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Pirates, Presidents & Agents of Oil on Conspiracy Café 2009-01j-14

WOW! That's all I can say. Avast maties we're going back in time to our January 14, 2009 masterpiece with Agent Lady Bug. It's hard to believe much of our material is so humorous and yet so sincere. We decry the up and coming Transnational Muslim Nation. Today you might call it a Caliphate.

On Conspiracy Cafe, we extolled an opinion that the Gaza conflict is a cash flow problem. We found Hamas was founded and funded from some major OPEC nations and Israel itself. In four months the middle east fiefdoms have lost trillions of dollars and are facing economic Armageddon. They have no choice but to pull their trump card Hamas. They may be using Hamas at the very least to antagonize the dragon; but in the global economy, the dragon must be heavily tied to the economies of the neighbouring nations even if it only entails accepting their deposits. 

Analysis: Hamas history tied to Israel

Analysis: A conflict with no name

Pirates get $3 million ransom delivered from the US military. Iranian ship released with Star Sirius. Davey Jones' locker gets new recruits. The truth behind the terrorism in Gaza. Oil nations and Israel supported Hamas. Has the invasion been to fix the price for oil? President Bush in with a bang, out with a drill. The Darwin list.

Israel warns Gaza of escalation

35 Bodies Found In Gaza Battle Zone

Gaza victims’ burns increase concern over phosphorus

The pale blue 155mm rounds are clearly marked with the designation M825A1, an American-made white phosphorus munition

Abyei town deserted following fresh clashes

Bush Admits Mistakes, Defends Presidency

Did Bush cause the financial crisis?

The Bush Legacy

Never vote for a man who belongs to a secret fraternity called Skull & Bones. Never vote for a man whose father is one of two men who couldn't remember where they were when President Kennedy was shot and was photographed near a certain school book depository. Never vote for a man whose grandfather (Prescott Bush) earned notoriety bankrolling a man named Hitler. Never vote for a man whose family had their assets confiscated under The Trading with the Enemy Act during a world war. Never trust mainstream media to tell you things because they won't. So who is responsible? We are because we are too lazy to do our own research. The media is responsible for controlling information and extolling propaganda. Our reward will be economic collapse and getting mired in a long protracted war that may escalate into a major regional conflict if not an outright world war. All the while the perpetrator shrugs his shoulders like any spoiled rich kid who never had to face up to anything daddy couldn't fix. But at least he was at the helm this time instead going AWOL from his National Guard unit in time of war. The Bush legacy will haunt the world for decades to come and it's our fault because we refused to exercise our duties forcing him and the Congress to uphold the shining light of the world the Constitution of the United States of America. May God forgive us for our errors and restore her as a nation of nations unequalled in reverence around the world.

Missing Nukes: Treason of the Highest Order

Somali pirates reportedly release Saudi tanker after ransom drop; 5 drown with their share of cash

US to lead new anti-pirate force

Obama-Bush Teams To Stage 'Disaster' Exercise

The Time Clock Has Run Out: Israel Ready to Strike Iran

Canadian trio set record for fastest Antarctic trek to pole

Canadians make 'fastest trek' to South Pole as Shackleton's descendants reach spot explorer abandoned trip

World's longest marine causeway to boost Bahrain's role as economic hub

Hamas: A Pale Image of the Jewish Irgun And Lehi Gangs

Protests over BART shooting turn violent


London Police Apologize for Shooting Innocent Man

Living on Zionist Time

Jet Assisted Take-Off

Training for the 3-block war

MacKay defends purchase of U.S.-made military vehicles

Biden and Karzai in Kabul meeting

Purohit told me about pilfering RDX: Army Capt

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