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  • 'NSA Slow Jam': Not-so-cool NSA agent co...
    by Conspiracy Cafe on July 26, 2017 at 11:28 AM
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    Brilliant satirical hip-hop adaptation to a current issue which is biting at the conscious of America, and a thorn in the side of the rest of the world.

    In these troubled times, this is what more music videos should shooting towards…

    Tap It: The NSA Slow Jam (featuring Goremy)

    Government surveillance never sounded so smooth.

    Song written and performed by Remy. Video produced by Meredith Bragg…

    by Conspiracy Cafe on July 26, 2017 at 8:38 AM
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    The fake news has us under its spell. Some of us are breaking silence. We see the world is at the crux of transformation. It involves a global government to be sure, but as we learned in the prior part Mad Science, the NWO has plans to create new life and merge the creation with artificial intelligence. So many are uninformed, and even more are dis-informed. We tap out the message and pray for positive results.

    Physics journal confirms controlled demolition of the WTC. Mystery man at Trump Tower meeting. Mike Pence is ready to assume the presidency. Ambassador Haley neocon. Canada donates to the Clinton Foundation. Is it money laundering 101? Putin carries mysterious red box to Valaam Monastery. Italy prepares 'nuclear' option on migrants. Hungary declares Soros an enemy of the state. If Hillary won? Trump ends arming Syrian rebels. Turkey reveals U.S. positions. UK slush fund for Syrian war. East Ukraine declared new country. China enters Baltic Sea. NATO's worries, creeping occupation of The Ukraine. Trump disses Ukraine. Nazi summer camp trains youth to kill and hate Russians. US subs ready in Black Sea. Military industrial complex profits. Trump wants to return Russian property. Qatar beats the blockade. Did UAE plant fake news story. India in South China Sea row, confrontation.

    American Statistical Association proves vote flip with Saunders and Wasserman-Schultz. Peter Smith suicide over Clinton E-Mails. Former Haitian official bites the bullet before inquiry. Shawn Lucas given lethal injection cocktail. Search for Canada's AVRO Arrow. America's financial destruction, gradually then suddenly. The great unwind. War on the petro dollar. Italy's Doom Loop. China holding commercial real estate together. Largest private equity fund collapse. VISA's war on cash. EU resistance. Chinese investor buys Grouse Mountain. Crypto currencies collapse. CSIS executives abuse staff. Imagine what they'll do to you with expanded powers. Evergreen State College: No whites allowed. Doublespeak the language of the left. Spanish banker suicide. Marine vet killed by police after benefits cut off. London's robbery epidemic. Australian woman executed by cop calling for help. Nazi trove found in Argentina. Hitler picture withheld. Was he alive? Winnie the Pooh banned in China 's cyberspace. On Conspiracy Cafe we're breaking silence.

    by Conspiracy Cafe on July 25, 2017 at 2:30 PM
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    "You can read between the lines" Paul Joseph Watson | - JULY 24, 2017

    An evangelical pastor claims he met with a senior Republican Congressman who told him of a plot to “remove Trump suddenly from office”.

    During an appearance on Revival Ministries International, Rodney Howard-Browne said he spent three hours “from 9:30 in the evening until 12:30am with one of the senior ranking members of Congress”.

    The pastor said he related the same story on the CBN network but “they cut it out” and that he had decided “to go public with this because we have to.”

    “He said there is a plot on Capitol Hill to take the president out, I said you mean by impeachment or by indictment – he said no, to take him out, he will be removed suddenly from office,” said Howard-Browne, before adding, “you can read between the lines”.

    The Congressman, who the pastor revealed had been in office since 1996, went on to tell Howard-Browne “there’s nothing we can do to stop it.”

    Pastor Howard-Browne said the deep state had “started a war” against Trump because he has been more amenable to the evangelical community than any previous president stretching as far back as Reagan, and were trying to “set the president up in every way”.

    The South African pastor called for people around the world to “pray around the clock for the protection of the president”.

    Howard-Browne was responsible for taking the photo of pastors laying their hands on President Donald Trump and praying over him in the Oval Office earlier this month, an image that went viral.

    Howard-Browne is seen standing behind Trump in the image below.

    We have reported multiple times on how the deep state and the mainstream media is pushing to de-legitimize Trump and how this could inspire fringe extremists to act out violently.

    If what the Congressman told Howard-Browne is true, it would appear that the deep state is frustrated with how slow the Russia-collusion investigation is proceeding and may be prepared to take extreme measures.


    by Conspiracy Cafe on July 25, 2017 at 1:53 PM
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    Trump should absolutely fire Robert Mueller and have Comey, Brennan, Clapper and Mueller investigated for trying to foment an insurrection

    Chris Menahan | Information Liberation - JULY 25, 2017

    Fmr CIA Director John Brennan Calls For Coup If Trump Fires Robert Mueller

    Former CIA Director John Brennan said if President Trump orders special counsel Robert Mueller be fired “executive branch officials” have an “obligation” to “refuse to carry that out.”

    From Zero Hedge:

    “I think it’s the obligation of some executive branch officials to refuse to carry that out. I would just hope that this is not going to be a partisan issue. That Republicans, Democrats are going to see that the future of this government is at stake and something needs to be done for the good of the future,” Brennan told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer at the Aspen Security Forum, effectively calling for a coup against the president should Trump give the order to fire Mueller.

    Watch the exchange at 43:36:

    Brennan appeared alongside his former colleague, Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, and both men who served in the Obama administration, told Blitzer they have total confidence in Mueller. “Absolutely. It was an inspired choice- they don’t come any better, ” Brennan said adding that “If Mueller is fired, I hope our elected reps will stand up and say enough is enough.” Some have responded with questions where Brennan’s devotion to the Constitution was in the aftermath of the events in Benghazi.

    Falling back on his neocon roots, James Clapper, who has waged a long-running vendetta with Trump, once again warned about Russian interference in US affairs. When asked about the June 2016 meeting between Donald Trump Jr., Jared Kushner and Paul Manafort with a Russian lawyer and others, he responded: “I’m an old school, Cold War warrior and all that – so I have, there’s truth in advertising, great suspicions about the Russians and what they do. A lot of this to me had kind of the standard textbook tradecraft long deployed by Russians. It would have been a really good idea maybe to have vetted whoever they were meeting with.”

    Clapper was also asked about Trump’s comparison of the intelligence community to Nazi Germany. Clapper said he called the President-elect nine days before he left the Obama administration saying he “couldn’t let that reference pass” and it was an insult to him, CIA Director John Brennan and the workforce. “That was a terrible, insulting affront, not just to me or John, we get paid the big bucks, but I’m talking about the rank and file, men and women, patriots and intelligence community — that was completely inappropriate and over the top – I had to do something about it.”

    And so he did: on the call Clapper said Trump asked him to “to put out a statement rebutting the contents of the dossier which I couldn’t and wouldn’t do. It was kind of transactional” referring to a dossier that alleged ties between President Donald Trump’s campaign and Russia. It was not clear if he wouldn’t and couldn’t do it because the contents were legitimate, in his view, or because the dossier is what started the whole “Russian collusion” narrative in the first place. Curiously, Clapper saw it as a favor to Trump not to issue a statement: Clapper was asked by Blitzer why he didn’t put out a statement replying: “The whole point of the dossier by the way was we felt an obligation to warn him to alert him to the fact it was out there. That was the whole point.”

    It was not clear if James Comey, whose subsequent leak to the NYT led to the appointment of Mueller, would have applied the same reasoning when asked by Trump to rebut the dossier’s contents.

    For the record, John Brennan “was” an admitted communist who said he “froze” while applying for the CIA after being asked during a polygraph test if he had ever worked with or for a group “dedicated to overthrowing the United States.”

    He answered truthfully that he had.

    That apparently wasn’t enough to disqualify him from joining the CIA, and Obama chose him in 2013 to head the agency during his presidency.

    Now, once again, he’s dedicating himself to overthrowing our democratically elected president and is using his deep state connections to make it a reality.

    Trump should absolutely fire Robert Mueller and have Comey, Brennan, Clapper and Mueller investigated for trying to foment an insurrection.

  • In Search Of...S1 E02 Strange Visitors
    by Conspiracy Cafe on July 24, 2017 at 9:26 PM
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    In Search of... is a television series that was broadcast weekly from 1977 to 1982, devoted to mysterious phenomena. It was created after the success of three one-hour TV documentaries produced by creator Alan Landsburg: In Search of Ancient Astronauts in 1973 (based on the book Chariots of the Gods? by Erich von Däniken), In Search of Ancient Mysteries and The Outer Space Connection, both in 1975 (later adapted into popular paperbacks written by Landsburg). All three featured narration by Rod Serling, who was the initial choice to host the spin-off show. After Serling's death, Leonard Nimoy was selected to be the host.

    02 02 "Strange Visitors" - - - - - - April 24, 1977 703

    Strange Visitors: Was Oracle Chamber, which lies beneath New Hampshire's Mystery Hill, built by ancient Phoenicians who traveled to the continent thousands of years ago?

    America's Stonehenge is an archaeological site consisting of a number of large rocks and stone structures scattered around roughly 30 acres (120,000 m2) within the town of Salem, New Hampshire in the northeast United States. America's Stonehenge is open to the public for a fee. Part of a recreational area that includes snowshoe trails and an alpaca farm, it is a tourist attraction, with particular appeal to believers in New Age systems.

    A number of hypotheses exist as to the origin and purpose of the structures. One viewpoint is a mixture of land-use practices of local farmers in the 18th and 19th centuries and construction of structures by owner William Goodwin in the 1930s. Claims that the site has pre-Columbian European origins are regarded as controversial, possibly even pseudoarchaeological, or as the result of an early-20th century hoax. Archaeologist David Starbuck has said that "It is widely believed that Goodwin may have “created” much of what is visible at the site today".

    The site was first dubbed Mystery Hill by William Goodwin, an insurance executive who purchased the area in 1937. This was the official name of the site until 1982, when it was renamed "America's Stonehenge", a term coined in a news article in the early 1960s. The rebranding was an effort to separate it from roadside oddity sites and reinforce the idea that it is an ancient archaeological site. Although the area is named after Stonehenge in England, there is no cultural connection between the two.

    by Conspiracy Cafe on July 23, 2017 at 10:06 PM
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    The NWO is taking technology to limits of the Commandment.

    Exodus 20:4 King James Version (KJV)

    4 Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image, or any likeness of any thing that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth.

    This was never meant to mean pictures or statues. It means creating substitute life whether by cloning, altering the genome, or making cyborgs. They will advance at the speed of the predator. You must resist with greater energy than they can muster. Never before has mankind faced such a dilemma since Atlantis.

    Genesis 9

    8 Thus also said God to Noe, and to his sons with him,

    9 Behold I will establish my covenant with you, and with your seed after you:

    10 And with every living soul that is with you, as well in all birds as in cattle and beasts of the earth, that are come forth out of the ark, and in all the beasts of the earth.

    11 I will establish my covenant with you, and all flesh shall be no more destroyed with the waters of a flood, neither shall there be from henceforth a flood to waste the earth.

    12 And God said: This is the sign of the covenant which I give between me and you, and to every living soul that is with you, for perpetual generations.

    13 I will set my bow in the clouds, and it shall be the sign of a covenant between me, and between the earth.

    14 And when I shall cover the sky with clouds, my bow shall appear in the clouds:

    15 And I will remember my covenant with you, and with every living soul that beareth flesh: and there shall no more be waters of a flood to destroy all flesh.

    16 And the bow shall be in the clouds, and I shall see it, and shall remember the everlasting covenant, that was made between God and every living soul of all flesh which is upon the earth.

    We keep God at his word and He keeps his. He has set his bow upon the Earth. It is in Yellowstone. I call it the reset button. There is an enormous magma chamber beneath that if released could destroy life on Earth. You will notice the color and feel the earth shake around it with growing intensity. If man creates the abominations, they will be destroyed and tried in a great fire. Atlantis went the same way. There was a cataclysm that ended life as they knew it.

    Zechariah 13:9

    And I will bring the third part through the fire, and will refine them as silver is refined, and will try them as gold is tried: they shall call on my name, and I will hear them: I will say, It is my people: and they shall say, The LORD is my God.

    Flat earth controversy. Marshall McLuhan's 106th Birthday Google Doodle. Canada's good behavior APP creepy goes mainstream. Patents to stimulate the nervous system. Smart meter snooping. 5G Wi-Fi cooking your cranium. It's the water. China's submarine propulsion. Quantum satellites, radar and weather modification Chinese style. AI bot hacker. Tech billionaires attempting to escape the Matrix. The God platform internet. Rose's Law. Google's DEEPMIND. Human computer interface flaw. First telepathic link between man and machine. Robots invent their own language. JP Morgan hires first AI attorney. Fukoku Mutual Life goes AI. Self evolving robot in Norway. Artificial genome HGP-W. New DNA letters alter 'life.' Virus resistant life. DNA repair OFF switch. Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation. Hive mind network. Extinction gene.

    World first as Chinese scientists teleport particles 300km into space

  • The Twilight Zone S1 EP1 Where Is Everyb...
    by Conspiracy Cafe on July 22, 2017 at 8:31 AM
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    The Twilight Zone is an American television anthology series created by Rod Serling. It is a series of unrelated stories containing drama, psychological thriller, fantasy, science fiction, suspense, and/or horror, often concluding with a macabre or unexpected twist. A popular and critical success, it introduced many Americans to common science fiction and fantasy tropes. The program followed in the tradition of earlier shows such as Tales of Tomorrow (1951?53), which also dramatized the short story "What You Need", and Science Fiction Theatre (1955?57), and radio programs such as The Weird Circle, Dimension X, and X Minus One, and the radio work of one of Serling's inspirations, Norman Corwin. The success of the series led to a feature film, a radio series, a comic book, a magazine, and various other spin-offs that spanned five decades, including two "revival" television series. The first ran on CBS and in syndication in the 1980s, the second ran on UPN from 2002 to 2003. In 2013, TV Guide ranked it #5 in its list of the 60 Greatest Dramas of All Time.

    Opening narration

    “ The place is here. The time is now, and the journey into the shadows that we are about to watch, could be our journey.

    "Where Is Everybody?" is the first episode of the American television anthology series The Twilight Zone. It was first broadcast on October 2, 1959.

    Plot summary

    A man finds himself alone on a dirt road, walking towards a diner. Inside he finds a jukebox playing loudly, and a pot of hot coffee on the stove, but there are no other people. He inquires for some breakfast, but no chef or waitress is to be found. He is dressed in an Air Force flight suit, but he does not remember who he is or how he got there.

    After leaving the diner, he walks to a nearby town called Oakwood. The town seems deserted, but everywhere the man goes, he seems to find proof that someone had been there recently: food is cooking on a stove, water dripping in a sink, and a cigar is burning in an ashtray. He grows more and more unsettled as he wanders through the empty town, looking for someone—anyone—to talk to, all the while having the strange feeling that he is being watched. He even mistakes a mannequin sitting in the cab of a delivery truck for a live person.

    In a soda shop after talking to himself he idly spins racks filled with paperback books until he comes to an already spinning rack filled from top to bottom with the same book: "The Last Man on Earth, Feb. 1959", upon noticing it he is upset and leaves.

    Day turns to night and the man is still alone in the town. Street lights turn on all around him. The marquee of the movie theater is illuminated. As he goes into the theater, he sees a poster advertising the film playing Battle Hymn, which causes him to remember that he is in the US Air Force. Finding no one in the audience, he begins to wonder if he is the last survivor of a nuclear war, until the film begins onscreen. He runs to the projection booth, again finding it empty. He desperately runs through the theater until he crashes into a mirror.

    In a panic, the man runs through the streets, even more paranoid that he is being watched, until he finally collapses next to a street crossing and presses a button labeled WALK. As he screams for someone to help him, it is revealed that the walk button is actually a panic button. The man is not alone in a deserted town, but is instead in an isolation booth being observed by a group of uniformed servicemen. Along with the panic button, the isolation booth shows a clock with its glass shattered from the man pounding on it.

    His name is Mike Ferris, an astronaut in training who has been confined to an isolation room located within an aircraft hangar for 484 hours and 36 minutes, with all of his vitals being monitored and recorded. He has been undergoing tests to determine his fitness for spaceflight and whether he can handle the psychological stress of a prolonged trip to the Moon alone, without any contact with others. The town was a complete hallucination, an escape valve for his sensory-deprived mind. One of the officers explains that while all of his physical needs such as nutrition, water, and oxygen, along with rudimentary entertainment, can be provided, there is one thing that can't be supplied: companionship.

    As Ferris is carried out of the hangar on a stretcher, he sees the Moon above him, and says wistfully, "Hey! Don't go away up there! Next time it won't be a dream or a nightmare. Next time it'll be for real. So don't go away. We'll be up there in a little while."

  • Land of the Giants S1 EP1 The Crash
    by Conspiracy Cafe on July 21, 2017 at 9:37 PM
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    Land of the Giants was an hour-long American science fiction television program lasting two seasons beginning on September 22, 1968, and ending on March 22, 1970. The show was created and produced by Irwin Allen. Land of the Giants was the fourth of Allen's science fiction TV series. The show was aired on ABC and released by 20th Century Fox Television. The series was filmed entirely in color and ran for 51 episodes. The show starred Gary Conway and special guest star Kurt Kasznar.

    Set fifteen years in the future, in the year 1983, the series tells the tale of the crew and passengers of a sub-orbital transport ship named Spindrift. In the pilot episode, the Spindrift is en route from Los Angeles to London, on an ultra fast sub-orbital flight. Just beyond Earth's boundary with space, the Spindrift encounters a magnetic space storm, and is dragged through a space warp to a mysterious planet where everything is twelve times larger than on Earth, whose inhabitants the Earthlings nickname "the Giants." The Spindrift crash-lands, and the damage renders it inoperable.

    Very little is known about the home planet of the Giants. This is partially because the Spindrift crew very seldom leave the area where their spaceship crashes in the opening episode. Only two other (unidentified) giant societies are ever seen, in the episodes "The Land of the Lost" and "The Secret City of Limbo."

    No name is ever established for the mysterious planet, but the inhabitants seem to know of Earth, Venus and Mars, referring to them by name in one episode. Exactly where the planet is located is also never made clear. In the episode "On a Clear Night You Can See Earth," Captain Steve Burton (Gary Conway) claims to have seen Earth through a set of infrared goggles invented by the giants, implying that the two planets are indeed separate worlds, but near enough to be able to see one from the other. The only established method by which Earth people may reach the giants' planet is high-altitude flight, passing through what one giant calls a "dimension lock" (a term whose meaning is obscure).

    1 1 "The Crash" Irwin Allen Irwin Allen (s),

    Anthony Wilson (t) September 22, 1968 2401

    On June 12, 1983, sub-orbital passenger flight 612 (a.k.a. Spindrift), on its way from Los Angeles to London, encounters a bizarre storm and is forced to make a crash landing. Those aboard – the crew: pilot Capt. Steve Burton (Gary Conway), co-pilot Dan Erickson (Don Marshall), stewardess Betty Hamilton (Heather Young), and passengers: engineer Mark Wilson (Don Matheson), pampered city girl and jet-setter Valerie Scott (Deanna Lund), bank robber (disguised as Naval Commander) Alexander B. Fitzhugh (Kurt Kasznar), orphan boy Barry Lockridge (Stefan Arngrim) and his dog Chipper – find themselves in a mysterious land dominated by giants. While exploring, Steve and Valerie are captured by a giant scientist and the others mount a rescue.

    Guest Stars: Anne Dore (Giant Female), Don Watters (Giant Entomologist)

    Steve Quayle discusses the GIANTS on The Power Hour Nation. 

    Don't miss it. Fantasy was reality. 

  • Putin Meets Trump, UK Foreign Office 1...
    by Conspiracy Cafe on July 18, 2017 at 8:55 PM
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    21st Century Wire says...

    At long last, Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin finally meet at the G20 in Hamburg, while the UK continues to fund its shadow state building in Syria through a series of NGOs which are in reality are running a web of clandestine regime change networks, UN using 'Bana of Aleppo' as a PR prop, and behind BREXIT we find TTIP being pushed through by stealth. All this and much more...

    UK Column co-anchor Mike Robinson is joined by 21WIRE’s Patrick Henningsen andVanessa Beeley for today’s news programme, including an in-depth look at the Foreign Office’s special ‘Conflict Fund.’ Watch:

    What is TTIP? And six reasons why the answer should scare you

  • The Champions EP16 Shadow Of The Panther...
    by Conspiracy Cafe on July 17, 2017 at 7:49 AM
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    A brilliant spin on the times of futures past. Was there a role for voodoo in the Haitian quake and the looting of the aid money? A Haitian governor was suicided in Miami before he was to testify about the missing money. Are world leaders subjected to advanced mind control rituals? Is that why we're seeing so many dying from mysterious means? Are mind controlled confreres eliminating threats to the order? There's nothing like an appearance of Donald Sutherland in a role we weren't aware of. 

    The Champions is a British espionage/science fiction/occult detective fiction adventure series consisting of 30 episodes broadcast on the UK network ITV during 1968-1969, produced by Lew Grade's ITC Entertainment production company. The series was broadcast in the US on NBC, starting in summer 1968.

    The series features Craig Stirling, Sharron Macready and Richard Barrett as agents for a United Nations law enforcement organization called "Nemesis", based in Geneva. The three have different backgrounds: Barrett is a code breaker, Stirling a pilot, and Macready a recently widowed scientist and doctor.

    During their first mission as a team, their plane crashes in the Himalayas. They are rescued by an advanced civilization living secretly in the mountains of Tibet, who save their lives, granting them perfected human abilities, including powers to communicate with one another over distances by ESP (telepathy), and to foresee events (precognition), enhanced five senses and intellect, and physical abilities to the fullest extent of human capabilities.

    Many stories feature unusual villains, such as fascist regimes from unspecified South American countries, Nazis (a common theme of ITC 1960s and '70s TV, in part due to both the domestic audience and writers having been the "War generation") or the Chinese. The villains' schemes often threaten world peace – Nemesis's brief is international, so the agents deal with threats transcending national interests. The main characters have to learn the use of their new powers as they go along, keeping what they discover secret from friends and foe alike. Each episode begins with a teaser, followed by the title/theme song. Immediately following that is a post-title sequence vignette in which one of The Champions demonstrates exceptional mental or physical abilities, often astonishing or humiliating others. In one example Stirling participates in a sharpshooting contest. Additionally, Stirling hears the ticking of his girlfriend's lost wristwatch in a large field, enabling him to locate it. In another, laughing hoodlums block in Macready's car, which she physically pulls out of the parking space one-handed. Ironically, the narration during these often public demonstrations usually mentions the need to keep the powers a secret.

    16 "Shadow of the Panther" Tony Williamson Freddie Francis January 15, 1969

    While on holiday in Haiti Sharron investigates a plot to brainwash important figures in the worlds of politics, science and business, apparently orchestrated by a local sorcerer, Damballa. Richard and Craig become involved later, only to discover that Sharron has apparently been discovered by the plotters and brainwashed herself.

    With Zia Mohyeddin, Donald Sutherland, Tony Wall

    Are There Patents To Manipulate The Human Nervous System Using Electromagnetic Frequencies?

    by George Freund on July 15, 2017 at 4:28 PM
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    This film has an all star cast to be sure. It adds a little spice to the Gulf oil disaster. There were reports the supply ship didn't have the usual crew on it. Nudge. Nudge. Wink. Wink. Know what I mean?


    North Sea Hijack (released as ffolkes outside the UK and as Assault Force on US TV) is a British action film from 1980 starring Roger Moore, James Mason, Anthony Perkins, and Michael Parks. It was directed by Andrew V. McLaglen and adapted by Jack Davies from his novel Esther, Ruth and Jennifer.


    Freelance marine counter-terrorism consultant Rufus Excalibur ffolkes (Moore) is asked by Lloyd's of London to develop a contingency plan should any of the North Sea oil installations they insure be threatened.

    Months later, Esther, a North Sea supply ship, takes on board a group of men posing as reporters who are visiting the oil production platform Jennifer. The leader of this group, Lou Kramer (Anthony Perkins), along with his second-in-command, Harold Shulman (Michael Parks), hijacks the ship, and two scuba diving henchmen attach limpet mines to the legs of Jennifer and its oil drilling rig, Ruth. From the bridge of Esther, Kramer issues a ransom demand for £25 million or he will blow up Ruth; then, if the ransom is still not paid, he will destroy Jennifer. For good measure, he rigs Esther with explosives and has all the charges wired to a control panel that never leaves his side.

    Lord Privy Seal Dennis Tipping (Jeremy Clyde) informs the British Prime Minister (Faith Brook) of the situation. The British government is opposed to yielding to terrorist blackmail, but Tipping suggests that, as a compromise, Lloyd's could pay the ransom. After Lloyd's is consulted, the Prime Minister is shown a video of ffolkes practising a rescue mission aboard a mock-up ship. He has anticipated that terrorists might hijack a supply ship and has worked out a plan. Flying out to Jennifer, ffolkes first proposes that, to buy time, a large explosion should light up the night sky, fooling Kramer into thinking Ruth has exploded by accident so that he won't push the button at the deadline. ffolkes and Admiral Sir Francis Brindsen (James Mason) are to meet with Kramer on board Esther. ffolkes makes Brindsen practice accidentally dropping cigarettes on the floor, the idea being that the admiral should distract Kramer, giving ffolkes the opportunity to kill him before he sets off the bombs; his team of commandos will in the meantime take out the guards posted on the vessel.

    A sub-plot involves the imprisoned crew trying to poison their captors using the ship's medicine supply. A reporter who came with Kramer's men offers to do this, but the crew quickly suspects him to be a plant, so they tie him up. Unfortunately, Kramer has been spying on them, and when the food is delivered he forces one of the "conspirators" to drink the poisoned coffee; Sanna (Lea Brodie), the other main participant and the only woman on board, flees and apparently falls overboard.

    Later, Kramer demands that Brinston and King (David Hedison), Jennifer's manager, join him on Esther, unintentionally going along with ffolkes' plan. However, Kramer doesn't trust ffolkes when he meets him and orders him to leave the ship. The reporter who got the blackmailers onto the ship gets cold feet and wants to leave, so Kramer agrees to release him. At the last moment, Kramer shoots him in the back as he is being winched aboard the helicopter.

    With time running out, the Prime Minister considers paying the ransom, but ffolkes replies angrily that that would send a message that "anyone with a rowing boat and a stick of dynamite could hold this country to ransom." ffolkes still thinks he can rescue the hostages. However, to save the lives of the 697 men and women aboard Jennifer, ffolkes urges that Esther be obliterated with a bomb if his team cannot rescue the hostages in time.

    Ffolkes' men storm Esther, bringing down the guards. ffolkes joins them wearing a borrowed vermilion scuba suit, but is forced to throw overboard his second-in-command, who has mistaken him for a terrorist. Sanna, who had been hiding in a lifeboat, manages to take out one of the terrorists who tries to take a shot at ffolkes. ffolkes races for the bridge as the helicopter carrying the bomb approaches. At the appointed time, Brindsen offers a cigarette to Kramer, drops them on the floor and bends down to pick them up. ffolkes appears at the window and shoots the distracted Kramer with a spear gun, pinning him to his chair. Seeing armed men running by, Schulman races for the detonator switch, but he gets impaled at the controls with a spear in each side. Just as the Royal Navy helicopter drops the bomb down its rear loading-ramp, ffolkes fires his signal flare into the sky; the helicopter pilot desperately pulls away and the bomb narrowly misses Esther, falling harmlessly into the sea.

    However, Kramer isn't quite dead, and he slowly reaches for the detonator. ffolkes pulls the wires out and watches him die. Before he slumps over, Kramer's last words are, "I — still — don't — like — your — face".

    A ceremony is held at ffolkes' castle to celebrate the end of the hijack. Among those present are the former hostages, the oil rig staff and the commandos. ffolkes has expressed his disdain for medals, so the Prime Minister presents the cat-loving eccentric with a new litter of kittens, named Esther, Ruth, and Jennifer. For once moved, and a little at a loss for words, ffolkes leaves amidst a round of applause to give his new kittens a saucer of milk.

  • Westworld S01 E09 The Well-Tempered Clav...
    by Conspiracy Cafe on July 14, 2017 at 3:53 PM
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    Westworld is an American science fiction thriller television series created by Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy for HBO, based on the 1973 film of the same name, which was written and directed by American novelist Michael Crichton. Nolan serves as executive producer along with Joy, J. J. Abrams and Bryan Burk with Nolan directing the pilot. The first episode premiered on October 2, 2016.

    The series takes place in the fictional theme park of Westworld, a technologically advanced, Western theme park populated completely by synthetic androids dubbed "Hosts", who cater to high paying visitors dubbed "Newcomers", who can do what they wish within the park without fear of retaliation from the Hosts.

    9 9 "The Well-Tempered Clavier" Michelle MacLaren Dan Dietz & Katherine Lingenfelter November 27, 2016 

    Maeve reveals to Bernard that he is a host and convinces him to let her back into the park, where she meets Escaton and convinces him to help her escape the park. Bernard confronts Ford and forces him to restore all of his memories, and discovers he is a model of Arnold. Bernard attempts to kill Ford; but the latter uses a backdoor in the former's code to force him to commit suicide. Meanwhile, Logan cuts open Dolores's belly to show William she is not real. She manages to escape and run away, finding that the wound is suddenly gone. She reaches the church, where she learns that she killed Arnold. She then encounters the Man in Black. Logan then awakes to find that William has slaughtered all of the Confederados. William threatens Logan into helping him find Dolores. Teddy has a flashback of himself killing host Angela before she kills him. Hale meets the Man in Black, who is revealed to be a Board member, and unsuccessfully tries to gain his assistance in removing Ford. Stubbs investigates suspicious activity in the park and is ambushed by Ghost Nation hosts, who are not under control.

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