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'' I Believe the Earth is Flat'' Donald Trump Says on CNN Interview. Watch The Video!!


He is quite correct. The experiments have been repressed for some time. They proved the earth is the center of the universe. It also proves we are in an Eden. JFK had flat earth maps on his Air Force One and his briefing room at the White House.

The Edge of The Earth Finally found (You wont believe what lies beyond) ;

President Kennedy's Air Force One. The flat earth map on the bulk head.

The alien crowd are a CIA disinformation apparatus designed to restrict truth and keep us in the dark. The Earth IS NOT planet. It is an Eden. It has a dome protecting us. It could be spaceship Earth or a terrarium, but it is not a spinning globe. If it where, you'd feel the 1,000 mph wind I assure you. Remember the lighthouses should never be seen if the curvature formula actually worked, but we exist on a diet of lies and have sown them deeply in our psyche.

Flat Earth Enlightenment From Lighthouses

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