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Posted by George Freund on March 13, 2019 at 9:50 AM

In the dark and shady world of world global domination the aircraft has been a popular option for taking care of business as the slang from the criminal underworld has coined. TCB - taking care of business means killing those who are a burden to the underworld. It is rather strange the airworthiness of the aircraft is called into question with no supporting evidence not even conjecture. 

Since the Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302 was carrying many people affiliated with One Planet Summit in Nairobi, Kenya. The creme de la creme of the one world environmentalist globalists were plotting and conspiring to seize power universally in their alleged crisis that loosens the purse strings of nations, companies, charities and citizens of the world. However, they seem to ply their trade with relative ease everywhere they go and haven't resorted to fighting over the rapidly expanding pool of loot. 

The UN had 19 one worlders aboard the aircraft representing many facets of the tightening noose of one world oppression. The staffers worked for the World Food Programme, the Office of the High Commissioner on Refugees, the International Telecommunications Union, the Food and Agriculture Organization, International Organization for Migration in South Sudan, World Bank and UN Assistance Mission in Somalia, and the UN Office in Nairobi.

Any one of these programs could provide quite the nestegg for offshoring the wealth of the world into niche little banking empires. It pretty much goes to reason the consolidation of power and wealth is the real reason for the environmental crises and movements. 

The movement of refugees was another focal group. Migration is a buzzword for invasion of western nations in the last few years. Considering a large majority seem to be young, fit males of military age; that seems to be a reasonable surmise. Among that lot was Jessica Hyba of Canada. Anne-Katrin Feigl was a staff member of the International Organization for Migration (IOM). Jackson Musoni was a UN High Commissioner for Refugees staff member. Jackson Musoni was a UN High Commissioner for Refugees staff member. Nadia Adam Abaker Ali worked for the UN High Commissioner for Refugees. They have it down to a science really. It wouldn't stretch the reality curve for defensive action for the continent to include a little TCB.

Then there's a common thread from other deaths like Paul Walker's - Haiti. Matt Vecere was devoted to the people of that devastated nation. There are allegations the funding has experienced much evaporation. Should that be a surprise with two former presidents looking after much of the funding. Tamirat Mulu Demessie an Ethopian afiliated with Save the Children was killed as well. Save the Children was an early benefactor of The Clinton Foundation. Chinese national, Jin Yetao, was working for the Belt and Road Initiative. That's the yellow brick road to domination by the way at least for China. Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was a very avid supporter.

Max Thabiso Edkins worked as a communications officer for the World Bank. The Clinton Foundation has been fundamental in advising same on contracts. Four executives for Catholic Relief Services which has been embroiled with the Clinton Foundation in Haiti were also died in the crash. They were Ethiopians Sara Chalachew, Getnet Alemayehu, Sintayehu Aymeku and Mulusew Alemu. Maria Pilar Buzzetti of the World Food Program was also aboard. The Clinton Foundation is heavily involved with the program with this being an Italian pilot project

Former Secretary General Hussein Swaleh is threatening to go to court next week and is putting blame on the Electoral Board

There are many avenues to the investigation that could imply some person or persons were retired from service to a criminal enterprise. One of the most tenuous was the death of former Kenya Football Federation (KFF) Secretary General Hussein Swaleh. The diversion of funds with the FIFA scandals not that long ago involved vast sums of money. Before that it was much worse and Mr. Swaleh was at the center of it. There were court proceedings as well. Mr. Swaleh was very concerned about the coming elections for the Football Kenya Federation. He was threatening to go to court over the matter. The eerie thing is the web was cleansed of this story. I retrieved a cached version

A top view of the MAX 8 showing double overwing exits

The chance to eliminate critical people under the guise of a mass casualty event is as old as the hills. It could very well be that the plane is being set up as the patsy. Generally it has been the pilot. We have laid out some possible motives. There may be many more avenues to explore. However, one thing is clear from these types of events. Dead men tell no tales. 

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