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  • STAR TREK S3 EP15 Let That Be Your Last ...
    by Conspiracy Cafe on August 26, 2017 at 4:22 PM
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    To exemplify the futility of racial conflict, we explore the first generation Star Trek episode where two races war to the bitter end. We are being induced to renew conflicts long buried in the past by the powers that be as financed by Soros special interest groups. It his his most unique color revolution a race war. The Clinton's color purple seems to support the theme. The moral is don't fall victim to the race baiters. Soros was a Nazi stooge. His modern day supporters and agents may hold up signs but are loyal to the crooked cross. 

    We can imply the fraud of the left, right paradigm as well as a useless manifestation and application of divide and conquer. 

    "Let That Be Your Last Battlefield" is the fifteenth episode of the third season of the original American science fiction television show, Star Trek. It was first broadcast January 10, 1969, on NBC and repeated August 12, 1969. It was written by Oliver Crawford, based on a story by Gene L. Coon (writing under his pen name "Lee Cronin") and directed by Jud Taylor. The script evolved from an outline by Barry Trivers for a possible first season episode called "A Portrait in Black and White". The script was accepted for the third season following budget cuts. The episode guest-stars Lou Antonio and Frank Gorshin ( the latter best known for his role as The Riddler in the Batman live-action television series).

    In the episode, the Enterprise picks up the last two survivors of a war-torn planet, who are still committed to destroying each other aboard the ship.

    On stardate 5730.2, the Federation starship Enterprise is on a mission to help decontaminate the polluted atmosphere of the planet Ariannus, when sensors track a Federation shuttlecraft reported stolen from Starbase 4. The craft is disabled and brought aboard along with its strange alien pilot, who is found injured and taken to sick bay. The man later awakens and identifies himself as Lokai, a political refugee from the planet Cheron, who requests asylum. Lokai's most striking feature is that his skin is half black and half white, the two halves split perfectly down the center of his body. Science Officer Spock remarks that his physiology may be "one of a kind".

    Shortly thereafter, sensors detect another spacecraft in fast pursuit of the Enterprise. Curiously, the craft remains invisible to all but sensors and sets itself on a direct collision course with the ship. Moments later, Spock reports that the invisible craft has disintegrated and deposited an "alien presence" aboard the ship. Captain Kirk turns to see the alien pilot who has beamed himself directly to the bridge. The second alien identifies himself as Bele. Like Lokai, Bele is half black and half white, with the color divided by a line through the exact center of his face. However, the sides of Bele's black and white skin are reversed from those of Lokai, a difference which seems inconsequential to the Enterprise crew, but of great importance to Bele, Lokai, and, apparently, their civilization.

    Bele explains he is a police commissioner from Cheron and is on a mission to retrieve political traitors. His current quarry is Lokai, whom he has been chasing for what Bele claims to be 50,000 Earth years. Bele then instructs Captain Kirk to take him to see his "prisoner". Bele is taken to Lokai, but Lokai reacts fearfully to Bele's presence and strongly demands he be taken away. The two aliens begin arguing about slavery and racial segregation, and almost attack each other.

    Kirk decides to ignore their heated arguments and returns to the bridge. Bele soon follows and demands that Kirk change course to Cheron. Kirk refuses, informing him that Bele's mission is no concern of his, and that he has more urgent matters to attend to. He allows Bele and Lokai to remain aboard and tells them he will drop them off at Starbase 4 once the mission is complete "and let them sort it out."

    Tired of Kirk's commands, Bele invokes a strange power that takes control of the ship and steers it toward Cheron. Lokai comes to the bridge and demands that Kirk kill Bele and grant him asylum. Kirk refuses and calls security to escort the two off to the brig. However, both aliens generate a personal powerful force field that resists both phaser blasts and the guards' physical attempts to subdue them.

    With no way to return control, Kirk threatens to destroy the Enterprise. Bele believes Kirk is bluffing until Kirk activates the ship's auto-destruct sequence with the voice code approval of First Officer Spock and Chief Engineer Scott. Bele nervously watches as the countdown nears zero, then the alien finally relents control in the last seconds. Kirk cancels the auto-destruct and changes course back to Ariannus.

    (A revelation about the lie of evolution.)

    Kirk informs Lokai and Bele that they are to be treated as guests, provided they do not further interfere with the operation of the ship.

    Once the Ariannus mission is completed, Bele takes control of the Enterprise again, but this time he deactivates the auto-destruct in the process and sends the ship to Cheron. Once there, the two aliens find the planet's population completely wiped out by a global war fueled by insane racial hatred. Both Lokai and Bele stare silently at the destruction on the monitor and realize they are the only ones left of their race (or, as they see it, their “races”;).

    Instead of calling a truce, the two beings begin to blame each other for the destruction of the planet and a brawl ensues. As the two aliens fight, their innate powers radiate, cloaking them with an energy aura that threatens to damage the ship. With no other choice, Kirk sadly allows the two aliens to chase each other down to their obliterated world (using the transporter) to decide their own fates, consumed by their now self-perpetuating mutual hate. Forlorn, Lt. Uhura asks if their hate is all they ever had. Kirk ruefully says, "No — but that's all they have left."

  • THE INVADERS S2 EP10 Summit Meeting Part...
    by Conspiracy Cafe on August 25, 2017 at 9:11 AM
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    The Invaders is an American science fiction television program created by Larry Cohen that aired on ABC for two seasons, from January 10, 1967 to March 26, 1968. Dominic Frontiere, who had provided scores for Twelve O'Clock High and The Outer Limits, provided scores for The Invaders as well.

    The series was a Quinn Martin Production (Season One was produced in association with the ABC Television Network - or as it was listed in the end credits, "The American Broadcasting Company Television Network").

    10 "Summit Meeting, Part 2" November 7, 1967

    As the summit commences in a Baltic state from where the 'AR5' will be launched aboard a missile, David Vincent and Michael Tressider (William Windom) arrive and catch up with Ellie (Diana Hyland) but she warns Vincent that they may be under surveillance and arranges to meet Vincent later in her room. They are in fact being shadowed by an alien who reports on their initial meeting. When Tressider and Vincent are granted an audience with Halvorsen, they are shocked to learn that Halvorsen already knows that Alquist (Michael Rennie) is an alien and is well aware of the Invaders' presence on Earth. Alquist confidently reaffirms his position with Halvorsen, but Vincent accuses the unflappable Alquist of being a murderer, something that Halvorsen finds absurd, as Halvorsen only sees Alquist as the savior from the global radiation. Ellie tells Vincent about a file held by Alquist, which details his murderous plans, but when Vincent enters the room of Alquist's 'aides' he doesn't find any file and has to kill one of the alien assistants in order to escape. Tressider meets with the military chief but has no success with convincing him as to the aliens' plans. Meanwhile Alquist is holding a press conference regarding the antidote 'AR5' during which Vincent grabs a briefcase belong to Alquist.

    The countdown starts for the launch of a missile that will disseminate the 'AR5'. Vincent and Tressider examine the diabolical details and feel that they can now convince Halvorsen that the whole alien plan is a fake. Alquist sends his aides to retrieve the briefcase, desperate that Vincent will get to Halvorsen. When an Alquist aide traps Tressider, Vincent and Ellie, he is killed by Ellie (alien kills alien). As Tressider splits up from Vincent and tries to seek Halvorsen, another of the aliens badly injures Tressider, and that alien is in turn killed by Vincent. The countdown still continues and Vincent, after much effort, finally gets through to the military chief who brings Halvorsen to meet with Vincent and Ellie in a corridor. Alquist arrives on the scene but is so desperate in his actions and denials that Halvorsen is convinced to stop the launch. However, when Alquist refuses to cooperate in order to stop the launch, Vincent pulls a weapon and takes Halvorsen and Ellie away from the corridor and into a stairwell. From there Vincent, Ellie and Halvorsen are pursued to the launch site in jeeps by Alquist and his closest aide. On entering the launch site, Vincent kills Alquist and his aide, but Halvorsen is already too late to stop the launch. However, he sacrifices himself in order to remain and to destroy the missile as Vincent and Ellie escape. As the summit ends in confusion, Ellie and Vincent split up and Ellie reassures Vincent that the radiation will no longer be a threat as The Invaders can't live in a highly radioactive environment either.

    The episode features a symbolic NATO where the aliens have direct control thrugh various world leaders. It is called EURAC.

    There is a real organization by that name today. 

    The aliens were intent on having us disarm. Back in the 60's the president who was assassinated desired the same thing. His State Department wrote a document called Freedom From War. All countrie would surrender their weapons to the United Nations. They would maintain the peace and we could all be content as vassal states. That was probably another facet for the Kennedy assassination. It would have looked like surrender and treason. The aliens wanted to kill the world leaders. Perhaps the military industrial complex beat them to it. 

    JFK and Gen. Curtis LeMay. 

    The world was to be polluted with radiation to eliminate the people. We include details in the first episide commentary. The Bible code said the aliens were of Satan. I cannot deny that either. A great majority of ethereal space media devote a lot of time to aliens. Hopefully they are not of Satan despite the fact the broadcast realm is. 

  • FLAT EARTH Physical Proof of the Firmame...
    by Conspiracy Cafe on August 24, 2017 at 9:59 AM
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    Published on Aug 19, 2017

    This is actual physical PROOF of the Glass Like Dome encicling our domain.

    In 1990 an Italian geologist named Angelo Pitoni, would find an unusual stone while visiting Sierra Leone. A mysterious artefact that has baffled all who have studied it.

    A local ?Fula Chief? was said to have given it to Pitoni, a blue stone with mysterious white lines upon its surface.

    After returning to Europe, Pitoni took the stone to the Institute of Natural Sciences of Geneva and then University La Sapienza in Rome for further analysis.

    It was even heated to over 3.000 degrees Celsius, yet its composition wasn't altered.

    When a small piece of the stone was pulverized, and viewed under the microscope, it curiously lost its colour.

    Now known as the sky stone, according to analysis, an amazing ,77.17% of the stone, is somehow made of pure OXYGEN, The remaining percentage was divided between carbon, calcium and another unknown element.

    When researchers crushed a piece of the sky rock and mixed it with acetone, hexane and methylene, and then enhanced the extractions with ultrasound.

    Researcher discovers a 55.000 year old artifact made out of oxygen?

  • THE INVADERS S2 EP9 Summit Meeting Part ...
    by Conspiracy Cafe on August 23, 2017 at 9:00 PM
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    The Invaders is an American science fiction television program created by Larry Cohen that aired on ABC for two seasons, from January 10, 1967 to March 26, 1968. Dominic Frontiere, who had provided scores for Twelve O'Clock High and The Outer Limits, provided scores for The Invaders as well.

    The series was a Quinn Martin Production (Season One was produced in association with the ABC Television Network - or as it was listed in the end credits, "The American Broadcasting Company Television Network").

    9 "Summit Meeting, Part 1" October 31, 1967

    The Aliens have decided to play for high stakes and so start to raise the radiation levels on Earth. The only country unaffected is that of Premier Thor Halvorsen's (Eduard Franz) country and the aliens under the disguise of saviors have convinced him that they have the antidote called 'AR5'. Halvorsen is convinced and calls for a summit of world leaders where they'll discuss rising levels of radiation that threaten all life on earth, thus advancing the aliens plans to kill all world leaders in the one place, thereby causing chaos in order to facilitate a coup-d'état for the aliens. Halvorsen is unknowingly surrounded by aliens including their murderous leader Alquist (Michael Rennie). Industrialist Michael Tressider (William Windom) is a crusader like Vincent and having worked with Vincent in the past, summons Vincent from his work site. Tressider has learned of an upcoming summit that many world leaders will attend and has put his trust in the Pentagon General Blaine (Ford Rainey). Blaine, however has sided with the aliens and traps Tressider at an alien secret installation in order to find out just how much Tressider knows or might have told the President.

    Meanwhile Vincent has made friends with Blaine's secretary Ellie (Diana Hyland) in order to collect his pass to the Summit, supposedly arranged by General Blaine. When Ellie cuts herself at dinner and doesn't bleed, thus alerting David Vincent, David soon realizes that he is up to his neck in invaders, including Ellie, but she informs him about the real purpose of the summit, explaining that not all the aliens are in favour of this mass killing. She tells him that Tressider is lured into a trap, so she and Vincent head to the secret installation, a disused warehouse. Tressider is being tortured, but Vincent manages to shoot an alien, electrocute two more, and drag Tressider out. Blaine is also electrocuted, but Alquist the torturer escapes. Vincent's aim is to now get to the summit, but Ellie makes it clear that she will intervene and destroy Vincent if necessary, even though she may not agree with the alien's plans.


    Our world leaders meet in secret. These meetings weren't ever mentioned in the popular press years ago. Severe radiation events are arranged to pollute the earth and kill the people along with other means. 

    Nuclear weapons testing

    To make it their world.

    The UFOs are from Satan

    I decided to run a search in the Torah using the expression "UFOs are from Satan". 0 occurrences of this term were expected statistically, and 1 showed up (odds = 1/1276). It could be extended to "them, the UFOs, are from Satan", and I spotted another running parallel to it which reads "from the enemy". 

    The Bible Code tells us what they really are. Alternative media is rife with them as harbingers of good. They have a mission to make this Eden their world.

    The aliens chose certain areas in the north for a reason. This is the Norwegian spiral.

    This is one over western Canada.

    Dag Hammarskjöld: evidence suggests UN chief's plane was shot down

  • THE CONSPIRACY SHOW: Aug 20, 2017 Planet...
    by Conspiracy Cafe on August 23, 2017 at 10:21 AM
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    SUNDAY AUGUST 20, 2017 11pm


    Richard welcomes two regular panelists to the show to discuss the removal of controversial monuments, Is U.S. culture, history 'ripped apart' as Trump warns or a correction of a historical wrong?

    GUEST: MEGAN BARTH is the founder and proprietor of and a nationally recognized political commentator.

    ALICIA POWE : is a political reporter with World Net Daily. She worked in the War Room of the Rudy Giuliani Presidential Committee and served as a White House Intern during the George W. Bush administration. Follow Alicia on Twitter @Alicia_Powe .

    11:15 PLANET X / NIBIRU

    Richard welcomes a Science writer who has been focusing on Planet X and a possible Pole Shift caused by Nibiru. Two Suns in the Sky – Who Lives, Who Dies details potential end times events.

    GUEST: MARSHALL MASTERS is a former CNN Science Features news producer, freelance writer, television analyst and the publisher of YOWUSA.COM. Since 1999, he has been researching earth changes and Nibiru flyby-related topics including: sustainable survival communities, catastrophic crop circles, impact events and future technologies. Like many others, Marshall sees a dark cloud coming.

    Surviving the Planet X Tribulation (Full Color Paperback)

    is available for purchase from


    Richard welcomes a expert on Earth Changes. He published an Equation showing the affects of the Sun - Earth connection. They will discuss The Causal Effect Between Cosmic Rays on Human DNA.

    GUEST: MITCH BATTROS is a scientific journalist who is highly respected in both the scientific and spiritual communities because of his unique ability to bridge the gap between modern science and ancient text. Founded in 1995 - Earth Changes Media was born with Battros as its creator and chief editor.

    Global Warming: A Convenient Disguise his latest book is available through Amazon.

    12am OPEN LINES

    New Weekly feature! Ask RIchard Anything! Here is your chance for an audience driven show and participation in the program to have your voice heard on a syndicated media platform.


    Richard welcomes a veteran from the British Army who will discuss how to fight back in an active shooter event. Covering such topics as Dealing with fear, Escaping and evading, Using a weapon and Providing medical assistance.

    GUEST: JOHN GEDDES is a highly commended ex-SAS warrant officer. He was a sniper specialist and patrol medic and fought on operations alongside US Delta Force. Later he worked on high-risk protection roles for media clients in Iraq, and now runs protection training regimes and consults with US state and federal law enforcement agencies. Geddes lives in Orlando, Florida.

    Be a Hero: The Essential Survival Guide to Active-Shooter Events is available for purchase through Amazon.

    We learn to expose the street theater that sets the dialogue. Hire bands of thugs, play out a widely reported incident, set the dialogue to control the ship of state. However, if the past has taught us anything it is that this is the most popular method of statecraft. We succumb to whatever Big Brother presents and fall for further application of the Hegelian Dialectic. It is better known as create a crisis; propose a solution. Even William Shakespeare spoke of the world as a stage that is how old it is. Our first question must be did the event even happen as reported? Why were the brake lights on a car crashing into a crowd? My Columbo moment says the mob reporting isn't accurate. We submit to avoid the flash mob setting upon us. That's why we cannot escape the dialectic. Christ said the truth will set us free. He was quite correct if we find the strength to actually stand up to the mob and speak it. My Columbo detective sent me an aerial view of the crash. There were not throngs of people on the street protesting. The group were centered in the intersection only. The rest of the streets were empty. This implies a false flag hoax. Why was Brennan Gilmore a CIA operative the primary witness for MSM? Perhaps it was his C.V. working on uprisings in Africa for an operation called KONY2012 for the State Dept. Why was the leader of the Nazi thugs a former Obama supporter and Occupy organizer? His name was Jason Kessler. It has all the hallmarks of a well organized psychological operation. The end result was to instigate a color revolution regime change in The White House. Say that and the monster loses his power to control us. Pull the curtain away from the Wizard of Awes and it stops post haste. That takes willpower, knowledge and courage.

    The vilification tactics being used by the way are first year tactics learned at the Lenin School of Political Warfare. You associate your adversary with an evil idea or concept to destroy them politically.

    Stand Down:

    First they came for our statues...

    The Nouveau Taliban

    A German company that was the Nazi military industrial complex took down Gen. Lee's statue.

    Antifa Flag Comes Directly From The German Communist Party In 1932



    The ANTIFA Manual - Found on the campus of The Evergreen State College

    The Dodge's airbag didn't go off. The car was fixed. The registration said it had a sun roof. The one one the street did not. It acted like the magic bullet in the JFK assassination. It was in several locations inconceivably where it should not be.

    I vote HOAX!


  • THE CIVIL WAR S1 EP1 The Cause
    by Conspiracy Cafe on August 21, 2017 at 9:10 PM
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    The Civil War is the 1990 American television documentary miniseries created by Ken Burns about the American Civil War. It was first broadcast on PBS on five consecutive nights from September 23 to 27, 1990. Approximately 40 million viewers watched it during this broadcast, making it the most-watched program ever to air on PBS. It was awarded more than 40 major television and film honors. A companion book to the documentary was released shortly after the series aired.

    The series was remastered for its 12th anniversary in 2002, although it remained in standard definition resolution. To commemorate the film's 25th anniversary and the 150th anniversary of Lincoln's assassination, the film underwent a complete digital restoration to high definition format in 2015. This completely restored version aired on PBS September 7–11, 2015.


    Mathew Brady's photographs inspired Burns to make The Civil War, which (in nine episodes totaling more than 10 hours) explores the war's military, social, and political facets through some 16,000 contemporary photographs and paintings, and excerpts from the letters and journals of persons famous and obscure.

    The series' slow zooming and panning across still images was later termed "Ken Burns effect". Burns combined these images with modern cinematography, music, narration by David McCullough, anecdotes and insights from authors such as Shelby Foote,[2] historians Barbara J. Fields, Ed Bearss, and Stephen B. Oates; and actors reading contemporary quotes from historical figures such as Abraham Lincoln, Robert E. Lee, Ulysses S. Grant, Walt Whitman, Stonewall Jackson, and Frederick Douglass, as well as diaries by Mary Chesnut, Sam Watkins, Elisha Hunt Rhodes and George Templeton Strong. A large cast of actors voiced correspondence, memoirs, news articles, and stood in for historical figures from the Civil War.

    Burns also interviewed Daisy Turner, then a 104-year-old daughter of an ex-slave, whose poetry features prominently in the series. Turner died in February 1988, a full two and a half years before the series aired.

    Production ran five years. The film was co-produced by Ken's brother Ric Burns, written by Geoffrey C. Ward and Ric Burns, edited by Paul Barnes with cinematography by Buddy Squires.

    by Conspiracy Cafe on August 21, 2017 at 12:12 PM
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    Not since the assassination of JFK have we had a filmed at the scene video that conflicts with much of the evidence and the official story. Former Rebel Media journalist was at the protest. Her live video seems scripted somehow. Perhaps that is why she was let go. She seems very condescending and appeared to know the show was about to start. Her on the ground recording doesn't match the in the air recording that YouTube pulls at every opportunity. Then like the magic bullet in the JFK assassination, we now have the magic car that can be everywhere and do everything all in one presentation.

    There has been a well orchestrated attempt at starting a race war based color revolution and regime change at The White House. We circle the wagons with the other patriots and defend the republic from one of the biggest frauds since Sandy Hook. The deep state want Trump out of office if not existence.

    New Orleans statue removal by German arms giant KRUPP. Notice the twilight language turn left, stop on RED!

    Did it start with the Hip Hop Google Doodle? The writing was on the wall. Public demands for the murder of the president. University of Virginia march. The Civil War is fought again. The boundary stones. False flag evidence. Stand down order. Crowds company provides protesters? The strategy. The death knell for freedom of thought. Antifa better in its original German. Identity politics. Confederate statues removed. Robert E. Lee replaced. Washington and Jefferson next? First they came for our statues. Then they came for the media. The Nouveau Taliban. ICC condemns destruction of cultural artifacts in Africa. Protesters dig up graves of Confederate. Trump takes on fake news. Reporters shaken not stirred. Council Exec resigns. He's a Goldman Sachs head. Don't they own the slaves today. Christ kicked out the money changers. So has Trump. DOJ looking for Disrupt IP's. Man stabbed for not being Antifa enough. More plans for turmoil. British police move on word feminine. Did Lee's battle strategy err? Soros admits seizing Jewish property with the Nazi's. Barcelona changes the channel. Trump exposes the horror of war.

    The end game?

    Guam locked and loaded. Risk of war. Xi urges restraint. China will defend North Korea. They will not if North Korea attacks. Fake news distorts the issues. Missiles loaded on subs. Ukraine supplies missile components. What a friend we have in Petro. We're close to the brink. So are India and China. Chinese subs off Indian coast. Russia deploys 100,000 troops near Baltic. GPS spoofing. Stock market warnings. The Hindenburg Omen crash? Italy's saving grace. Military option for Venezuela. Witness to the hack? Duterte kills dozens in drug war. Vaccines kill injure 75% in Mexico. Saudi's kill hundreds of Yemini children. Princes disappear. Diana book pulled. Lady in waiting's son dies. Queen may retire. Charles regent. Russian denial in Polish plane crash. Refugee invasion continues. Australian senator dons burka. Fentanyl epidemic. Algae terraformed earth. On Conspiracy Cafe it's the Charlottesville Charade.


    by Conspiracy Cafe on August 19, 2017 at 10:44 PM
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    Gone with the Wind is a 1939 American epic historical romance film adapted from Margaret Mitchell's 1936 novel of the same name. The film was produced by David O. Selznick of Selznick International Pictures and directed by Victor Fleming. Set in the American South against the backdrop of the American Civil War and Reconstruction era, the film tells the story of Scarlett O'Hara, the strong-willed daughter of a Georgia plantation owner, from her romantic pursuit of Ashley Wilkes, who is married to his cousin, Melanie Hamilton, to her marriage to Rhett Butler. The leading roles are portrayed by Vivien Leigh (Scarlett), Clark Gable (Rhett), Leslie Howard (Ashley), and Olivia de Havilland (Melanie).


    Part 1

    On the eve of the American Civil War in 1861, Scarlett O'Hara lives at Tara, her family's cotton plantation in Georgia, with her parents and two sisters. Scarlett learns that Ashley Wilkes—whom she secretly loves—is to be married to his cousin, Melanie Hamilton, and the engagement is to be announced the next day at a barbecue at Ashley's home, the nearby plantation Twelve Oaks.

    At the Twelve Oaks party, Scarlett privately declares her feelings to Ashley, but he rebuffs her by responding that he and Melanie are more compatible. Scarlett is incensed when she discovers another guest, Rhett Butler, has overheard their conversation. The barbecue is disrupted by the declaration of war and the men rush to enlist. As Scarlett watches Ashley kiss Melanie goodbye, Melanie's younger brother Charles proposes to her. Although she does not love him, Scarlett consents and they are married before he leaves to fight.

    Scarlett is widowed when Charles dies from a bout of pneumonia and measles while serving in the Confederate Army. Scarlett's mother sends her to the Hamilton home in Atlanta to cheer her up, although the O'Haras' outspoken housemaid Mammy tells Scarlett she knows she is going there only to wait for Ashley's return. Scarlett, who should not attend a party while in mourning, attends a charity bazaar in Atlanta with Melanie where she meets Rhett again, now a blockade runner for the Confederacy. Celebrating a Confederate victory and to raise money for the Confederate war effort, gentlemen are invited to bid for ladies to dance with them. Rhett makes an inordinately large bid for Scarlett and, to the disapproval of the guests, she agrees to dance with him.

    The tide of war turns against the Confederacy after the Battle of Gettysburg in which many of the men of Scarlett's town are killed. Scarlett makes another unsuccessful appeal to Ashley while he is visiting on Christmas furlough, although they do share a private and passionate kiss in the parlor on Christmas Day, just before he returns to war.

    Eight months later, as the city is besieged by the Union Army in the Atlanta Campaign, Scarlett and her young house servant Prissy must deliver Melanie's baby without medical assistance after she goes into premature labor. Afterwards, Scarlett calls upon Rhett to take her home to Tara with Melanie, her baby, and Prissy; he collects them in a horse and wagon, but once out of the city chooses to go off to fight, leaving Scarlett and the group to make their own way back to Tara. Upon her return home, Scarlett finds Tara deserted, except for her father, her sisters, and two former slaves: Mammy and Pork. Scarlett learns that her mother has just died of typhoid fever and her father has become incompetent. With Tara pillaged by Union troops and the fields untended, Scarlett vows she will do anything for the survival of her family and herself.

    Part 2

    As the O'Haras work in the cotton fields, Scarlett's father is killed after he is thrown from his horse in an attempt to chase away a scalawag from his land. With the defeat of the Confederacy Ashley also returns, but finds he is of little help at Tara. When Scarlett begs him to run away with her, he confesses his desire for her and kisses her passionately, but says he cannot leave Melanie. Unable to pay the taxes on Tara implemented by Reconstructionists, Scarlett dupes her younger sister Suellen's fiancé, the middle-aged and wealthy mill owner Frank Kennedy, into marrying her, by saying Suellen got tired of waiting and married another beau.

    Frank, Ashley, Rhett and several other accomplices make a night raid on a shanty town after Scarlett is attacked while driving through it alone, resulting in Frank's death. With Frank's funeral barely over, Rhett proposes to Scarlett and she accepts. They have a daughter whom Rhett names Bonnie Blue, but Scarlett, still pining for Ashley and chagrined at the perceived ruin of her figure, lets Rhett know that she wants no more children and that they will no longer share a bed.

    One day at Frank's mill, Scarlett and Ashley are seen embracing by Ashley's sister, India, and harboring an intense dislike of Scarlett she eagerly spreads rumors. Later that evening, Rhett, having heard the rumors, forces Scarlett to attend a birthday party for Ashley; incapable of believing anything bad of her beloved sister-in-law, Melanie stands by Scarlett's side so that all know that she believes the gossip to be false. After returning home from the party, Scarlett finds Rhett downstairs drunk, and they argue about Ashley. Rhett kisses Scarlett against her will, stating his intent to have sex with her that night, and carries the struggling Scarlett to the bedroom. The next day, Rhett apologizes for his behavior and offers Scarlett a divorce, which she rejects, saying that it would be a disgrace. When Rhett returns from an extended trip to London Scarlett informs him that she is pregnant, but an argument ensues which results in her falling down a flight of stairs and suffering a miscarriage. As she is recovering, tragedy strikes when Bonnie dies while attempting to jump a fence with her pony.

    Scarlett and Rhett visit Melanie, who has suffered complications arising from a new pregnancy, on her deathbed. As Scarlett consoles Ashley, Rhett returns to their home in Atlanta; realizing that Ashley only ever truly loved Melanie, Scarlett dashes after Rhett to find him preparing to leave for good. She pleads with him, telling him she realizes now that she has loved him all along and that she never really loved Ashley, but Rhett says that with Bonnie's death went any chance of reconciliation. Scarlett begs him to stay but Rhett rebuffs her and walks out the door and into the early morning fog, leaving her weeping on the staircase and vowing to one day win back his love.

  • 60 Minutes Interview George Soros Tried ...
    by George Freund on August 18, 2017 at 10:01 PM
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    Published on Nov 17, 2016

    Rumors have circulated since protests and riots broke out following the election of Donald Trump last week claiming billionaire globalist and notorious meddler George Soros is backing the anti-Trump movement in an attempt to further destabilize the nation.

    Although the links thus far have, indeed, circumstantially indicated Soros’ involvement, the connections haven’t been entirely clear — until now.

    While it’s certainly true Soros hasn’t forked over a personal check to any participants in these events — frankly, even suggesting that would be the case ignorantly ignores the larger issues at play — the association of organizations and groups his Open Society Foundations funding is not only evident, it should not be dismissed.

    When Soros-backed groups are entangled in the affairs of any nation, massive upheaval tends to follow — and not necessarily for the better. Whether or not you support the growing anti-Trump movement, a bit of background concerning this fact shows the need for apprehension — this isn’t a simple matter of influencing policies to fit a liberal ideology.

    Apart from involvement in Albania, Liberia, and many other nations, his tampering in the affairs of Ukraine not only remodeled its politics and economics, it ultimately fueled tensions with Russia, which recently reached a fever pitch.

    A thorough report in New Eastern Outlook on several hacked documents show “Soros is effectively the puppet-master pulling most of the strings in Kiev. Soros Foundation’s Ukraine branch, International Renaissance Foundation (IRF) has been involved in Ukraine since 1989. His IRF doled out more than $100 million to Ukrainian NGOs two years before the fall of the Soviet Union, creating the preconditions for Ukraine’s independence from Russia in 1991. Soros also admitted to financing the 2013-2014 Maidan Square protests that brought the current government into power.

    So let me get this straight. The guy who confiscated Jewish property with the Nazi's calls Trump and the conservative movement Nazi's. It is not comedy. It is insanity that his fat ass isn't in jail for sedition. 

  • Roger Stone: False Flag By Deep State Ha...
    by Conspiracy Cafe on August 18, 2017 at 10:46 AM
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    Published on Aug 17, 2017

    Roger Stone gives his expert analysis of Trump's press conference days after the political violence in Charlottesville, and explains why many believe the event was primarily propagated by the deep state.

    Help us spread the word about the liberty movement, we're reaching millions help us reach millions more.


    A good parent doesn't choose sides when his his children fight. Both are chastised for fighting and get their allowance cut. The president is the father of the nation. He didn't choose sides. He should make sure there's no federal funding to the various agit prop children. There is word drag queens are being put in place of the war heroes. If you own mutual funds, you own slaves somewhere. There are more than there have ever been 45 million. There are 109,000 child slaves in Ivory Coast working cocoa. I'm sure liberals eat chocolate without the slightest care. The dead are buried from the civil war. We the living have a lot of work to do on slavery. Taking down a statue frees none of them.

  • Democrat Hoax Crashes Stock Market
    by Conspiracy Cafe on August 18, 2017 at 10:11 AM
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  • Plans For These 11 Cities Leaked & It?s ...
    by Conspiracy Cafe on August 18, 2017 at 9:57 AM
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    The tension in America has reached an all-time high after last weekends protest in Charlottesville, Virginia turned deadly. Members of far left groups such as Antifa and Black Lives Matter clashed with members of white nationalist groups over the removal of a General Robert E. Lee statue. Now, these violent leftist terrorist groups have decided to up the destruction in cities across the country, and they promise it will be worse than last weekend.

    Over the last several years, the left has been fanning the flames of division by pitting people against each other. Instead of people in the United States identifying under the banner of Americans they have divided us by race, religion, and sexual identity. Barack Obama was instrumental in pushing this sick agenda forward with his hateful rhetoric and apologizing for America’s previous actions. The millennial grew up being indoctrinated with this contempt for America and all that it represents for the better part of the last decade. They believe that they are fighting against fascism and communist principles, but fail to see the irony that they are the ones that are promoting it.

    Now, the hacktivist group Anonymous is planning a “Denouncement Day” this Friday to “denounce the Confederacy, to denounce racism, bigotry, and hate,” saying “it is time to take down these monuments of hate ourselves.”

    Here is a video of their call to arms.



    Statue of Admiral Raphael Semmes

    Government Street, near the Bankhead Tunnel


    Confederate Soldiers Monument

    East Side of the State Capitol Building


    Jackson Guards Memorial

    Jacksonport State Park, at Washington and Avenue St.


    Searcy Confederate Memorial

    Courthouse Lawn, near W. Arch Ave. and Spring St.

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