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Celebrating the Garden Gnome! Google Doodle

On June 10, 2018 Google celebrated the Garden Gnome with an interactive doodle whereby a garden gnome could be tossed over a great distance to 'plant' flowers along a garden path. The gnome originated in Germany and was exported all over the world. However, what is the significance of the garden gnome? I see this doodle as an allegory of the migrant crisis. Germany has taken in a vast number of gnomes and may well have reached the point where they can be inserted into other countries for a little covert action until the day of destiny when nations are overwhelmed by the numbers of them.

The M/V Aquarius is stuck in limbo at this time because the new Italian government won't take in more invaders. The bulk of the migrants are young men of military age. They are a passive army of occupation waiting for the order to turn on the hapless Europeans and lay them to waste for their stupidity. Of course, we are entering the age of Aquarius, and he is pouring forth his seed upon an unsuspecting world. 

An interesting avenue opens with the philosophy of Paracelsus who opined that the gnomes were the guardians of the inner earth. There is a mystery force controlling world leaders. Some believe it is alien in nature. Some believe it is subterranean. Either way the only certain thing is our leaders are complicitous. They are organizing us for occupation. The migrants are the manipulated earth army to give numbers and credence to plan. Another facet of the assault is in the intellectually based spirit philosophy of light and energy conquering the mind to either at the very least remove many knowledgeable humans from actively resisting or worse creating a hive mind for demon spirits to occupy. You may have encountered these sorts of philosophies. They have the effect of stimulating the brain much like the CIA mind control experiments using LSD, but this time without a drug. The illusion of a higher power seduces the victim wholly and completely into serving the dark side for Satan is an angel of light. 

In the above illustration we see Paracelsus in the 1567 "Rosicrucian" portrait. The Rosicrucian were a cult who understood the various light energies that exist on the fringes of our dimensional realm. There appear to be two distinct variations. One represents what are generally described as good light the Christ light. The other is distinctly evil and manipulative as the Satanic. The dividing line is quite fluid because Satan masquerades as an angel of light. Therefore we must be wary of the wolf in sheep's clothing for it is in the idea of disguise or mask that he camouflages his power best. The organizers of the migrant crisis fill the bill rather well here. 

Paracelsus was a physician. He was an early proponent of germ theory even though they were something unseen in his day. Irrigating and cleansing wounds were the key to survival. Irrigating and cleansing our world from unseen Satanic influences bears merit here. He was pathfinder in the use of herbal healing agents that included camphor oil and wormwood. The great scourge from his day was the dreaded disease Syphilis brought from the West Indies. It, too, was an invader. The mainstream orthodoxy treated it a certain wood imported by the banking house of Fugger. His use of mercury in small doses was scoffed at. The medical mafia at the time was interested in making money not curing the disease. 

Paracelsus believed in Hermeticism a stasis between man and his environment. He believed the various plants that looked like body parts were meant to heal them. He believed certain poisons caused disease and minute amounts would remove it from the body. He believed there was a Psychosomatic element to disease as well. In fact that could be carried further to the point power can write the programming for existence. Of course by understand this, we can rewrite or edit it to be more malleable. We can even more effectively turn away from the spin factories leading us astray. 

Paracelsus was a prophet as well in End Times biblical interpretation. He predicted his generation great calamities just as I do by interpreting the Google doodles. These interpretations are written to turn us away from the collision course of destiny orchestrated by the dark side. Carl Jung the noted psychiatrist studied Paracelsus extensively. Paracelsus was Swiss from the heart of the banking world Basel. He served the banking empire of Venice in their wars as a physician. However, he believed in the roots of the German Peasants' War. That shows the popular revolt against the elites will bear fruit as populist governments are elected and the cabals that undermine nations and peoples are relegated to stone and made ineffective in word and deed. The great revelation starts with the liberation of the mind to see the true light of God and creation. That returns us to the Garden and exposes the gnomes for what they truly are an invading army. They can further represent the post migrant army of AI because after they achieve the ground their usefulness will conclude and they'll be retired to fertilize the garden they thought they captured. 

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