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Posted by George Freund on July 17, 2016 at 8:20 AM

In military parlance a lost nuclear weapon is called a broken arrow. An inventory of such weapons being held hostage by Turkey may not have acquired a name as of yet, but they are under threat. There is an extreme destabilization occurring in Turkey with the recent 'coup.' However, it may well have been a feint. Turkey is a rogue nation as well as a NATO ally. It is deploying a subversive army under the guise of a refugee crisis into the heart of Europe and the establishment of training camps in the U.S. It is arming and supplying the terror network ISIS. It is laundering their money in an oil exchange program. It has provoked Russia with war. Now they have surrounded the air base at Incirlik and cut off the power to the base. That last part implies the actions are hostile and a form of siege has begun. The United States stores tactical nuclear weapons at that base. They are at risk of seizure by the rogue state. The operation will also cause the bombing of ISIS to cease. 

Turkey has been operating a nuclear weapons program under the radar for years. It is not an issue to report because they are part of the larger New World Order plot unlike Iran which acts as cover for the operation. Other nations have nuclear programs as well. Our scare mongers have been warning us since the Bush junta days that extremists would acquire a nuclear weapon and use it on the United States. You will remember the notorious Minot Barksdale transfer I trust. Dick Cheney was close to getting his wish of having a nuclear 9/11.

The Obamamites are more committed false flag actors. Bush had to contract out 9/11 to the Saudis. Obama has greased the wheels to place tactical nuclear weapons on the doorstep of ISIS without the risk of prying eyes. It is estimated that Incirlik has 50 B-61 nuclear weapons on site. That would give President Erdogan a sizable advantage as a superpower in the Middle East and quite an inventory to resist Russian 'aggression.'

It is my considered opinion that ISIS is more than a proxy army. It is the army of the fast approaching anti-Christ force that will take dominion of the planet Earth in the all encompassing Caliphate. Many western leaders have converted to the cause with the most notable being the Grand Mufti in Chief Barack Obama. He has placed a radical fifth column in his administration. No one has had the guts to call him out save and except the few in alternative media. Now w stand at a crossroads. Will the ultimate weapon fall into the hands of the Caliphate? Will those weapons be used as a bargaining chip or more? I would expect the nuclear false flag is still near the top of the list, but 50 weapons even small ones could decimate Europe and cause Russia to seriously reflect upon a conflict with Turkey. However, when the line in the sand is crossed, I should expect the consequences to be devastating. We should find our soon. The restoration of the power to the base would be a good sign. An extended siege a bad one. Keep your faith, and be prepared. 

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