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Train carrying Republicans including Jeff Flake and Paul Ryan to a retreat hits a garbage truck

Posted by Conspiracy Cafe on February 1, 2018 at 1:55 PM

Above, an aerial view of the crash scene on Wednesday near Crozet, Virginia

A chartered Amtrak train carrying Republican lawmakers to their annual retreat crashed into a truck stopped on the tracks on Wednesday in Virginia

One of the three people inside the truck died while the other two were injured

None of the lawmakers on the train were seriously injured

But Rep. Jason Lewis suffered a concussion and was among five people taken to the hospital

The group was headed to the Greenbrier Hotel in West Virginia

President Trump is slated to speak at the event tomorrow

The president said at an afternoon meeting that House Speaker Ryan had briefed him on the situation and said the Congressmen on board were 'doing pretty good'

Organizers said the event will go on with a few changes to the schedule, including a moment of prayer

The crash caused serious damage for the forward engine of the train, pictured above in a picture posted to Twitter

A train hauling Republican lawmakers to their annual retreat in West Virginia slammed into a truck hauling garbage that had stopped on the track Wednesday - leaving one dead.

The impact crunched the front of the train's engine, smashed the truck, and left one truck passenger dead and at least five hospitalized - including Rep. Jason Lewis of Minnesota who suffered a concussion.

University of Virginia Health System tweeted just after 1pm that one of the patients was in critical condition while the others were still being evaluated.

Amtrak said three of the injured were passengers and and two were crew.

Sen. Jeff Flake (Arizona) was among the many lawmakers who sprang into action to tend to the injured after the accident, helping carry one man on a stretcher.


Flake is seen again on the far right surveying the scene after the crash on Wednesday

A lot of peaople are reading far more into this than we can see from the observable facts. If this was an orchestrated assault on the GOP stopping the train would be the first step. However, as we can see when they disembarked they would be vulnerable to assault. They weren't. So it is highly unlikely that that was the case. Yes they were going to Greenbrier, but it has been deactivated as a continuity of government site for many long years after it became public knowledge in 1992. However, many alternative media don't do the task as an affair of the heart like myself. They do it to make money. The more wild the story, the more tune in or turn on. In that regard they are no different than MSM. The GOP were on an R & R sojourn and hit a truck a guy left on the tracks. At best the driver did it on purpose. The rest is more than likely a fairy tale. 

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