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GOOGLE CODE DAGUERRE War for Greek Gold Templar Treasure

Posted by George Freund on November 20, 2011 at 12:30 PM

This is a tough one to say the least. As in most of the Google Doodles, they come in layers of levels of complexity. The title should be the first level Da Guerre. It is a German Da for there a reference to location and the French Guerre war.

Of course millions of people will look at the image and read the obvious if they have the basic words of the French or German language and know there is a deeper, hidden meaning. Who would possibly find that interesting when there is so much pop culture available to us.

The next level adds complexity and refers to the specific nature of the doodle Louis Daguerre. He was the father of photography called Daguerrotype. He was also an artist. Since very few photographs were made by Louis and few paintings drawn that is our clue to the next step the images of Louis Daguerre.

Rosslyn Chapel by Daguerre

Should we be surprised to learn that some of the most infamous locations and events in history begin with this level? Should the Holyrood Chapel, the Rosslyn Chapel, or the great High Street Fire bear any significance in the modern era? What about the Boulevard du Temple in gay Paris? It was one of the earliest photographs of a human person on the infamous Boulevard.

Holyrood Chapel by Dageurre

Infamous yes. It was nicknamed Boulevard du Crime in its heyday. There was an assassination attempt on King Louis-Philippe on July 28, 1835. The renowned author Gustave Flaubert lived on the street and takes us to the third level, but first we must dispense with the second.

"Boulevard du Temple", taken by Daguerre in 1838 in Paris, was the first photograph of a person. The image shows a street, but because of the over ten minute exposure time the moving traffic does not appear. The exceptions are the man and shoe-shine boy at the bottom left, and two people sitting at a table nearby who stood still long enough to have their images captured.

The Boulevard du Temple separates the Third arrondissement from the 11th in Paris. Those are sections of Paris with Illuminati power numbers. It separates Place Republique with Place Pasdeloup. This implies a separation between levels of the code as well. The product implies the 33rd degree of Freemasonry as well.

However, we digress to the famous painted image of the Rosslyn Chapel. The story behind the image reveals the nature of the code. The Chapel was founded by the infamous Sinclair family descended from Norman knights. It is the third chapel Rosslyn even though construction began in 1456. It was never fully completed. It was called the Lady Chapel built on an earlier crypt from an earlier castle with foundations stretching 90 feet.

There are three pillars at the east end of the temple that are named Master Pillar, Journeyman Pillar and Apprentice Pillar. Before this they were called The Earl's Pillar, The Shekinah, and the Prince's Pillar. In the light of the latest crusade in the Middle east, I feel we have no trouble establishing a relation with Shock and Awe in the application of war (guerre). 

Legend states that the master mason killed his apprentice after believing he couldn't carve his pillar without ever having seen the original inspiration. The master mason's face was carved on the opposite pillar to forever gaze at his victim. 

The motto inscribed is "wine is strong, a king is stronger, women are stronger still, but truth conquers all". There are dragons at the base of the pillar and trees (of life?) at the top. There are 213 cubes protruding that are thought to be a code. The latest work uses them as musical notes. There are 110 carvings of green men and images of corn before Columbus allegedly discovered America implying the Sinclair's knew of earlier voyages.

Stories of the Holy Grail abound as well as of the Knights Templar. People dismiss such notions because the Sinclair's testified against the Templar. I believe that may have been in league to get and keep the treasure. Masonic imagery adorns the temple with the blind folded man led by a noose meaning a mason initiation and the two men riding a horse of the Templar seal.

The pinnacles had chambers to house beehives another Masonic symbol. In the code leading up to the Toronto terror plot the Toronto Star had a terror image with the beehive on the front page.

With our return to Paris we emphasize its most famous resident Gustave Flaubert. His journeys to Greece, Egypt and Beirut highlight places of interest today. His first book was titled November which establishes a time frame now. His final book was the Battle of Thermopylae where Persia (Iran) attacked Greece (Europe) through Turkey. 

His other works of note involved Three Tales of which the second was The Legend of St. Julian of the Hospitaller. They were another order of sacred knights like the Templars. St Julian killed his parents and was forgiven by Jesus. The third, Hérodias, is the story of the beheading of John the Baptist.

The Flaubert was also a pistol. Might we be hinting at assassination.

I feel if we ask for redemption, it will be granted to us if we are humble enough to acknowledge our sins. That would be a grand deep meaning for the faceless images. We will not leave you in suspense. There are five artists who apply Daguerreotype in the modern era. One has Presidential appointment and one has worked on 9/11. Dare we assume they fill the voids?

The Daguerreotype

“With the daguerreotype, the marriage of photograph and mirror is a fantastic one.”— Adam Fuss

Named after its inventor Louis Daguerre, the daguerreotype revolutionized the world after its introduction in 1839. This technique allowed middle class families previously unable to afford the expense of portrait painting, the ability to record their likeness. The daguerreotype is developed by mercury vapors on a polished silver plate previously made sensitive to light and exposed. The resulting image is almost three dimensional in its detail, appearing right beneath a reflective mirrored surface. Five artists in the documentary Chuck Close, Adam Fuss, Jerry Spagnoli, Irving Pobboravsky and Mark Kessell, adopt the rigorous and unpredictable daguerreotype process.

Now that famous Daguerreotype photo should send chills through your spine. It is Abraham Lincoln a President assassinated with a small pistol. There are numerous references to murder, assassination and war.  The artists of the film project number five just like the empty faces in the Doodle.

Mr. Close was awarded a medal by President Clinton and President Obama appointed him to his Committee on the Arts and Humanities. Mr. Spagnoli captured 9/11 in daguerreotype no less. His photos hint at Tesla type technology. Mr. Pobboravsky is the military man with the army at Fort Sill and of course the Pentagon. The five faces are master special effects men.

An expert in nineteenth-century photographic techniques brought a wooden

view camera and a daguerreotype plate to his Chelsea rooftop, making a three-second

exposure as the south tower disappeared on the horizon.

Now it's gone like lightning.

Or maybe a HAARP cloud front moving in on Manhattan.

The FED and the Temple.

So what does all this leave us. There is a rumour of war from Persia (Iran). There is a possibility of assassination of a leader like the President, but the biggest lead is to the Knights Templar and its lost treasure. That is what one of the titanic struggles will be over. However, the treasure is not lost. It is in Greece. Yes Greece. I had forgotten about it too. Greece isn't in trouble. Europe is waging economic war upon her because the treasure of treasures is inside her borders. The rest need it for credit. They won't budge. The rest is siege on the economy and fighting in the streets.

The elite rich attended the Vatopedi Monastery after Davos a few years back. Great treasures in gold are held there. A friend of mine who was on the Greek Presidential guard has been there. 

``All the mules in the Holy Mountain would not be enough to carry the gold in the treasury of Vatopedi,'' one anonymous 16th- century pilgrim wrote in the guest book.

My friend confirms that nothing has changed in the modern era except that there is more.

Vatopedi monastery

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