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Snakes on planes change to ships on Conspiracy Cafe 2010-02f-11

A masterpiece from the That Channel archives of Feb. 11, 2010. The station gets a mysterious tip on a 'crate' being shipped to the Vancouver Olympics. We take the lead in shows following. Disaster was averted. A great feather in the conspiracy cap. The Cafe stops false flag terror in its tracks.


Subject: Norwegian Star

Date: Thu, 11 Feb 2010 12:04:30 -0800


For George Freund:

You might want to check out the Norwegian Star. She is an 1800 passenger cruise ship that was diverted at the last minute to be a floating hotel for security forces at the Olympics. The odd thing is she was brought here to Los Angeles, CA (where I work) and was tied up for four days waiting for "a crate to arrive", according to the crew. The crew was not eve allowed onboard while they were waiting - they had to stay in a local hotel which is where I ran into one of them.

An American official puts the 'gotchie' bomber on the Christmas paradise flight. There's a break in at the office of an American Senator who chairs the Homeland Security Committee. An American spy is arrested for it. Only the legion magazine reports this new Watergate scandal. The elite's secret sex caves exposed. The power plant explosion another twin towers. The Aussie flag raising codifies the Olympic plots. It's in the stars. The Norwegian Star leaves California with a suspicious 'crate' aboard. Destination Victoria B.C. near the Olympics. Snakes on planes change to ships on Conspiracy Cafe.


Attempted bombing of Flight 253: Terror Suspect Kept Visa to Avoid Tipping off Larger Investigation


Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab has a different face buying the ticket in Ghana.

Israeli Firm Blasted for Letting Would-be Plane Bomber Slip Through

Forced Vaccination Laws in Canada

Coded art from the Sistene Chapel

God is reaching out of our heads touching Jupiter fingers with us. God is in our head. God is quite literally in us. Go ahead and research the pineal gland. The mystery surrounding it and the possibility of its role when we die add huge evidence to my preliminary hypothesis. One of many preliminaries....

The All Seeing Eye is just one in a long list of commonly referenced eye symbols. The All Seeing Eye could be seen as another representation of the third eye or the Eye of Horus. Like the Tree of Life and Kundalini they could represent the same spiritual experience. Many have speculated that the Eye of Horus could represent the Pineal Gland which would be interesting and link the symbol to various other intertwining spiritual experienced

Obama Admin. Opposes 9/11 Health Funding

U.S. agrees to timetable for UN Gun Ban

SENATE BURGLARY: CIA Domestic Black-Op Team Arrested



Military Buildup? Israeli Warships on Way to Persian Gulf

US Gears Up for Olympic Security

John Murtha dies; longtime congressman was master of pork-barrel politics

Taleb: "Every Single Human Being" Should Short Treasuries

World bankers meet in Sydney as recovery fears intensify

2010 Connecticut power plant explosion

Olympic team defies order to take down flag

Of import here is the issue the kangaroo was placed on a BOMBER. The rights were owned by a criminal named BOND i.e. spy. The spy was a yachtsmen. The attack should come by the sea and involve explosives. The stars on the flag are the Southern Cross. In the constellation there are THREE Southern Crosses. The others are the Diamond Cross and the False Cross. Put your curser over the star chart and see the True Cross and the True pointers and the False pointers. Acrux is the brightest star. The other names imply things I'm sure.

Norwegian cruise ship and floating hotel cancelled for Olympics

'Stranded' ship here for refit

Scientist's disappearance a mystery to colleagues

Canadian Neutron Beam Centre

Billionaire sought secret lair for sex, drugs, complaint says

Aspartame's new name and the little known new nanotech product that drugs your tongue, unlabeled!

Senator McCain Files New Bill That Attacks Your Access to Supplements Bill Would Repeal Key Sections of the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act


In reverse speech Yes We Can is Thank you Satan.

DO THEY KNOW THEIR ABC'S? THE THREE BLOCKS ARE 666. (A = 1, B = 2, C = 3 total 6)

PERU: CIA, Military Trade Blame Over Missionary Plane Shootdown

CIA Involved in Shooting down Civilian Plane in Peru

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