled from $7.50 to $15 within 6 months till the launch of the ETF.


Sprott Asset Management Files Prospectus With SEC for $1.5 BILLION PSLV Follow-On

The Doc has discovered that on Wednesday November 16th, Sprott Asset Management filed a prospectus with the SEC detailing intentions to offer an additional $1.5 BILLION UNITS of the PSLV trust.

Notice that the cartel initiated a new massive silver raid THAT VERY EVENING, so far taking silver nearly 15% lower from $35 to near $30! This obviously seems counter-intuitive as a 15% discount on silver means that Sprott will be able to obtain 15% more phyzz with the proceeds of his follow-on.

We believe that the cartel is gambling with this move BIG TIME, and GOING ALL-IN with their play to induce massive panic/fear in the hopes of scaring potential investors away from PSLV/ silver.


As to the potential implications of what a $1.5 billion unit PSLV follow-on would mean to the physical silver market, Sprott's last issue in 2010 was for $580 million, and silver ran from $18 to $49 over the next 6 months while it took Sprott over 2 months reportedly to source all of the silver.

$1.5 billion would be approximately 40-50 million ounces of silver- meaning we are talking an amount of physical silver equal or possibly exceeding the ENTIRE 2011 US MINT SILVER EAGLE PRODUCTION!

Also meaning we are talking an amount of physical silver that is 10-20 million ounces greater than the entire COMEX registered silver inventory!!


Word is that this could be approved in UNDER 2 WEEKS, and that Sprott already has the silver orders in place. As in, SEC approval, BANG! 50 MILLION OUNCE PHYZZ ORDER PLACED.

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