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Covid 19 is not pneumonia, but venous and pulmonary thrombosis !!!

Posted by Conspiracy Cafe on January 20, 2021 at 10:35 PM

This information for all reasonable people-

Covid 19 is not pneumonia, but venous and pulmonary thrombosis !!! Only those who are financially interested in it promote the current model of the virus and vaccine! There is no virus on the surface! This is fantastic luck.

Coronavirus on surfaces is not viable. It is transmitted only by breathing. Yesterday, German researchers summarized the complex and costly research of coronavirus. Germans! Thank you very much !

The results of a study by the team of virologist Hendrik Streck from Heinsberg completely reversed the idea of transmitting a new coronavirus infection. After a thorough examination of the coronavirus COVID-19 infected homes in Heinsberg, where the epidemic began earlier than in other German cities and where there are many patients, the researchers concluded that there were no viable viruses on the surface - only non-viable ones.

Virologists from Hendrik Streck's team did not find the virus on the door handles, on the buttons of the flushing tanks or on the cats. Even in the houses where everyone was infected, there was not a single viable virus on the surface!

Infections most often occurred during dancing, at parties and celebrations with a large number of guests. According to Streck, it is impossible to get infected in a hairdressing salon, a supermarket, a clothing store and a virologist asks why supermarkets can work and hairdressing clothing stores should be closed. A serious diagnostic error has occurred worldwide in the fight against COVID-19. As Italian scientists have shown, it has been shown that pneumonia is not a terrible disease, but people die to a greater extent from diffuse venous thrombosis (thrombosis).

In this regard, there has been an urgent change in the protocols for the treatment of coronavirus patients in Italy. Anticoagulants have been used along with antibiotics, antivirals and anti-inflammatory drugs. According to information from Italian pathologists, ventilators and intensive care units were not needed.

As if to confirm the conclusions of Italian doctors, an impressive case is documented in the USA, where the whole family was treated at home. The treatment consisted of three 500 mg tablets of aspirin dissolved in a hot drink of heated lemon juice and honey. The next morning the whole family woke up and had no symptoms !!!

A medical researcher from Italy: "Through 50 autopsies of deaths from COVID-19, pathologists have found that it is not exactly pneumonia because the virus not only kills lung cells but also provokes endothelial vascular thrombosis. As with diffuse vascular thrombosis, the lung is primarily affected because it is the most inflammatory, but there is also a stroke and many other thromboembolic diseases.

In fact, protocols have shown the futility of antivirals alone without the use of anticoagulant and anti-inflammatory therapies. If the Chinese used aspirin, a blood thinner (usually prescribed for the elderly to prevent thrombosis) and invested in home care, along with conventional anti-inflammatory treatment, they would save the lives of many affected people around the world without the need for intensive care !!!

An Italian pathologist also said that 50 autopsies were performed at a hospital in Bergamo, 20 in Milan (the Italian autopsy series is the highest in the world) and only 3 deaths were opened in China. And these autopsies appear to fully support the information that coronavirus causes diffuse thrombosis in blood vessels. "That's why it's not pneumonia, it's pulmonary thrombosis." There is a very big difference between them, which means that we are talking about a serious diagnostic error, as a result of which we have doubled the number of recovery places in intensive care units with unnecessarily high costs.

"Later, we have to reconsider these chest X-rays, which were discussed a lot of clots in the veins a month ago, and yet they were diagnosed with interstitial pneumonia. In fact, it may fully correspond to metastatic vascular thrombosis.

Treatment in the intensive care unit does not make sense unless thromboembolism is first treated and resolved. If we ventilate the lungs that do not have blood flow, it will be of no use; in fact, nine (9) out of ten (10) patients will die. Because the problem is cardiovascular, not respiratory. The mortality rate is determined by venous thromboembolism, not pneumonia, as diagnosed by Chinese doctors.

Why do blood clots form? Inflammation causes great tissue damage, creating an environment conducive to clot formation, which in turn causes the respiratory system to collapse due to blood vessel clotting and blood loss, because the main problem is not the virus but a hyperimmune reaction that destroys the cell the virus has entered.

Based on numerous analyzes and accurate autopsies of a number of deaths from the virus, as well as by modeling the behavior of the virus and its direct effect on human cells, we can conclude that death occurs due to blood clotting. In fact, patients with rheumatoid arthritis did not have to go to the intensive care unit because they are being treated with corticosteroids, a powerful anti-inflammatory agent. This is the main reason why the number of hospitalizations in Italy has decreased and the disease has become treatable at home. With this important OB.

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