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Fahrelnissa Zeid's 118th Birthday Google Doodle

Posted by Conspiracy Cafe on January 7, 2019 at 10:30 AM

Fahrelnissa Zeid was an accomplished abstract artist born this day in 1901on Büyükada Island near Istanbul. It was part of the Ottoman Empire at that time. She married into the Hashemites royal family of Iraq, Syria and Hejaz. Ironically the Kingdom of Hejaz merged into the House of Saud. The Hashamites were conquered by them. Their ancestor was Hashim ibn Abd Manaf the  great-grandfather of the Islamic prophet, Muhammad. Hashim means pulverizer in Arabic. It was meant to crush bread into the soup of pilgrims to Mecca a role the family played as they ruled Mecca to the 10th century. Hashim also meant to feed the starving. 


Prince and Princess Zeid Al-Hussein with their children Princess Shirin and Prince Raad, in Baghdad (1938)

It is glowing obvious that the doodle encodes serious issues to arise in the Middle East surrounding Syria, Iraq and Turkey and Saidi Arabia. War and conflict resulting in mass hunger will not be unexpected. Fahrelnissa gave birth to two princes and the family rules in Jordan. One of the princes died in Paris ironically. A terrible place for royal families under duress. Their's was no different. 

Call to prayer: We should pray for deliverance. 

Fahrelnissa was a divorcee as well. Her first husband was novelist İzzet Melih Devrim. They had three children the eldest of which died of Scarlett Fever. They divorced in 1934. Her Ottoman family was elitist. Her brother shot their father too. 

Prince Zeid bin Hussein was a military officer in WWI. T. E. Lawrence (of Arabia) suggested he rule a truncated kingdom including Syria. He was ambassador to Germany and Ankara in the 1930's. He returned to Iraq in 1938 where Fahrelnissa became depressed preferring to travel to Paris, Budapest, and Istanbul. 

In the 1940's Fahrelnissa advanced her painting career. One show in London was attended by the Queen Mother. The Octopus of Triton and Sargasso Sea were two of her revered pieces. 

The Sargasso Sea in the North Atlantic is bounded by the Gulf Stream on the west, the North Atlantic Current on the north, the Canary Current on the east, and the North Equatorial Current on the south.

The Sargasso Sea is the zone where the ocean currents merge. It is also the location of any future battlefield in any future world war. Russian submarines would be expected to launch from within it. Standing NATO Maritime Group One (SNMG1) is tasked with keeping the area clear. The currents symbolize opposing forces of course. Triton is the god of the sea in mythology. He is the messenger. He carries the Trident. The USS Triton was a nuclear submarine. Triton is also a submarine company for small craft. The god Triton carried a trident which is the name of the ballistic missile carried by both US and British submarines

The mutilated corpses of Prince 'Abd al-Ilah of Hejaz (left) and Prime Minister Nuri al-Said (right). Arabic text: "Prince 'Abd al-Ilah hung and cut up by shawerma knives, Pasha Nuri al-Said pulled around."

Wisely Princess Fahrelnissa advised her husband no to return to Baghdad as regent while King Faisal II went on vacation. On 14 July 1958 there was a military coup and the entire royal family was murdered. They sheltered in the London embassy. It doesn't hurt to know the Queen Mother as long as your name isn't Diana. I imagine they were tipped off. The ruthlessness of the event is graphically displayed above. This establishes the Princess as a harbinger of dire consequences. At this point we can say violent overthrows and wars. 

Büyükada is part of the Princes' Islands group. They are off the coast of Istanbul at a very strategic location at the Sea of Marmara which separates the Black Sea and the Aegean Sea. This is the focal point where the Russian Navy must traverse to the Mediterranean. The islands are not exactly the cork in the bottle, but they are adjacent the neck. In mythology a storm on this sea brought the argonauts back to the island from whence they came where a battle killed King Cyzicus of the Dolionians. The area comprises modern Turkey. It was either Jason or Heracles that killed him. So will Recep Tayyip Erdoğan be the king? Will he send a force away with gifts and atack them on their return? 

Princess Zeid's Submarine World

The octopus in reference to Triton is generally understood to be a sea monster of great evil and power. Paul Allen's personal submarine was named Octopus.  Great monsters are on the loose both human and machine. Coded in the matrix is Google's ideation of the future. A bit of revelation prepares us to change the currants in the Sargasso Sea. 

Fahrelnisa appears like a dimensional rift in the sky.

The Doorway of the Dead bears an anatomy lesson in female genitalia.

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