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    by George Freund on August 24, 2014 at 12:45 PM
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    The new arms race. Chinese lose hyper-sonic missile in the Gobi desert. Western propaganda matrix cries wolf again. Is the threat of their own creation? James Foley beheaded. Was it 'street' theater? SAS on the ground in Iraq. Key Ferguson witness tells the truth after autopsy results. Brown went after Wilson's gun. Internet KILL SWITCH used in Ferguson. It was a massive psy-ops and drill. The Third Amendment NO STANDING ARMIES. Are the new police that standing army? Prepping for civil unrest. Police lieutenant threatens to kill alternative media on camera. Habersham(e) County will not pay for tossing grenade in child's crib. Ukraine refugees attacked. Ukraine bans Russian TV. Aid CONVOY dashes across border. Russia bans GMO's. Will we fight for Monsanto? Roundup is a patented anti-biotic. No wonder the world's crisis is anti-biotic resistance. It destroys the gut and causes many diseases including cancer. Don't smoke; EAT! The enzyme that makes mass murderers, and you thought it was guns. Pressure against ICC investigation comes from our own killers. NSA and GCHQ leak to Tor Browser. LED's the future of the surveillance society. Over 1/3 in the U.S. on assistance. South African banks downgraded. Another BRIC in the wall. G20's new bail in GLAC. Canada's Dirty Banks. FDA downs Ebola cures. 24,000 chemicals in bottled water. Down the hatch. Germany says NO to fluoride. The MAJESTIC 17 medicinal plants. The one I never heard of cures cancer and was tested in SCIENTIFIC STUDIES! On Conspiracy Cafe WAR IS HELL! Join the struggle. Change the channel.

    County will not pay medical bills for toddler hurt in Habersham raid

    When our 'POLICE' throw grenades at babies and burn them severely, isn't it time to say DISARM, DISBAND AND FIRE!

    Lt. Ray Albers, 46, a 20-year police veteran

    When the police openly threaten to kill members of alternative media, isn't time to say DISARM, DISBAND AND FIRE!

    #OfficerGoFuckYourself Threatens to Kill Ferguson Livestreamers

    St. Louis Police Lieutenant Suspended for death thrreats.



    HOW They FAKED the James Foley Beheading Video

    "Beheaded" James Foley is NOT James Foley - See For Yourself


    Where I would say we have a match is with the ear lobes. They are very distinct and both men have the same pattern. That said in light of the fake beheading trick also posted, I would say that the beheaded is wearing a mask. That is blurring the finer identification marks pointed out in the video. In light of the Benghazi conflict, I'd say were getting the two for one special with this agent provocateur. The bottom line is they want to get involved in Syria and are starved for a pretext. The ultimate end run is to encircle and destroy Russia to stop any alternative international finance system operating outside of the Rothschild Central Bank syndicate. The BRICS is such a system. Of course if they push far enough, we could get WWIII. They'd like that too. I host Canada's alternative news site Conspiracy Cafe. I don't wear a mask. We have the POWER. All we have to do is change the channel and their mind control mass marketing stops working. You are welcome to play in my sandbox.


    OUR TWILIGHT LANGUAGE FOR THIS SHOW IS AMAZING. THE LENGTH IS 1:05:39. That means nothing to you I bet. 10539 is a human gene. Our show touches on such things. An image return in the search engine was a movie poster for A YANK IN LIBYA. CUTE!

  • Tales of the Gun - Episode 7: Guns of Sm...
    by George Freund on August 24, 2014 at 10:39 AM
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    Smith & Wesson (S&W) is a manufacturer of firearms in the United States. The corporate headquarters is in Springfield, Massachusetts. Founded in 1852, Smith & Wesson's pistols and revolvers have become standard issue to police and armed forces throughout the world and are used by sport shooters. Their revolvers have been featured in numerous Hollywood movies, particularly Clint Eastwood's Dirty Harry.

    Apart from firearms, Smith & Wesson has been known for the many types of ammunition it has introduced over the years, and many cartridges bear the company's name.


    Early history

    Horace Smith and Daniel B. Wesson founded the Smith & Wesson Company in Norwich, Connecticut in 1852 to develop the Volcanic rifle. Smith developed a new Volcanic Cartridge, which he patented in 1854. The Smith & Wesson Company was renamed Volcanic Repeating Arms in 1855, and was purchased by Oliver Winchester. Smith left the company and returned to his native Springfield, Massachusetts, Wesson stayed on as plant manager with Volcanic Repeating Arms.

    As Samuel Colt's patent on the revolver was set to expire in 1856, Wesson began developing a prototype for a cartridge revolver. His research pointed out that a former Colt employee named Rollin White held the patent for a "Bored-through" cylinder, a component he would need for his invention. Wesson reconnected with Smith and the two partners approached White to manufacture a newly designed revolver-and-cartridge combination.

    Rather than make White a partner in their company, Smith and Wesson paid him a royalty of $0.25 on every revolver that they made. It would become White's responsibility to defend his patent in any court cases which eventually led to his financial ruin, but was very advantageous for the new Smith & Wesson Company.

    The Civil War

    Smith & Wesson's revolvers came into popular demand with the outbreak of the American Civil War as soldiers from all ranks on both sides of the conflict made private purchases of the revolvers for self-defense.

    The orders for the Model 1 revolver outpaced the factory's production capabilities. In 1860 demand was so great that Smith & Wesson expanded into a new facility and began experimenting with a new cartridge design more suitable than the .22 Short that it had been using.

    At the same time, the company's design was being infringed upon by other manufacturers which led to numerous lawsuits filed by Rolin White. In many of these instances part of the restitution came in the form of the offender being forced to stamp "Manufactured for Smith & Wesson" on the revolvers in question.

    White's vigorous defense of his patent caused a problem for armsmakers in the United States at the time as they could not manufacture cartridge revolvers. At the end of the war the US Government charged White with causing the retardation of arms development in America.

    The western frontier

    Demand for revolvers declined at the close of the Civil War and Smith & Wesson focussed on the development of arms suitable for use on the American frontier. In 1870 the company introduced a large frame revolver in heavier calibers than the pocket sized revolvers it had been making. The design was known as the Smith & Wesson Model 3.

    Many people will be familiair with the Military & Police model in .38 Special. That was my service revolver. It is still widely regarded. However, S & W have perfected a polymer pistol too. It is cutting edge. Remember the 3S approach to firearms SAFETY, SECURITY and SECRECY. It's a better way to enjoy your sport.

    In 2005, Smith & Wesson debuted a new polymer-frame pistol intended for the law enforcement market. Dubbed the M&P (for Military and Police), its name was meant to evoke S&W's history as the firearm of choice for law enforcement agencies through its previous lineup of M&P revolvers. The M&P is a completely new design with no parts interchangeable with any other pistol including the Sigma. The new design not only looks completely different than the Sigma but feels completely different with 3 different back straps supplied with each M&P. Many of the ergonomic study elements that had been incorporated into the Sigma and the SW99 were brought over to the M&P. The improved trigger weight and feel, and unique takedown method (not requiring a dry pull of the trigger) were meant to set the M&P apart from both the Sigma and the popular Glock pistols.

  • Doomsday Preppers - NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC ...
    by George Freund on August 23, 2014 at 10:51 PM
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    Doomsday Preppers is an American reality television series that airs on the National Geographic Channel. The program profiles various survivalists, or "preppers", who are preparing to survive the various circumstances that may cause the end of civilization, including economic collapse, societal collapse, and electromagnetic pulse. The quality of their preparations is graded by the consulting company Practical Preppers, who provide analysis and recommendations for improvements.

    351"Take Our Country Back"October 29, 2013N/A

    Curt has built a fortress in his 80-acre estate in high desert of Oregon. The BOL is outfitted with, among other things, a 3,000-square-foot greenhouse, an artificial lake, infrared cameras and a high-tech software system, and 30 bugout vehicles

    Former Army Ranger Rodney Dial from Ketchikan, Alaska obtains a Armored Personnel Carrier called "War Machine". His family practices an offensive strategy called "rolling thunder". Additionally, Rodney develops a system to hide supplies in large metal pods under the bay.

    I do live a sheltered life it appears. A can of beans and a scout knife are a little shy of these families. However, there was a concept called American ingenuity. With the resourcefulness of these extreme preppers America can be restored to greatness any old time the tryants are flushed from office. God Bless America. We'e taking our country back.

    by George Freund on August 23, 2014 at 2:31 PM
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    You can't say we can't do a little C & W at Cafe Paradiso. I get the feeling this was the training film the Ruskies used as they waited for the go ahead at the border. Always remember the motto of the SAS. WHO DARES WINS! You just got to dare. 

    Kris Kristofferson in CONVOY

    Ukraine crisis: Russia aid convoy 'invades Ukraine'

    22 August 2014 Last updated at 12:32 ET

    Russia's aid convoy heads through Ukraine towards Luhansk

    The BBC's David Stern: "Red cross officials say Moscow decided to move forward without them"

    Ukraine's President Petro Poroshenko has accused Russia of a "flagrant violation of international law" after Russian humanitarian aid lorries entered Ukraine without permission.

    More than 100 Russian lorries entered on Friday without an Red Cross escort and most without customs clearance.

    Rebel fighters could be seen at the border as the lorries passed

    But Russia's President Vladimir Putin said further delays to the delivery of aid "were unacceptable".

    Reports say the first trucks have reached the rebel-held city of Luhansk.

    Reporters at the scene saw rebel fighters in front of the convoy as it crossed the border near the town of Kamensk-Shakhtinsky.

    Ukraine's security chief Valentyn Nalyvaychenko said it was a "direct invasion" but no force would be used against the convoy as it wished to avoid "provocations".

    The Ukrainian army continued operations in neighbouring Donetsk region on Friday

    The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) said it was not part of the convoy "in any way".

    Russia's foreign ministry has warned Ukraine not to take any action against the convoy, without specifying the consequences.

    In a statement, President Poroshenko said "a column of more than 100 vehicles entered Ukrainian territory without a customs inspection, without border control or International Red Cross escort, which is a flagrant violation of international law".

    Ukraine fears that the aid convoy of at least 260 lorries, which arrived at the border more than a week ago, is part of a broader Russian intervention in eastern Ukraine.

    Russia denies accusations that it arms and trains the rebels in Luhansk and the neighbouring region of Donetsk, where four months of fighting have left more than 2,000 people dead and caused more than 330,000 people to flee their homes...

    by George Freund on August 23, 2014 at 1:18 PM
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    Demolition Man is a 1993 American Science fiction film directed by Marco Brambilla in his directorial debut. The film stars Sylvester Stallone and Wesley Snipes. The film was released in the United States on October 8, 1993.

    The film tells the story of two men: an evil crime lord and a risk-taking police officer. Cryogenically frozen in 1996, they are restored to life in the year 2032 to find mainstream society changed and all crime seemingly eliminated.

    Some aspects of the film allude to Aldous Huxley's dystopian novel, Brave New World.


    In 1996, LAPD Sgt. John Spartan leads a Special Operations unit on an unauthorized mission to rescue hostages taken by the psychopathic career criminal Simon Phoenix and his henchmen. After a thermal scan reveals no sign of the hostages, Spartan enters Phoenix's stronghold, and engages Phoenix's men and captures Phoenix himself, who before his arrest has detonated several barrels of C4, destroying the building. The hostages' bodies are found in the rubble, Phoenix "pleads his regard", and Spartan is charged with their deaths. Both men are frozen in "CryoPrison" and exposed to subconscious rehabilitation techniques.

    In 2032, 22 years after 2010 "Great Earthquake", the former cities of Los Angeles, San Diego and Santa Barbara have merged into a pseudo-utopian San Angeles, under the pseudo-pacifist guidance and control of a Dr. Raymond Cocteau. Weapons and vices are outlawed, human behavior (sex, children, bad words, etc.) are prohibited or regulated, citizens carry implanted transceivers, and in the resulting absence of any violent crime, the San Angeles Police (SAPD) has lost any ability to handle violent behavior of any kind.

    Phoenix is awakened for a parole hearing, kills the warden, armed guards and several peace officers, demonstrating super speed, strength, agility and martial arts skills. (He is also multi-lingual and proficient with future technology, and has acute sensory skills.) Veteran officer Zachary Lamb suggests that Spartan be revived and reinstated to the force to help them capture Phoenix. Lieutenant Lenina Huxley is assigned to assist Spartan in his transition.

    The revived Spartan has trouble adapting to life in the future. Most of Huxley's fellow officers perceive Spartan as thuggish and uncivilized. In the meantime, the white-robed Dr. Cocteau has recruited Phoenix to kill Friendly, the foremost figure among an underground tribe of uncontrolled individuals - free humans that Cocteau sees as the threat to the narcotized society he has created.

    The first Spartan-Phoenix confrontation is at the "Museum of Antiquities" weapon exhibit, where Phoenix goes to arm himself, as Spartan deduced he will. Phoenix evades Spartan and encounters Dr. Cocteau, whom he tries to shoot, but he is programmed against that ability. Cocteau reminds him of why he was revived: to kill Edgar Friendly, the ragtag leader of the "Scraps"—resistance fighters living in the ruins beneath San Angeles. In a subsequent encounter, Dr. Cocteau adds Spartan to his hit list for Phoenix, and agrees to given him the territory of Santa Monica upon completion. Spartan and Huxley learn of this and that Dr. Cocteau is "an evil Mr. Rogers" rather than San Angeles's saintly god-king. He had programmed Phoenix to make him a more capable, dangerous maniac, and to use him as an assassin to eliminate Friendly. While Spartan, Huxley and young officer Alfredo Garcia enter the underground city to warn Friendly, Phoenix confronts Cocteau and demands that he release a list of other prisoners to assist him.

    At Friendly's base, Phoenix and an irredeemable supplement of recruits attempt to kill both Spartan and Friendly, whom Spartan and Huxley have joined underground. They escape in a 1970 Oldsmobile 442. In a communication during the car chase, Phoenix reveals that the hostages Spartan tried to rescue from him in their 1990s encounter were dead before the building exploded: Spartan was innocent of any crime and was terminated (frozen) for nothing. Phoenix escapes. Friendly, recruiting Garcia, leads the Scraps from the underground to join the police against Phoenix and his gang.

    Phoenix orders the gang to kill Cocteau, which his programming prevents him from doing directly. Spartan and Huxley arrive at Cocteau's headquarters to capture Phoenix and his accomplices. Phoenix escapes to the prison to revive (defrost) and recruit even more dangerous convicts. After knocking out Huxley to protect her, Spartan enters the prison to confront Phoenix. Spartan uses a cryotube to freeze Phoenix solid, destroys Phoenix by knocking his head off, and escapes as the cryomachinery overloads, destroying the prison. With Cocteau dead and the prison destroyed, the police and the Scraps find themselves at odds over how to begin the framework for their new society. Spartan suggests that they find a way to compromise between order and personal freedom, then kisses Huxley and departs with her.

  • NAVY LOG Nightmare off Brooklyn
    by George Freund on August 22, 2014 at 6:15 PM
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    NAVY LOG was a drama anthology series that initially aired for three seasons, first on CBS and later ABC. It relates the greatest survival war stories in the history of the United States Navy. This series premiered on September 20, 1955, but the following year, it was moved to ABC, where it aired until September 25, 1958. The program aired for a total of three seasons and 102 episodes. This episode "Nightmare Off Brooklyn" is from season 2 in 1957. Plot: six German saboteurs slip into the Brooklyn Navy Yard intent on destroying an American cruiser docked there.. Stars Arthur Batanides, Charles Carpenter and George Keymas.

    Of course Trekkies will immediately recognize Deforest Kelley of the original Star Trek TV series. He plays the executive officer in this cheesy old show. However, it has a surprise ending. The saboteurs are really 'testing' the security of the ship for the Navy. Where haven't we heard that before. However, if they weren't caught, wouldn't it have been a false flag exercise? We can only imagine. ENJOY!

    by George Freund on August 21, 2014 at 5:06 PM
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    The Young Lions is a 1958 war drama film directed by Edward Dmytryk, based upon the 1948 novel of the same name by Irwin Shaw, and starring Marlon Brando, Montgomery Clift, and Dean Martin.


    German ski instructor Christian Diestl (Brando) is hopeful that Adolf Hitler will bring new prosperity to Germany, so when war breaks out he joins the army as a lieutenant. Dissatisfied with police duty in Paris, he requests to be transferred and is assigned to the front in North Africa. He sees what the war has done to his captain (Maximilian Schell) and the captain's wife (May Britt), and he is sickened by their behavior.

    Michael Whiteacre (Martin) and Noah Ackerman (Clift) befriend each other during their U.S. Army draft physical examination and attend basic training together. They are then stationed in London. Michael is in show business and romantically involved with socialite Margaret Freemantle (Barbara Rush) who, coincidentally, in 1938 dated Christian in the Bavarian Alps when she went on a skiing vacation. She was upset by his Nazi beliefs and deserted him on New Year's Eve to return to Michael.

    Noah, who is Jewish and works as a lowly department store clerk, attends a party Michael throws, where he meets Hope Plowman. She falls in love with him and introduces her fiancé to her provincial father, who doesn't like Jews but has never met one. After a chat with Noah, the father approves of the marriage.

    In the service, a commanding officer and some of the tough guys in his company try to bully Noah and demonstrate their bigotry. Noah gains the respect of the enlisted men by standing up to them in a series of fist fights, even though he's much smaller and is badly hurt. Authorities discover the truth, and reprimand the officer.

    Each of these soldiers comes to view the war differently. Christian is conflicted, hating what the war has done to his fellow Germans, but unable to escape from his role in it. He despises what his fellow soldiers have done in the name of the Fatherland but is determined to fulfill his duty to the end. While visiting his injured captain in a hospital, he unwittingly brings him a sharp weapon, and later learns from the captain's attractive and seductive wife that he had committed suicide there.

    Michael spends most of the war in a comfortable job, nowhere near any fighting, thanks to his Broadway fame. He finally decides to join the fight after Margaret shames him into it. By pulling strings, he rejoins his old outfit on the front in the war's final days, almost too late to matter.

    Noah simply does his duty to the best of his ability, hoping to live through the horrors of war and get home safely to his wife and their new baby. He has a heroic moment where he risks his own life by swimming across a river to save a frightened fellow soldier, one who was especially prejudiced against him in boot camp. Meanwhile Christian discovers the reality of the Nazi regime when he stumbles upon a concentration camp filled with Jews, and hearing the commander tell of the exterminations. Shortly afterwards, the camp is liberated by American forces including Michael and Noah. The mayor (John Banner) of a nearby town offers working parties of his constituents, anticipating media attention. However, he is rudely rebuffed by Whiteacre and Ackerman's company commander, Captain Green, when an imprisoned rabbi asks Green for permission to hold a religious service, and the mayor protests.

    Seeing how Ackerman is affected by the camp, Green instructs him to take a walk and sends Whiteacre with him. Shocked and disgusted, the two GIs wander away from the camp. Nearby, a dazed, tired, and hungry Christian hides with his weapon, but then screams in rage as he breaks his MP 40 apart. The noise draws Michael and Noah. On seeing the German, Michael shoots Christian. The two Americans silently watch Christian die, and then quietly walk back towards camp.

    The final scene shows Ackerman emerging from the same subway station he left home through. As Hope notices him, she lifts up their daughter for him to see, and he ascends the stairs to his family.

  • Foley's Parents: No Tears Not Grief-Stri...
    by George Freund on August 21, 2014 at 11:13 AM
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    The parents coming out the NEXT DAY without crying or showing grieving trauma is proof the video had no real trauma in it and was staged. Had the parents taken time off from the media to grieve, that would have proved that the trauma of the parents grieving over the beheading was real.

    Remember Truth is the First Casualty. We are lied to so often and to such a degree there is nothing from main stream that can be accepted anymore without serious due diligence. The bigger the emotional tug or the greater the sensation the more likely it is an outright LIE!

    Cut the carotid artery is like cutting into a pressure hose. It will shoot out for many feet. The beating heart is right underneath. There are many things wrong with this enough to say FRAUD!


    Does this come off as fake to anyone? It seemed weird that Foley wasn't the least bit worried about the fact that he was going to be brutally murdered after his statement. The beheading portion is weird as well- fades out as soon as he starts sawing away then cuts to a photo of Foley already beheaded.

    Just a thought.

    Edit: Maybe I'm mistaken, but there didn't seem to be any blood following the cut to his neck.

    1) Zero fear and zero emotion on the part of the victim and the aggressor. He doesn't look or sound like he's about to get a knife zigzagging through his esophagus. When he "blames" his brother, there's zero emotion. No way anyone would be able to just read those lines so casually. At 3:00, when he says "I died that day John", with the pauses and everything... he sounds more like an actor trying hard to persuade the viewer rather than someone who is speaking their last words to their family. Watch it and think about it. And the British gentleman terrorist is coming across like they're on the 7th take of this video. No allah akbar. No highly charged vocal timber, which is 100% the norm in all other beheadings ive seen since Nick Berg.

    2) Incredible sound engineering: Both the victim and the gentleman terrorist are miked, and the sound is really well produced. This is professional audio engineering. No other video out of syria and iraq comes near the video/audio quality of this vid. And there are a LOT of videos coming out of Syria and Iraq.

    3) No other terrorists around? If there were others around, as is ALWAYS the case in beheading videos, they would be all be shouting "Allahu Akbar" the SECOND the knife touched the throat. Notice the dead silence, which to me implies that they're alone, which to me implies that there is no fucking way he wouldn't fight the gentleman terrorist with small knife. (small by beheading standards).

    3) Where's the blood? Not only is there no blood after 6 or 7 saws against the neck when blood almost ALWAYS gushes immediately after 1-2 saws. Also, in the final shot, the blood on the ground is a mere trickle compared to the giant 3-foot in diameter pool of blood almost ALWAYS visible around the gaping neck wound. Another thing: At the very end, when the gentleman terrorist is showing off the next victim, his hands are perfectly clean, like he just got back from a manicure. No blood from the beheading he presumably just performed.

    5) They leave out the best part??? The most terrifying part of a beheading video is the part completely left out of this video. I know why. Because it's also the hardest part to fake. And this video is 100% fake. Fake fake fake. And, in comparison to the many dozens of videos Ive seen since Nick Berg, is wildly different from all of them.

    So what happened to James Foley? First of all, there is no more James Foley. There is one of three possible scenarios:

    1) He has joined the deep ranks of the CIA. Black Ops. Men In Black kinda shit. Like Tommy Lee Jones sitting Will Smith down on a park bench and telling him that he's going to disappear. No more family or friends or anything. He's been reporting from the middle east for years and has been kidnapped before. He probably knows a lot about them. So the CIA made him an offer. First make this video so we can go back and blow Iraq up again, but we need you so you're life is over.

    2) Same scenario as #1 but with Mossad.

    3) He's become one of them. He's been embedded there so long, and has spent enough time with them for him to hate the US, and feel sympathy for his captors. And his captors know that he can help them. So they're keeping him alive, but "killing him off" with this fake propoganda vid.

    Or maybe it's something else. But I'll tell you this for sure: his head is firmly attached to his body. No doubts whatsoever.

  • Ferguson PsyOp EXPOSED - Race War / Mart...
    by George Freund on August 20, 2014 at 9:48 PM
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    Ferguson is another race war psyop with a martial law/police state twist. It is all a set up but leading to what? Possibly a false flag involving "jihad ISIS"? Whatever the case it doesn't look good and this event is no doubt controlled. LINKS BELOW-


    Kerik was and may very be on the board for TASER. He has no conflict of interest here. It's good to know he's rehabilitated from his life of crime. I don't think CNN would let us fart in the studio. Kerik was also banging his girlfriend over the 9/11 site while good coppers were getting poisoned on the site. Many have died yet this prick gets a TV gig.

    by George Freund on August 20, 2014 at 4:02 PM
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    Get Smart is an American comedy television series that satirizes the secret agent genre. Created by Mel Brooks with Buck Henry, the show stars Don Adams (as Maxwell Smart, Agent 86), Barbara Feldon (as Agent 99), and Edward Platt (as Chief). Henry said they created the show by request of Daniel Melnick, who was a partner, along with Leonard Stern and David Susskind, of the show's production company, Talent Associates, to capitalize on "the two biggest things in the entertainment world today" - James Bond and Inspector Clouseau. Brooks said: "It's an insane combination of James Bond and Mel Brooks comedy."

    The success of the show (which ran from September 18, 1965, to May 15, 1970) eventually spawned the follow-up films The Nude Bomb (a theatrical release not directly based on the show) and Get Smart, Again! (a made-for-TV sequel to the series), as well as a 1995 revival series and a 2008 film remake. In 2010, TV Guide ranked Get Smart's opening title sequence at No. 2 on its list of TV's Top 10 Credits Sequences, as selected by readers.

    During the show's run, it generated a number of popular catchphrases, including "Would you believe...", "Missed it by that much!", "Sorry about that, Chief", "The Old (such-and-such) Trick", "And ... loving it," and "I asked you not to tell me that."


    The series centers on bumbling secret agent Maxwell Smart, also known as Agent 86. His female partner is Agent 99, whose real name is never revealed in the series. Agents 86 and 99 work for CONTROL, a secret U.S. government counter-intelligence agency based in Washington, D.C. The pair investigates and thwarts various threats to the world, though Smart's bumbling nature and demands to do things by-the-book invariably cause complications. However, Smart never fails to save the day. Looking on is the long-suffering head of CONTROL, who is addressed simply as "Chief."

    The nemesis of CONTROL is KAOS, described as "an international organization of evil." KAOS was supposedly formed in Bucharest, Romania, in 1904. Neither CONTROL nor KAOS is actually an acronym. Many actors appeared as KAOS agents, including Tom Bosley, John Byner, Victor French, Alice Ghostley, Ted Knight, Pat Paulsen, Tom Poston, Leonard Nimoy, Robert Middleton, Barry Newman, Julie Newmar, Vincent Price, William Schallert (who also had a recurring role as The Admiral, the first Chief of CONTROL), Larry Storch. Conrad Siegfried, played by Bernie Kopell, is Smart's KAOS archenemy. King Moody (originally appearing as a generic KAOS killer) portrays the dim-witted but burly Shtarker, Siegfried's assistant.

    The enemies, world-takeover plots and gadgets seen in Get Smart parody the James Bond movies. "Do what they did except just stretch it half an inch," Mel Brooks said of the methods of this TV series. Devices such as a shoe phone, The Cone of Silence and inner apartment booby traps were a regular part of most episodes. (See also: Gadgets section)

    Max and 99 marry in season four and have twins in season five. Agent 99 became the first woman on an American hit sitcom to keep her job after marriage and motherhood.

    29 "Shipment to Beirut" David Alexander Arne Sultan April 23, 1966 029

    KAOS is using clothes designer Richelieu (Lee Bergere) to smuggle plans and one of the models tries to sell information to Max. When Max shows up at the boutique, somehow the model has become a mannequin. Furious that Max spent a ton of money and didn't get any information, the Chief takes Max off the case. 99 then goes undercover as a model (against the Chief's orders) and Max disguises himself as a mannequin in order to break the case.

    by George Freund on August 19, 2014 at 5:49 PM
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    The times they are a changing so the song lamented, but they have always been subject to manipulation. Here at the Cafe we try to straighten out the fabric of the times with whatever factoids we can muster. We start with Mission Impossible II a blueprint for a plane crash and the creation of a heinous disease called Chimera. The only cure is Bellopheron. But wait, we decoded those words in the Perseid Meteor Shower Google Doodle. What if the present day Ebola outbreak is the 'Chimera?' Canadian army in drill mode in the Niagara region with Exercise STALWART GUARDIAN 14. Don't worry. It's only a drill. Lauren Bacall passes away ending an era. Was Robin Williams murdered? Did he become a liability seeing the inner workings of the spin factory? The demons within Hollywood. Snowden says he's got more. The shooting of Michael Brown ROBBER. The TWITTER REVOLUTION comes home to Main Street U.S.A. as Twitter co-founder attends the 'REVOLUTION.' Deadly force principles and STOPPING POWER on a 280 pound giant resisting arrest. The New Black Panthers causing a little CHAOS in Missouri. How come armed store owners held back the tide in Ferguson? Could it be they weren't part of the script? The forgotten police shooting mother shot TEN TIMES while being used as a human shield in botched robbery. Greater Manchester Chief Constable OUTED by MP over slack handling of abusers. The assassination of Chief Constable Todd has meaning me thinks. Ebola crisis worsens. Armed men raid hospital. Could it be Chimera? The bio track. CDC Lost & Found deadly bird flu. Olive trees under threat. Western leaders AWOL in crises. Perhaps they're only stage shows not crises. Yazidi JIHAD by IS. Kurds open corridor through IS territory. I guess they're not as tough as they say. Dutch Intelligence Officer says Israel and IS gets fired. Putin holds pat. NATO cries wolf. Rampant shelling in Ukraine. Rebel military convoy attacked. Russians massed at border. Ukraine MIG shot down. Spy beaten. L-3 Communications the military industrial complex your president warned you about. Flight MH-17 brought down by Ukrainian cannon fire. ODIOUS DEBT and banking. Brazilian candidate lost in plane crash. Black box has old data. Money missing from Flight MH370 accounts. Poland outed for CIA torture. Cannabis oil heals cancer. Tracker APPS for mannequin espionage. On Conspiracy Cafe it's The Day We Fight Back.

    There are many variables at play in Ferguson. The trend towards deceit is seeing an unfathomable PSY-OPS perpetrated upon an unsuspecting public. However, we suspect it is a TWITTER REVOLUTION. HANDS UP JACK CUI BONO?

    Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey pictured with fellow demonstrators in Ferguson yesterday


    ANSWER He robbed a store and was violent. He may very well have used force on the police officer who shot him. Suspect weighs close to 300 pounds. I doubt even several pistol bullets in the torso would stop him from the attack. Pay close attention to the shoes. 

    Surveillance video:

    Is Michael Brown the robber? I'd say YES! It most likely took the shot to the head to stop him. The copper could have been tossed around like a rag doll. I'd say it would take a good six men to put this guy in custody. One copper would be fighting for his life quickly. George's old adage was the waiting game. If you got time use it till the odds are in your favor. There's no rush if there's no immediate danger. A word to the wise.

    HANDS UP! DON'T SHOOT! Who you kidding?

    One of the major factors is people have lost their fear of the state and there protective apparatus. In a repressive state that's a good thing. Could this spike into something grander? It's possible. It seems to be the plan. As a case in point several armed citizens stopped people looking to loot a tattoo parlor and neighbouring gun store. They backed off from a few stalwart citizens armed of course. The state has hundreds of seriously armed officers. They're not backing down. Is the world a stage? Is every actor playing his part? I'd say the store owners aren't part of the script and the looters know that. Push them and you'll get shot too. HANDS UP! DON'T SHOOT!


    Stockton, California police shoot helpless mother of two TEN TIMES while robber used her as a human shied. If she had been black perhaps there'd be some justice. God bless you Misty Holt-Singh. Those beautiful eyes were meant for love not target practice.

  • The First World War Part 5 Shackled to a...
    by George Freund on August 17, 2014 at 9:50 PM
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    The First World War is a 10-part 2003 Channel 4 TV series based on the book of the same name by Oxford Professor Hew Strachan. The series was narrated and produced by Jonathan Lewis, and was directed by Corina Sturmer, Marcus Kiggell, and Simon Rockell.

    Shackled to a Corpse 1914 - 1916 As the Germans and Austrians clashed with the Russians on the bitter Eastern Front, Italy became embroiled in a terrible slaughter

    A very interesting piece of history. Most of it was never part of the curriculum. The horrors of the Russian front. The first use of poison gas. The plight of the Jews. Lesser nations bargaining for fealty. The Italian mountain campaign. The Serbian march to the sea. Of course the object lesson would be the banality of war. Starvation was rife. Abuses common. Have we learned anything from history or will we blindly walk into another one? Keep your leaders on a short leash and reign them in quickly lest they try it again. It is we that pay the price. Why should they care one iota?

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