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Marionetten - Xavier Naidoo

Xavier Naidoos "Marionetten"-Song

"Das mag missverständlich gewesen sein"

Xavier Naidoo äußert sich nun erstmals zu seinem kontroversen Song "Marionetten". Es handele sich um eine "zugespitzte Zustandsbeschreibung", sagt der Sänger nach einem Krisentreffen mit dem Mannheimer Oberbürgermeister.

Xavier Naidoos "Marionette" song

"That may have been misleading"

Xavier Naidoo is now expressing his controversial song "Marionetten" for the first time. It is a "pointed state description," says the singer after a crisis meeting with the Lord Mayor of Mannheim.

A little protest song from The Fatherland. It's not like the old love song I'm your puppet. It's a voice to say we're not the government's puppets. 

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