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Lassie is a 2005 British-American-French-Irish adventure comedy-drama film based on Eric Knight's 1940 novel Lassie Come-Home about the profound bond between Joe Carraclough and his rough collie, Lassie. The film was directed, written, and co-produced by Charles Sturridge and is a production of Samuel Goldwyn Films. The film stars Jonathan Mason and was distributed by Roadside Attractions and released in the UK on 16 December 2005. Filming took place in Scotland, Ireland and the Isle of Man. The supporting cast features Peter O'Toole, Samantha Morton, Peter Dinklage, Edward Fox, and John Lynch. The film was generally reviewed positively by critics, but performed poorly at the box office.


Sam Carraclough, a miner who struggles to earn enough money to feed his family, sells the family's collie, Lassie, to the Duke of Rudling, whose granddaughter loves the dog, leaving his young son, Joe heartbroken over the loss of his canine companion. The Duke's servant, Hynes, who scares the dog, which keeps coming back so the Carracloughs have to keep return her, and Hynes blames the boy. During the holiday season, the duke goes to his Scottish highlands, taking Lassie with them. But when Lassie escapes and goes on a 500-mile long journey to get home.

During the WW1 Sam Carraclough enlists himself to support his family. During her journey, she dodges dog catchers and is taken by a circus performer (Peter Dinklage) and befriends his small dog. Later, after they are attacked by some men, which kill the small dog, an angered performer and Lassie chase the men away.

Lassie then leaves and reaches home on Christmas Day and faints outside the church in which the family is in. When the mass was over, the family found Lassie nearly dead and they take her home, the veterinarian told the family that Lassie might not survive. When Hynes hears that Lassie has been found, he accompanied by police officers, go to the house and take Lassie and the family to the Duke's local estate, the duke lets the family keep Lassie by denying that it is his dog and fires Hynes. After Lassie recovers, the duke offers a job to Sam and his wife and a new house. The duke's granddaughter visits the family in their new house and sees Lassie's puppies. She and Joe play with puppies and the movie ends.

The economic news was not good when the mine closed. Immediately large segments of the work force are deprived of making a living. Don't think it can't happen again and soon. The main moral of the film is to stick together through thick and thin. Don't get suckered into war. Recognize that money doesn't override love. The dog understands because she hasn't taken the financial bait. Men are driven to crime. They seemed to enjoy it so. It shows the reality of life too well. Be on your guard and fight back as necessary in order to persevere. 

The bonds between us are not meant to be broken. They are meant to be strengthened. 

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