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Preparing for WAR? US Air Force successfully test drops NUCLEAR gravity bomb

THE United States has successfully test dropped a nuclear gravity bomb.

By Tom Evans / Published 15th April 2017

Just a day after Donald Trump unleashed "The Mother of All Bombs", the US National Nuclear Security Administration announced the successful field test in Nevada.

The device dropped was a modernised gravity nuclear bomb.

The NNSA and the US Air Force completed the first qualification flight test of the B61-12 gravity nuclear bomb at the Tonopah Test Range.

It comes as war tensions reach boiling point in North Korea – with another nuclear test expected this weekend.

DROPPED: The US has tested a nuclear gravity bomb

The test was intended to evaluate the weapon’s “non-nuclear functions” and the capability of the F-16 fighter to successfully deploy the bomb.

An F-16 fighter from Nellis Air Force Base dropped the “non-nuclear test assembly".

The B61-12 is a modernised version of the B61 gravity bomb – the mainstay of the Air Force’s nuclear arsenal.

Paul Waugh claimed the test will "ensure the future for bombers and dual-capable aircraft supporting NATO".

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