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The Americans: EP9 The Guerrillas

An amazing bit of history. It was the 100th anniversary of the Civil War. Many great actors had roles. Two brothers remain brothers through the ordeal. It shows the raw side of conflict. It is evil. It can be nothing else. A wise nation would never reopen such wounds over 150 years hence. This was the only complete episode I could find. There is more history linked with background below. 

The Americans is a 17-episode American drama television series that aired on NBC from January to May 1961. Set during the American Civil War, the series focuses on two brothers fighting on opposite sides of the conflict. Guest stars included Lee Marvin, Jack Elam, Brian Keith, Kathleen Crowley and Robert Redford, among many others.


The series was inspired by James Warner Bellah's 1953 novel The Valiant Virginians which was serialized in the Saturday Evening Post as Tales of the Valorous Virginians from May 9, 1953, through June 10, 1954. The novel is an arc of separate stories on the impact of the war on the young men fighting it. The series characters are Ben Canfield (United States of America) and Jeff Canfield (Confederate States of America).


The series was part of the United States' commemoration of the centennial of the beginning of the Civil War. It aired as a mid-season replacement[2] for the canceled western series, Riverboat, starring Darren McGavin and Noah Beery, Jr., broadcast in the 7:30–8:30 p.m. timeslot on Monday evenings.

Ben Canfield was played by Darryl Hickman, older brother of actor Dwayne Hickman; Richard Davalos played Jeff Canfield; Davalos had portrayed James Dean's character's brother in East of Eden. Hickman and Davalos were the only actors who appeared in every episode of the series. Most of the supporting cast appear in only a single episode though several actors played the same role in more than one episode:

John McIntire, just weeks prior to replacing Ward Bond on NBC's Wagon Train in the wake of Bond's sudden death, played Ben and Jeff's father, Pa Canfield.

John Doucette as Capt. Cardiff

Sandy Kenyon as Ritter

Slim Pickens as Johnson

Wynn Pearce as Bailey

Among the more well-known actors to appear in this series were the following:

Lee Marvin, Robert Redford, Jack Elam, Brian Keith, Robert Culp, Jack Lord, Michael Rennie, Nina Foch, Dan O'Herlihy, James Franciscus, Susan Oliver, Ray Walston, Lloyd Bochner, Dick York, Jackie Coogan, L.Q. Jones, and Carroll O'Connor.

Seventeen one-hour episodes were broadcast, although either twenty-one or twenty-six episodes were filmed. Episodes were written by, among others, John Gay (screenwriter for the film Run Silent Run Deep and of many television adaptions of literary classics), William D. Gordon (who also acted in at least one episode), Andy Lewis (writer of the movie Klute), Carey Wilber (writer of the Star Trek episode Space Seed), and Pat Falken Smith (head writer in the 1970s and 1980s for the soap operas Days of Our Lives and General Hospital). Music for the series was created by composers Bernard Herrmann and Hugo Friedhofer. Henry Steele Commager was the historical consultant.

A tie-in novel called The Americans, written by Donald Honig, was released in paperback by Popular Library publishers in 1961.

Episode 9: The Guerrillas (broadcast March 20, 1961)

A band of guerrillas lays siege to a town torn apart by the war.

Norman Alden ... Paine

Robert Culp ... Finletter

Cyril Delevanti ... Canfield

Berry Kroeger ... Keezer

Paul Lambert ... Hudson

Strother Martin ... Wadd

Sonya Wilde ... Caroline

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