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A brilliant cast. A brilliant film. It is probably closer to the truth than the events that inspired it. 


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Brass Target is a 1978 American post-World War II suspense film, based on the novel The Algonquin Project by Frederick Nolan, that was produced by Berle Adams & Arthur Lewis and directed by John Hough. It stars Sophia Loren, John Cassavetes, Robert Vaughn, George Kennedy, Patrick McGoohan, and Max von Sydow.

Brass Target revolves around the actual historical event of Gen. George S. Patton's German automobile crash that later proved fatal. The film suggests it was not an accident but a conspiracy.


In Europe, days after VE Day, General Patton (Kennedy), orders that gold reserves held by the former Reichsbank be transported to Frankfurt, but before the shipment arrives in the city, the gold train is robbed and its 59 US Army MP guards are killed with poison gas in a railroad tunnel. A group of corrupt American officers, led by a colonel (Vaughn), is behind the crime. The investigation, started by Patton, initially leads to OSS Major Joe De Luca (Cassavetes). It seems the robbers used his plan from one of his wartime operations to steal the gold.

This prompts De Luca to start his own investigation. His first stop is to see his old wartime commander, Colonel Mike McCauley (McGoohan), who is now living in a requisitioned German castle. Meanwhile, as the investigation gets closer, the corrupt American officers hire Webber (Sydow), a professional assassin, to kill Patton in the hope of halting the inquiry.

Soon De Luca meets Mara (Loren), a former girlfriend, who can help him find the culprits. But before they can do that, they discover Webber is on their trail and also planning to kill Patton. The pair then race against time across war-ravaged Europe to save the general and catch the villainous officers. However, Webber, posing as an American soldier, kills General Patton in a staged traffic accident. At the precise moment an Army truck collides with Patton's car, Webber fires a rubber bullet, striking Patton and breaking his neck. De Luca, however, tracks down the assassin and kills him with his own weapon.

For further reference one of the best books on the subject. George Patton could have been the Donald Trump of his generation a politically incorrect president not under the control of the NWO. They murdered him for that too.

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