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This is a shot from the TV show I was on that never aired. We debated a fool on controlled demolition of the World Trade Center towers. We whipped his ass. They could never edit it enough to make him look good. There would be about five minutes or less. In one coup 'thegeorge' waltzed the fool into an information trap with his own words. He said it was impossible to pre-wire the buildings with enough explosives to bring it down. Then, later, he raised the issue of spontaneous detonation. I countered with then that would explain how pre-planted explosives could be set off. You wouldn't have to wire all of them to detonators. That was just one issue we won on. I guessed they thought we would be useful idiots to put up a fool's debate and allow the cover story to win the day. I realized then I had to do it my self. Even though the host was and still is a popular conspiracy media darling, he hid a great victory from his loyal viewers. I left with the conclusion if they do it for mainstream, it's lamestream. I'm sure the video was destroyed or buried in the national security archives. Your only hope is to change the channel. I don't water it down. I heat it up to the MAX!

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  • The Conspiracy Show with Richard Syrett
    by George Freund on June 23, 2017 at 9:26 PM
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    The Liberal World Order will use force just as any attempt at forming a world order has in the past. The 'love' crowd are openly calling for Donald Trump's demise. They hate that much. Scalise was fundamental in exposing pedogate ironically. The NY Times actually published the details of the baseball game and security arrangements for a would be assassin to note. Canada was the hive of activity in the American civil war. Confederate agents had a safe area to assail the North from here. It is no different today. Trudeau has a deep state war cabinet to deal with Trump. The RCMP invoked a rare clause in The Firearms Act to ban certain gun magazines secretly prior to the event as well. Did they know? Trudeau met Obama in Montreal prior to the event. A few years back I decoded that Washington attack on the Saudi Ambassador. They used a blue arrow as a cue. Trudeau and Obama sit underneath one. Trudeau's mentor billionaire Aga Khan is head of the sect that founded the assassins. Trump stands in the way of WW3. He must be removed at all costs. We have a rare opportunity to shape the destiny of the future. Should we fail there will be no future unless it is totally dystopian.

    Deep State determined to go to war with Russia

    Happy Fathers Day

    I never got to use all the material I prepared for the show, but it is here to entertain the concept of the vast left wing conspiracy.

    Richard Syrett's The Conspiracy Show this coming Sunday evening with one of the leading journalists in the alternative news genre Jon Rappoport of

    by George Freund on June 19, 2017 at 8:02 PM
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    Madman ambushes republican congressman at the old house ballgame. James T. Hodgkinson suspect. Two shooters? Was he an agent of the deep state? Democrats call for blood in the streets. Was there a pre-shooting meeting between Trudeau and Obama? The coded message was shoot the bull. Canada's war room for the deep state. It's not who you think. Clinton's cover for sex trafficker. Florida attorneys murdered in democrat's district. Harassing calls made from her telephone. Beranton Whisenant was a prosecutor looking into the vote fraud. Will they attempt to murder Steve Scalise in hospital? Trump sends White House doctor. Shooting tied to human trafficking. New York Times revealed location a security details. Rand Paul at the game. He's one of the few opposing the UN arms charter.

    Comey covered up domestic spying. Was he trying to blackmail Trump? Democratic elites above the law. Did Comey get immunity to spill the beans? Mueller should resign. Tainted evidence. Mueller leaking to the press. Comey had Clinton's backup server all along. Acting Director McCabe a democratic bagman too. It's a giant false flag to destroy the nation and lead to war. Watergate hardly.

    The Grenfell tower inferno.A human sacrifice? The numerology is in. It's tied to The Towering Inferno film. Both were born in 1974. U.S. deploys long range artillery to Syria. Syrian army encircles U.S. ISIS burns Yazidi women to death. Massive drills in the Baltic. Russian ships off Latvia. Saudi arms deal fake news. Chinese navy in league with EU Gulf of Aden. Visa overstays. Probing, searching TSA. Charities paying people smugglers. ICE raids net 100% Muslims. How Islam will conquer the U.S. Internment camp manual. Brits spy on us all. CIA in your router. MSM hosts AWOL. The mind eraser enzyme. Ontario codifies gender diversity. Disagree lose the kids. Chechen assassins.

    Venezuelan protests get violent. Central banks own the markets. Bail In Euro style. Spanish banks on the slippery slope. Commercial real estate asset bubble starting to bend. Boeing lays off goes Chinese. Carmageddon. Jim Rogers says it will be bad very, very bad. Europe starting to freak. The tech stock crumble. Yellowstone quake swarm. Climate change arctic mission stuck in severe ice. I thought the wicked witch said, I'm melting. They lied. Please make your checks payable to your favorite libtard. On Conspiracy Cafe Arise Sir Knight.


    by Conspiracy Cafe on June 12, 2017 at 12:09 PM
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    The power is in your hands. All you have to do is change the channel. Can people muster the courage to at least do that? Turn off the forces of the New World Order and select alternative voices. We are under Satanic attack. We all are. If you're on the side of truth, justice and the liberation of the human spirit; then you can expect it. Learn to identify it and revoke its effect. This is a primary facet of the spiritual warfare we will be faced with. Dr. Charles Stanley's Ministry has top notch sermons on this issue. Learn these techniques above all to prepare yourself to effectively reduce the liberal world order to dust.

    We don't need no stinking world order.

    There are protests across America. The Bilderberg scum meet. Designated Survivor reveals a code word. It's an inside plot. CIA whistleblowers. Trump's Russian connections. British elites dodge taxes. Climate change the hoax of the century. New human fossil revamps evolution. Jihadi orchestrators meet in Montreal. Middle East despots turn on Qatar. Was it the Kuwaiti bombing kept secret? Qatar on full alert. Beheading Kathy Griffin. More London terror. A hero. May was down in the polls. Calls to suspend the election. Hmm? Prime Minister built jihadi networks. Josephine Baker's 111th Birthday Google Doodle. Who else decoded terror attack locations that included London? Comey a diversion.

    Advanced training of prisoners for the Liberal World Order police state.

    Russians intercept B-52. Russia's prep for war. Russians order 30,000 rail cars for troops, puts fighters on alert, drills surface to air missiles. Sweden's NATO machination a threat to Russia. Defending the Suwalki Gap the biggest battle of WW3's Europe campaign. Learn it now because you'll be dead after it is over. Montenegro joins NATO. I thought alliances were a cause of war. Russia beefs up the north. ISIS a threat to Russia. Another B-52 run on Russia. 25,000 NATO troops set for Black Sea drills. Germans set up in Jordan. Is Syria in their sights? Russia tests cruise missiles. De-confliction zones. U.S. bombs Syria again. The Syrian cauldron. The target Deir ex-Zor a Christian site from ancient times. China building up forces world wide. Mattis slams North Korea. North Koreans die mysteriously in Moscow. Canada's war manifesto. Canada hard power from Libtards. Is it to fatten the offshore banks?

    The main event

    Reality Winner a loser. Kremlin hacked daily. 12 signs of collapse. Italy's banking crisis. Spain's banking crisis. Mexico on the ropes. 22% unemployment if the truth be told. Carmageddon. South Africa a step from junk bond status. Positioning for the crash. OZ manager says sell everything. Goldman Sachs feasts on Venezuela. Fighting in the streets, dying from the simple things. What liberals hate about America just about everything including themselves. A little Toronto terror. The 109 verses in the Qu'ran that say slay the infidel. I mean it'll one day be an Olympic sport. Kuwaitis hang sex offenders. At least something we can agree on. Justinian leaves loophole to arm jihadis. ISIS aka CIA behind Iran terror attack. Grenade thrown at U.S. embassy. Will you fight for your way of life or just let it be taken from you? On Conspiracy Cafe it's Infidel Radio.

    When it pops insurance


    by Conspiracy Cafe on June 2, 2017 at 9:08 AM
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    The Echo Chamber has sounded. There is heresy in the wind. The culprits include a former Australian tennis sensation Margaret Court who dared form an independent thought on the new human condition transgenderism. The Manchester bombing debacle. The deep information base. The open door and the intelligence chief. The usual suspects. The strategy of tension. The leak. The injured are not injured. The film not shown at 11. Known to authorities. Terrorize the terrorists. Trump's magical mystery tour. Trump and the procurer of children. The house of Kushner. Peace through superior blackmail. Russiagate? Comey leaked files to private parties. The Comey file. Trey Gowdy corners Brennan with the 'C' word. TV formed your opinions on Assad. The propaganda ban in the U.S. was repealed in 2013.

    Sean Hannity heretic. The dark state wages a mind jihad. The police state was always there. Democracy Now joins the echo chamber. Cleansing the media from the truth about Seth Rich. Panic in the corridors of power. Assange had the proof. Parties to Seth Rich tied to Podesta. Hmm? Alex Jones a CIA front? Venezuela goes hungry. Plunge Protection Team working. Did they save the market? Toronto's house bubble. Home Capital needs a loan. Pension fund fills the void. India's response to economic turmoil the AIIB. The monuments to slavery are the banks.

    Seal Team 6 waylayed in North Korea. USS Nimitz group heading to station. Kim develops new ant-air system. Americans test missile interceptor. Ottawa pundit says give ultimatum to Russia. It worked in 1914. Russian MP verifies a nuclear response. Why does ISIS not attack Israel? Russia suggests end of the unipolar world order. Putin discusses the master plan.Everything is in place. No one can stop us now. Pinky and the Brain world global domination. A Constitutional militia. Foreign influence in Canada's last election. Wi-Fi sees through walls. Li-Fi can listen. On Conspiracy Cafe the Echo Chamber.


    by Conspiracy Cafe on May 25, 2017 at 9:40 AM
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    The time is upon us. We are reaching a denouement again. Will there be another reprieve in the financial system? Money is more than the root of all evil. It is evil. We defile the earth for it. We sell our souls for it. A mysterious shadow hand has appeared in the wings of your host. Big Brother is hinting at the dangers of free and open speech. However, he may be doing the Lord's work to reposition for the coming collapse. That's the way it's been in the past.

    Do you want to war dance?

    Trump's magical mystery tour. To bow or not to bow. That is the question. His recent bombing of Syrian ground forces tell the tale. Permanent war in Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria. That is the question. The Saudi arms deal is the answer to pay homage. President Kushner's deal. The Russian mob probe. Like father, like son. Syrian peace deal fails. The 115th Anniversary of the Antikythera Mechanism Google Doodle. The key to the future. Ukraine's tactical missile launchers. Will Russia invade? Turks escort Russian ships. Latest Russian tanks at the border. Black Sea mission. Russia jets buzz frigate. Russia increases the northern nuclear option. Latest sortie lured NATO jets into intelligence web. Northern Korean missiles range. Practice raid would be war. Guam naval drill postponed. The secret wars. China can win in a phase zero war.

    New cryptic 9/11 photos. Pizzagate unraveling. Democrats backing off. Comey HSBC specialist. Lied to congress. unravels Seth Rich murder. The deep state coup. Anti-Trump media. CIA control over media. Russia's point of view. The Vault 7 release. The NSA tools. Macron the bankers' choice.Germany will be an Islamic republic. Your home is confiscated. Diversity has a purpose. Europe's suicide. Clinton's dark money. Farage warns EU. Australia still wants the guns. Canada wants UN markings. Elderly Swedish woman a xenophobe. BBC stalks commenters. Volcano alert a trial by fire? RCMP harass reporter. Theresa May's new internet.

    Hertz hurts. Retail implosion. S & P is FAANG. Italy's position bleak. Banco Popular on the skids. The derivative bomb. They're WMD's. The ECB's legacy. The Puerto Rico conspiracy. Carmageddon for Ford. The Dow plunge. Privatbank robbery. Cryptocurrencies. Silent weapons for quiet wars. Interview with genius hacker.


    by Conspiracy Cafe on May 15, 2017 at 10:14 PM
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    Well it's done. The NWO concluded a perfect diversion of talking points. The Rothschild agent was inserted on the throne of France in what can be dubbed another illusion as opposed to election. Christine Le Pen cried fowl. The votes were tampered with. A massive hack revealed the sordid details of Macron. French law prohibits their discussion. It is a fait accompli. The only talking point permitted is Comey was fired. Trump meets Lavrov. The details. The Russian angle is a false narrative. The real issue is the globalist infiltration of everything. Trump extends national emergency with Syria. Trump accuses Yates. Putin's on line jihad. Total Information CONTROL! Russian history interfering in elections for democrats. Coup d'etat. Kushner's cash for visas. Trump's ISIS Indonesia. The cabal Chabad. Trump's commercial. The coming Trump world tour. Kissing tyranny's ring. The Ferdinand Monoyer Google Doodle. War. Assassination. Fake news. Kurds getting U.S. arms. Anonymous warns Korean war. North Koreans test another missile possible EMP threat.

    Russians head to sea for summer. Russians can take Baltics in two days. Genie oil the cause for Syrian war. Afghan army trucks in Iraq. Forces massing on Jordanian border with Syria. Soldiers fighting ISIS arrested. Lithuania builds wall. Latvian spy chief has laptop stolen. Close call with Russian fighter. Karzai says ISIS an American creation. Russian drill massive. Canadian bombs 'miss.' Russian officer beheaded in video. Amphibious landing drills in Pacific. U.S. tests Minuteman 3. Handford nuclear site collapse. Global computer virus strikes.

    Macron Jesuit insider. Macron leaks stymied. Media threatened. Some smear. Americans accused. May calls election. Alternative doctors murdered. Dr. Juan Gonzales. It's called the 2nd Amendment. Sweet love coach suicide. HELP! German soldier arrested in false flag. Obama gets millions to pollute. Soros spies on Senator. Tokyo governor threatened with assassination. Collapse risk latter part of the year. Canadian banks downgraded. Chicago a gang wasteland. Baltimore a drug wasteland. Liberal preppers. Kushner to redo NAFTA. Say your prayers. Billionaires for president in the total slave state. Russia warns of massive quake. Independent reporter busted. On Conspiracy Cafe NEXT!


    by Conspiracy Cafe on May 7, 2017 at 5:37 AM
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    The liberal world order doesn't take NO for an answer. They will have their ORDER or they will destroy us all. They've had the goods on The Donald and were pressing him to carry out their dastardly deeds. There was talk of a FIRST STRIKE in the shadows of the West Wing. Everyone was a character from the renowned Dr. Strangelove. However, there's been talk of a PAUSE. Angela Merkel met Vladimir Putin in Soochi. Now the G20 might include a meeting between The Donald and Vladimir. It is a good step in the right direction. The Donald even softened the rhetoric on North Korea. However, the situation is still TENSE. Take the next step with us on Conspiracy Cafe.

    Aratta Ukrainian cradle of civilization.

    Washington plans first strike. Russian senator reacts to UK first strike quip. Russian general staff concerned about US attack. China prepares to counter THAAD. Russia deploys off shore nukes near US. Russia's hypersonic missile and countermeasures. Boots on the ground in Syria. Intelligence vets say no sarin attack. Russian attacks. Israeli attacks. De-escalation zones proposed. Russia holds aerospace drills. Cheap APP foils UK spy planes. Assad says Trump controlled by deep state. Nikki Haley one of them. Trump campaign funder nabbed for procuring children. Is that the file they have? Sterling Allan child rapist. Green Beret restored after attacking Afghan child abuser cop. Obama Trump both NWO deceivers. Russia makes peace with Japan. Ceasefire proposed in Syria. Pence spokesman for the war hawks.

    North Korean risks. Putin warns. Missile flop. Kim asks why Israel has nukes. Paraded weapons fakes. Trump's Korean gambit. Operation Gotham Shield. Russian intelligence ship sinks. New British subs. Trump back peddles on NAFTA, to break up BIG BANKS. Republicans fold in Congress. Reality is an illusion. Predictive programming works. The love formula. Rights come from God not government. Special forces soldier suicide. The bot war to control your mind. Eastwood's new film. London attack foiled. Ireland's Islamic threats. Female genital mutilation in Minnesota. Doctor who got Bin Laden still in custody. Macron threatens UK with migrant invasion. Le Pen advancing in the poles. May Day riots. U.S. economy worsens. Caring for the homeless a crime. Auto sales plunge. Puerto Rico bankrupt. Robots to get jobs. No political solution. Ecosystem gets personhood in law. America a police state NOW! Tenants from HELL! Beets the wonder food.


    by George Freund on April 26, 2017 at 10:15 PM
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    The NWO is on a proverbial march to Armageddon. By hook or by crook they will use any deceitful trick to get us to believe there is a great evil somewhere in the world that requires war escalating to nuclear conflict with Russia or China. We can avoid conflict by turning off main stream mass mind control media, but we're addicted. The voices in your head tell you to listen. We ask you to change the channel. It's a simple alternative.

    Twice around the park boy, and don't forget to bomb Syria after you shine my shoes.

    Gowdy's special investigators found tortured to death. Trey Gowdy under protection. Operation Gotham Shield puts nukes in drill. Obama back in Chicago. Australian investigative TV show Sunday Night takes on the Madeleine McCann case. Cave suggestion a diversion perhaps.Former RN officer murdered. Bataclan police officer murdered in Paris attack. Dyncorp general on pedo charges. Murdoch has the president's ear. Operation Toxic Dagger sarin gas for who? North Korea's parade. Sub launced missiles. Missile launch fails. Pyongyang evacuated. Arrows are out of the box. Are they even real? Was the nuclear program faked? Reasons not to attack. Brits arranged money and components for Kim's program. Trump tests nuke. Australia ready for China war. Strategies. Snowden says Trump bombed CIA bunker. Russia supporting Taliban. Russians drop MOAB on Syria. Russian ships reinforce. NATO can't defend Baltics. Trump backfired. Le Pen loses, blasts NATO. Corbyn designs no war policy.

    Gates meets Trump to promote vaccines. Google versus Infowars. Free speech fights. Trump under control. Soros versus the net. The Propaganda Machine, 2, 3. Wynne classic spin. Daily Mail pulls gas attack false flag warning. Trump war crime? Putin reveals next false flag, provides proof. 2013 false flag review. al-Assad's interview. Boots on the ground for Syria. The bomb run. Islamic prayer in Delaware legislature. Aleppo bombing. Muslims attack Easter parade in Seville. Swedes will ban cars before extremists. Venezuelan protests. Protest letter on radio frequancy radiation manipulation of the nervous system. Farage courier for Assange. Film writer shot on her African dream park. Knights Templar caves. Treasure 'hunters' after German war wreck. I saw the light phenomenon.

    Venezuelan protests


    by Conspiracy Cafe on April 15, 2017 at 9:54 AM
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    The Easter slaughter season begins with a bombing on a Coptic church in Egypt. Children's Aid removes children from Christian couple because they refuse to tell children the Easter Bunny is real. Vimy Ridge battle remembered. What have we learned? The Vatican's proxy army Islam and ISIS. White House committed to war. No proof. We launch missiles. Attack on anniversary of U.S. entry into WWI. Does the deep state have Trump? Was it a ruse? Was it the British? The 1899 Hague accords. The U.S. supported poison gas. Aerial bombing was banned. Blame shifting to the Saudis. Russia suspends agreement. Iran throws the shoe. Russia and Iran RED LINE. Boris Johnson orders Moscow out. Russians say NYET. Former UK ambassador says false flag. Ron Paul too. Others as well.

    Ivanka Trump implements Obama policy. Nouveau democrats in the West Wing. Fire Kushner. G7 timing for attack. Pentagon rogue. National Security Adviser McMaster type cast as Dr. Strangelove's Jack D. Ripper. Senators war dogs on TV. Bolivia reminds us of the Iraq war 'proof.' Further chemical attack. ISIS assualts U.S. forces in Syria. Russians drop thermite bombs. Did Russian air defense fail? Russian general held fire to prevent escalation. Passing the Buk. Aerospace weapons not used. Russian frigate to cover coast. Putin warns of another false flag in the works. Spicer gasses himself. Russia, Turkey hold joint naval drills. Jordan itching to fight. Russian special forces active in Crimea. Mobilization in Donetsk. Ukraine air defense drills. Lithuanians rehearse Russian invasion. Russian torpedo found on the beach. NATO looking for actors. Hmm? Russia's missile range. The S-500 system. China masses troops at Korean border on high alert. Translation faux pas Calvinus Roman Consul. Will the U.S. bomb? S. Korea tests missile.

    Duterte moves into South China Sea islands. U. S. drops MOAB on Afghanistan bunker. I feel it was a dress rehearsal for Korea. CIA Brennan spied on Trump team. Cellphone surveillance towers found in Ottawa. NATO does back woods drill in West Virginia. Massive cocaine seizure linked to Obama. He gets out of Dodge. Is he on the run? Fireball sighted off California coast. Will Trump return to torture? Swedish paper calls for truck ban. Swedish PM no going back to mass asylum. Russia rounds up suspects. G7 clashes. AIPAC convention not newsworthy I guess. San Bernadino school shooting domestic. 12 signs of the next subprime crisis. On Conspiracy Cafe we see the shadow in the west wing


    by Conspiracy Cafe on April 7, 2017 at 10:32 PM
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    We find the symbol for Atlantis is a ring of concentric circles. The same anomaly has been observed over CERN. Was the city designed after the anomaly? I believe it was. I believe they were the keepers of the gate. I believe they opened the portal to the other dimesion as CERN intends to later this year. Scientists have warned about creating a mini black hole or having matter and anti-matter coming into contact with each. Around 1140 B.C. an event called the cataclysm occurred. It activated many volcanoes and caused earthquakes and tsunamis. Atlantis disappeared and the Mediteranean basin was devastated. I see the symbol as a warning sign not to open the gate. The soldier guarding it in the original is no longer present. We must do it ourselves or face an extinction level event. God help us in this endeavor.

    Professor Richard Freund pointing out the stone with concentric circles that marks the gate to Atlantis. It is the CERN portal.


    Is CERN the portal to HELL? James the Just. Trudeau supports freedom of speech for ISIS. The five pillars of Islam indoctrination for NJ schools. Humans to become 'gods.' Robots do take jobs from humans. Russia's Syrian embassy shelled. The St. Petersburg bombing. The patsy. The photographic evidence says false flag. The Google Doodles revealed the target. Trump and the North Korea strike. If China won't...A broader war. North Korea's options, fires missile. Putin masses troops on Ukrainian border. Russia starts draft, includes The Crimea. Russia deploys more missiles in Kaliningrad, responds to U.S. drill. Canada designs to arm Ukraine. Ceasefire violated. Shelling to resume. The plot inside Russia. Color revolution history. Russian airborne drills in Belarus. Belarus closes Polish TV. Russia's new torpedo. Idlib chemical attack. SAS move on Raqqa. The CIA's false flag code. Blackwater Trump's back door to Russia. Deep state traitors.

    New investigation. Adam Schiff traitor. Dr. Phil exposes global pedophiles. Spy towers operating in Ottawa. Germany goes ORWELL! ECB flushes banks with cash. Italy on the skids. Bank panic. Pension crisis USA. The reset consequences. Canada's banks. Denmark could spark. Soros shorts the markets. The most profitable corporations. British migrant severely beaten. North to Alaska. Spanish MEP says war with Britain. Asteroid misses Earth. Health care for California. Queen Mary rusting to death. Soldiers of Odin in Toronto. Self defense gone right. Miracle filter turns salt water fresh. Radiation remedies. DOT to spy on your every move. 24 hour drone program for the UK. Congress sells you to the broadband industry. On Conspiracy Cafe we caution the Atlantis Stargate.


    by Conspiracy Cafe on March 29, 2017 at 9:57 PM
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    We explore the possibility that quantum computers may already be in action. They are claimed to have the ability to alter reality. There is talk at CERN that they have opened the door to a parallel dimension called Earth 2. There is communication occuring from the other side. What if the various factions attempting dominion of this Earth have these machines already affecting outcomes? The politicians talk about 'hacking,' but what if it's more than that?

    Ukraine bases ICBM's in Canada under the NATO umbrella. Are they nukes? Arrests in Russian protests. Armed infiltrators arrested in Belarus. Ukrainian munitions dump destroyed in explosion. U.S. bought 21 MIG's. Israel threatens to destroy Syria's air defenses. Putin cautions Israel. Israel stages bug out drill. Russian base in Kurdish Syria. UN warns of broader conflict in Libya. Saudi's massacre Somali refugees. Yemeni's fire ICBM at Saudi capital. Kim Jong-Un threatens U.S. North Korean missile alert. PLA expanding marines. Greek police intercept letter bombs. Turkey's new Holy War. CIA bugged all iphones. Spying whistle blower ignored by Congress. Breitbart told to stand down. Lynch handled FISA requests on Trump. Trump kills Climate Bill. THE HAMMER secret computer system. Democratic congresswoman calls Russian act of war. Why did Trump expose the wiretapping? Trump under surveillance since 2004. Fox pulls Napolitano. Breitbart, Infowars targeted with the Russians. What would Patrick Henry say? What would George Washington do?

    Electronics ban. Canada joins. Did Obama donate to the Muslim Brotherhood? Extreme violence art on Brussels' buildings. Khazir Khan exposed as a liar. John McCain traitor supreme. Henry Kissinger Public Enemy No. 1. Operation Indigo Skyfold. David Rockefeller passes. What they don't tell us. London terror false flag season begins. Press and members of parliament sequestered for safety or perhaps silence. Carnage. Tube station closed. They access the secret tunnels. TV identifies imprisoned terrorist. He was employed by British Telecom masters of the tunnel netherworld. Was it to remove GCHQ from the headlines? Code word London Bridge is Down used. The previous Thames drill. Did it allow the staging for the event? Cincinnati shootout. Couple beaten for ham on their pizza. BBC brings up Blasphemy Law. Muslims demand end to dog walking. German linguists question the Qu'ran's translation. Bulgarian migrant hunter gets helicopter gunship. Torontonians freak over army exercise.

    National debt $100 trillion. Sino American trade war looms. Stock relapse a warning to Trump. Retail cataclysm. Ancient maps tell of another time. On Conspiracy Cafe we enter by the D wave gate.

    by Conspiracy Cafe on March 19, 2017 at 10:09 PM
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    D.C. insiders out to get Trump. The plot. The media echo chamber. Fake News. Democrats meet Russians too. Obama's wiretap list. The money from the swamp. Trump goes Goldman Sachs. Trade war in the White House. Trump's secret drone war. National Intelligence Director a surveillance specialist. Saudi Prince comes to town. Conservative candidate exposes vote fraud. Trump's Nashville rally. Andrew Jackson's grave. Scoop Dogg shoots Trump. Are you ready for world war over hacking. NATO ships in Black Sea. Brits shore up Estonia. U.S. Army masses. Russian tanks forming up. Russian spy ship back on station. Is she controlling the mole missiles? Did Syria shoot down Israeli fighter? Syrian missile crashes in Jordan. Roger Stone whack attempt. Kolypto malware man caught. The Congressional IT leaks. Digital fingerprints left by al CIAda. Wikileaks stymies CIA. Canada's Foreign Minister's Nazi past.

    Charles Schumer enjoys a moment with the 'evil' Russians. Isn't this the way it should be as opposed to massing tanks.

    Nations return to saber rattling. Network revisited. Kiev blockades Russian banks. NATO battalions to Baltics. Black Sea confrontation. China warns of first strike. Seal infiltration for North Korea. Western mercs filter into Donbass. Russia in Libya, Egypt, teams up with CIA man. Water cut off in Lugansk. Chlorine at filtration plants targeted. Humanitarian crisis. Canada extends mission to Ukraine. NATO instructors orchestrate saboteurs. US to supply attack craft to Ukraine. Yanukovych charged with treason. Is Belarus next? Joint air defense test with Russia Belarus. Cooperation with Russia off. More U.S. troops for Syria. ISIS sets up checkpoints in Egypt. Putin verifies ISIS an Obama, Clinton initiative. Netanyahu demands summit with Putin. Former U.S. hostage says stop regime change. Canada cherry picks sanctions lists.

    Third of U.S. malls closed. Brazil and Venezuela in economic collapse. Fed rate increase attempt at implosion. The debt bomb. Fed's GDP forecast worst in years. Maybe the figures weren't massaged. The 100 year mortgage. Mortgages collateral for emergency loans. Canada sheds its gold. Deutsche Bank tries to stay alive. Mexico's liquidity crisis. This crash is worse. Canadian banks lie to customers. Exchange Stabilization Fund. Netherlands election. Obama's African birth certificate. Swedish migrants murder family and laugh. Chicago gangs steal weapons from train. Comey and HSBC a day at the money laundry. Knights Templar cave complex. German mall attack foiled. Russian businessmen killed in Ankara crash. Linwood Kaine busted for rioting. Mountain sized object moving across the Pacific. Mysterious anomaly heating the Pacific. Why you shouldn't live in California. Big city boat bug out. On Conspiracy Cafe we're at the CROSSROADS.


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