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The Invaders is an American science fiction television program created by Larry Cohen that aired on ABC for two seasons, from January 10, 1967 to March 26, 1968. Dominic Frontiere, who had provided scores for Twelve O'Clock High and The Outer Limits, provided scores for The Invaders as well.

               Gene Hackman                                                Wayne Rogers

The series was a Quinn Martin Production (Season One was produced in association with the ABC Television Network - or as it was listed in the end credits, "The American Broadcasting Company Television Network").

7 "The Spores" October 17, 1967

Alien Courier Tom Jessup (Gene Hackman) and his comrade aliens have just taken delivery from a saucer of a briefcase containing something vital: spores. These experimental organisms, properly nourished, will grow into more resilient and better-adapted aliens able to tolerate life on Earth. On encountering a random police road-block the aliens panic and in the ensuing chase by sergeant Ernie Goldhaver(John Randolph), the aliens crash and Jessup manages to get free and hide the briefcase. As the sergeant arrives, two of the aliens vaporize in front of the sergeant and Jessup. Jessup is taken before police chief Mattson (Wayne Rogers) but denies all knowledge of anything whatsoever. Mattson, an alien, convinces Goldhaver that he was just imagining things.

As David Vincent comes to investigate the crash site, Jessup has just been there to recover the briefcase. Vincent sees him walking along and offers him a lift to a nearby diner. As Jessup makes a call, Vincent tries to take the briefcase but ends up in a fight with Jessup during which a barefoot girl and two young men run off with it. Jessup pursues in Vincent's car but they give him the slip. When the youths fail to open the briefcase they decide to return it, but as Jessup catches up with them, they bungle the handover and put the briefcase into another couple's car. The couple eventually manage to open it but are repulsed by the contents. They give it to some boys who, thinking they have 'seeds', plant them in a disused greenhouse. Meanwhile, Sergeant Goldhaver, suspecting his chief of being an alien, kills him in a scuffle. He is then even more convinced as to the alien's true nature so he goes with Vincent to find Jessup. Jessup catches up with the kids at the greenhouse, and Vincent and Goldhaver trap Jessup and some comrade aliens while the boys make a dash for their freedom. Vincent and Goldhaver destroy the greenhouse, the aliens and the spores in the suitcase. This is yet another major setback for the invaders.

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