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Well it's done. The NWO concluded a perfect diversion of talking points. The Rothschild agent was inserted on the throne of France in what can be dubbed another illusion as opposed to election. Christine Le Pen cried fowl. The votes were tampered with. A massive hack revealed the sordid details of Macron. French law prohibits their discussion. It is a fait accompli. The only talking point permitted is Comey was fired. Trump meets Lavrov. The details. The Russian angle is a false narrative. The real issue is the globalist infiltration of everything. Trump extends national emergency with Syria. Trump accuses Yates. Putin's on line jihad. Total Information CONTROL! Russian history interfering in elections for democrats. Coup d'etat. Kushner's cash for visas. Trump's ISIS Indonesia. The cabal Chabad. Trump's commercial. The coming Trump world tour. Kissing tyranny's ring. The Ferdinand Monoyer Google Doodle. War. Assassination. Fake news. Kurds getting U.S. arms. Anonymous warns Korean war. North Koreans test another missile possible EMP threat.

Russians head to sea for summer. Russians can take Baltics in two days. Genie oil the cause for Syrian war. Afghan army trucks in Iraq. Forces massing on Jordanian border with Syria. Soldiers fighting ISIS arrested. Lithuania builds wall. Latvian spy chief has laptop stolen. Close call with Russian fighter. Karzai says ISIS an American creation. Russian drill massive. Canadian bombs 'miss.' Russian officer beheaded in video. Amphibious landing drills in Pacific. U.S. tests Minuteman 3. Handford nuclear site collapse. Global computer virus strikes.

Macron Jesuit insider. Macron leaks stymied. Media threatened. Some smear. Americans accused. May calls election. Alternative doctors murdered. Dr. Juan Gonzales. It's called the 2nd Amendment. Sweet love coach suicide. HELP! German soldier arrested in false flag. Obama gets millions to pollute. Soros spies on Senator. Tokyo governor threatened with assassination. Collapse risk latter part of the year. Canadian banks downgraded. Chicago a gang wasteland. Baltimore a drug wasteland. Liberal preppers. Kushner to redo NAFTA. Say your prayers. Billionaires for president in the total slave state. Russia warns of massive quake. Independent reporter busted. On Conspiracy Cafe NEXT!


Posted by Conspiracy Cafe on May 15, 2017 at 10:14 PM 560 Views