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  • Julian Assange jokes with Sean Hannity a...
    by George Freund on January 4, 2017 at 5:13 PM
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    Jon Street

    WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange says even a “14-year-old” could have hacked Hillary Clinton campaign Chairman John Podesta’s emails.

    Speaking exclusively to Fox News host Sean Hannity at the Ecuadorian Embassy in London, Assange discussed the Dec. 29 report by the FBI and Department of Homeland Security, which alleged that Russia hacked the emails of both Podesta and the Democratic National Committee and gave the private communications to WikiLeaks.

    “We published several … emails which show Podesta responding to a phishing email. Podesta gave out that his password was the word ‘password’. His own staff said this email that you’ve received, this is totally legitimate. So, this is something — a 14-year-old kid could have hacked Podesta that way,” Assange said during the interview, which aired Tuesday night.

    The technician who told Podesta the phishing email was legitimate later said that was a typo and that he meant to say it was illegitimate. 

    Assange has been holed up in the embassy in London since 2012 to avoid being arrested for alleged sex crimes he committed in Sweden. Part of the reason Assange has not returned to Sweden to face trial is because he would then face the possibility of extradition to the U.S., where he currently faces no charges but fears authorities could arrest him for espionage, according to the Telegraph.

    WikiLeaks released thousands of secret government documents in 2010, which it obtained from ex-U.S. Army Pvt. Chelsea Manning, who has since been convicted of espionage for the leak. The incident prompted debate over whether Assange, who is an Australian citizen, can or should be charged with espionage.

    During his Hannity interview, Assange defended releasing the documents.

    “The editor of The New York Times … has come out and said that he would do the same thing as WikiLeaks; if they had obtained that information, they would have published it,” Assange told Hannity, adding, “Unfortunately, I don’t believe that is true.”

    This Russian hacking fiasco is making a bigger laughing stalk out of Obama and company with each passing day. It might get bad enough that a White House IP address is identified. That damn Putin must of snuck in while the door was left open during the spirit cooking session. 

    by George Freund on January 4, 2017 at 2:22 PM
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    WikiLeaks Just Exposed Hard Drive With Clinton Documents Stolen! See The Media Cover Up!

    By Alex America - January 3, 2017

    WikiLeaks and Julian Assange have been an incredible resource for the American people and the world in exposing the corruption and lies of people like Hillary Clinton and John Podesta.

    They have a 100% accuracy rating for authentic leaked documents and that is what scares Hillary Clinton so much.

    Hillary and Bill Clinton are freaking out now though because WikiLeaks just announced that a huge hard drive containing Clinton Administration files was stolen from the National Archives!

    2 Terabytes of Clinton Administration files were stolen!


    WikiLeaks ✔@wikileaks

    System admins: Don't let the White House destroy US history again! Copy now, then send to WikiLeaks at your leisure

    8:30 PM - 3 Jan 2017

    3,8123,812 Retweets 3,9503,950 likes

    Who would have motive to steal these records?

    WikiLeaks seems to believe that it was the White House that did was responsible for this and it would make sense if they were trying to cover something up and we all know that isn’t something the Clinton’s shy away from.

    What’s even worse about this leak is that the mainstream media never covered it! This happened back in 2009! This is in the beginning of Obama’s first term!

    These people will stop at nothing to try and cover their tracks!

    Now they are stealing public records!

    Share this everywhere to show how desperate Hillary Clinton and her cronies are to cover their tracks. If all signs point to Crooked than there is a good chance that they could have had something to do with it!

    by George Freund on January 4, 2017 at 8:29 AM
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    George's decrypts are causing a stir in Turkey. No one reads the graffiti. Some try to erase it. Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds are the solstice sacrifices this season. The Charles MacIntosh 250th Birthday Google Doodle. 2017 NDAA attacks press freedom. CNN ratings plummet. The history behind journalism as the cause for war ala Rothschild. The top ten conspiracies for 2016. Russian Black Sea crash a missile hit. Russian students deliver 45 tons of aid to Syria. Trumpocalypse. Obama's revenge. Russia's response. Russia story stinks. Russia removed from threat list. Obama threatened war. Kissinger's plan to lure Russia into U.S. war with China. The coming wars from The Atlantic Council. UN revolution for East Jerusalem. Netanyahu under investigation. Obama's birth certificate is a fraud. Sanctuary cities.

    Nightmare for Spanish banks. Pension funds raided. France's new bailin bond. Italian banking crisis. Costs soar. Bundesbank gets 'its' gold. Treasuries dumped. Lame duck president. World Trade Falls. Share buybacks all the rage. Car recession. Trump and the Fed. Stay at home kids. Bank of Canada's warning. Trade in Services Act the end of the civil society. Justinian gives away the farm. Obama's kids not his. Underground Prepper. Swedish bank seizes senior's money. On Conspiracy Cafe we descend into CHAOS!

  • The Champions Ep13 Twelve Hours
    by George Freund on January 3, 2017 at 1:55 PM
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    The Champions is a British espionage/science fiction/occult detective fiction adventure series consisting of 30 episodes broadcast on the UK network ITV during 1968-1969, produced by Lew Grade's ITC Entertainment production company. The series was broadcast in the US on NBC, starting in summer 1968.

    The series features Craig Stirling, Sharron Macready and Richard Barrett as agents for a United Nations law enforcement organization called "Nemesis", based in Geneva. The three have different backgrounds: Barrett is a code breaker, Stirling a pilot, and Macready a recently widowed scientist and doctor.

    During their first mission as a team, their plane crashes in the Himalayas. They are rescued by an advanced civilization living secretly in the mountains of Tibet, who save their lives, granting them perfected human abilities, including powers to communicate with one another over distances by ESP (telepathy), and to foresee events (precognition), enhanced five senses and intellect, and physical abilities to the fullest extent of human capabilities.

    Many stories feature unusual villains, such as fascist regimes from unspecified South American countries, Nazis (a common theme of ITC 1960s and '70s TV, in part due to both the domestic audience and writers having been the "War generation") or the Chinese. The villains' schemes often threaten world peace – Nemesis's brief is international, so the agents deal with threats transcending national interests. The main characters have to learn the use of their new powers as they go along, keeping what they discover secret from friends and foe alike. Each episode begins with a teaser, followed by the title/theme song. Immediately following that is a post-title sequence vignette in which one of The Champions demonstrates exceptional mental or physical abilities, often astonishing or humiliating others. In one example Stirling participates in a sharpshooting contest. Additionally, Stirling hears the ticking of his girlfriend's lost wristwatch in a large field, enabling him to locate it. In another, laughing hoodlums block in Macready's car, which she physically pulls out of the parking space one-handed. Ironically, the narration during these often public demonstrations usually mentions the need to keep the powers a secret.

    13 "Twelve Hours" Donald James Paul Dickson Mike Pratt, Peter Howell, Henry Gilbert, Rio Fanning 18 December 1968

    The Champions are assigned to escort an Eastern European head of state, Dubrovnik, on his visit to Britain. During a dive in a Scottish loch, their submarine is sabotaged and Dubrovnik is injured. Richard and Sharron are forced to face down a mutiny within the crew, who want to surface and save their lives; the submarine cannot be allowed to surface if Dubrovnik is to survive the surgery, which Sharron has performed. Once Dubrovnik is out of danger, Craig conveys instructions to Richard and Sharron on how to work the submarine via the scrambled phone link, which with their abilities, they can decipher.

  • The Folly of Machine Consciousness
    by George Freund on January 2, 2017 at 9:40 PM
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    Published on Jan 2, 2017 The Health Ranger explains why machines and AI will never be truly conscious. They will only simulate consciousness.

  • Infamous Assassinations - EP07 - The Ass...
    by George Freund on January 1, 2017 at 9:42 PM
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    John Lennon was an English music artist who gained worldwide fame as one of the members of the Beatles, for his subsequent solo career, and for his political activism and pacifism. On Monday, December 8, 1980, Lennon was shot by Mark David Chapman in the archway of the Dakota, his residence in New York City. Lennon had just returned from Record Plant Studio with his wife, Yoko Ono.

    After sustaining four major gunshot wounds, Lennon was pronounced dead on arrival at Roosevelt Hospital. At the hospital, it was stated that nobody could have lived longer than a few minutes after sustaining such injuries. Shortly after local news stations reported Lennon's death, crowds gathered at Roosevelt Hospital and in front of the Dakota. Lennon was cremated at the Ferncliff Cemetery in Hartsdale, New York, two days after his death; the ashes were given to Ono, who chose not to hold a funeral for him. The first media report of Lennon's death to a US national audience was announced by Howard Cosell, on ABC's Monday Night Football.

    8 December 1980

    Photographer Annie Leibovitz went to the Lennons' apartment to do a photo shoot for Rolling Stone magazine. Leibovitz promised Lennon that a photo with Ono would make the front cover of the magazine, even though she initially tried to get a picture with Lennon by himself. Leibovitz said, "Nobody wanted [Ono] on the cover". Lennon insisted that both he and his wife be on the cover, and after taking the pictures, Leibovitz left their apartment at 3:30 p.m. After the photo shoot, Lennon gave what would be his last interview, to San Francisco DJ Dave Sholin, for a music show to be broadcast on the RKO Radio Network. At 5:40 p.m., Lennon and Ono, delayed by a late limousine, left their apartment to mix the song "Walking on Thin Ice" (an Ono song featuring Lennon on lead guitar) at the Record Plant Studio.

    Leibovitz's portrait of Lennon and Ono, taken on the day of the killing

    As Lennon and Ono walked to a limousine, shared with the RKO Radio crew, they were approached by several people seeking autographs. Among them was Mark David Chapman. It was common for fans to wait outside the Dakota to meet Lennon and ask for his autograph. Chapman, a 25-year-old security guard from Honolulu, Hawaii, had previously travelled to New York to murder Lennon in October (before the release of Double Fantasy), but had changed his mind and returned home. Chapman silently handed Lennon a copy of Double Fantasy, and Lennon obliged with an autograph. After signing the album, Lennon asked, "Is this all you want?" Chapman smiled and nodded in agreement. Photographer and Lennon fan Paul Goresh took a photo of the encounter. Chapman had been waiting for Lennon outside the Dakota since mid-morning and had even approached the Lennons' five-year-old son, Sean, who was with the family nanny, Helen Seaman, when they returned home in the afternoon. According to Chapman, he briefly touched the boy's hand.

    Lennon (left) signing a copy of Double Fantasy for Chapman several hours before the murder

    The Dakota's doorman, Jose Perdomo, and a nearby cab driver saw Chapman standing in the shadows by the archway. As Lennon passed by, he glanced briefly at Chapman, appearing to recognize him from earlier. Seconds later, Chapman took aim directly at the center of Lennon's back and fired five hollow-point bullets at him from a Charter Arms .38 Special revolver, in rapid succession, from a distance of about 9 or 10 feet (about 3 m). Based on statements made that night by NYPD Chief of Detectives James Sullivan, numerous radio, television, and newspaper reports claimed at the time that, before firing, Chapman called out, "Mr. Lennon", and dropped into a combat stance.

    Later court hearings and witness interviews did not include either "Mr. Lennon" or the "combat stance" description. Chapman has said he does not remember calling out to Lennon before he fired, but he claimed to have taken a "combat stance" in a 1992 interview with Barbara Walters. The first bullet missed, passing over Lennon's head and hitting a window of the Dakota building. Two of the next bullets struck Lennon in the left side of his back, and the other two penetrated his left shoulder.

    Lennon, bleeding profusely from external wounds and from his mouth, staggered up five steps to the security/reception area, saying, "I'm shot, I'm shot". He then fell to the floor, scattering cassettes that he had been carrying. The concierge, Jay Hastings, first started to make a tourniquet, but upon ripping open Lennon's blood-stained shirt and realizing the severity of the musician's multiple injuries, he covered Lennon's chest with his uniform jacket, removed his blood-covered glasses, and summoned the police.

    Outside, doorman Perdomo shook the gun out of Chapman's hand then kicked it across the sidewalk. Chapman then removed his coat and hat in preparation for the arrival of police—to show he was not carrying any concealed weapons—and sat down on the sidewalk. Perdomo shouted at Chapman, "Do you know what you've just done?", to which Chapman calmly replied, "Yes, I just shot John Lennon."

    The first policemen to arrive were Steven Spiro and Peter Cullen, who were at 72nd Street and Broadway when they heard a report of shots fired at the Dakota. The officers arrived around two minutes later and found Chapman sitting "very calmly" on the sidewalk. They reported that Chapman had dropped the revolver to the ground and was holding a paperback book, J. D. Salinger's The Catcher in the Rye. They immediately put Chapman in handcuffs and placed him in the back seat of their squad car. Chapman made no attempt to flee or resist arrest.



    Jose Perdomo was CIA. He was involved in The Bay of Pigs fiasco. He could have very well been the lead in all of this.

    IMAGINE The Truth Behind the Conspiracy

    At the 1972 Republican convention there was a CIA, LAPD plot to have a terrorist event framing Lennon and the Black Panthers. It was foiled.

    CHE-TV Episode 3 Imagine the Revolution Peace

    I wrote a short screenplay about it. John was more powerful than the president. The NWO didn't control him. So they kill. Princess Diana, Marilyn Monroe, James Dean, JFK and RFK are all included. John Paul I as well. President Reagan was an attempt as well as Pope John Paul II. Bob Marley another sang, how long will they kill our prophets? The answer is obvious. Until we learn the trick and change the channel from corporate propaganda. The show may leave out a few of the finer points. We don't.

  • What on Earth? S1 EP5 North Korea is Bur...
    by George Freund on January 1, 2017 at 8:08 AM
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    The Badlands Guardian

    Located in southeastern Alberta, Canada, near Medicine Hat, this great geological wonder can only be seen from high above the ground.

    Nevertheless, its humanoid details are stunning when one considers that human hands took no part in shaping this large mass of rock. The profile was formed by the erosion of rainwater on layers of clay-rich soil.

    Viewed from the air, the feature bears a strong resemblance to a human head wearing a full First Nations headdress. In a humorous (or tragic) turn, the additional man-made structures make it appear to be wearing earbuds, like an enormous iPod commercial.

    The headphone’s wires are formed by a dirt road, and the earpiece is formed by an oil well where the road ends. The Badlands Guardian is only one of many geological and landscape oddities that have recently been discovered using Google Earth images.

    North Korea Fires Seen from Space

    On April 25, 2014, dozens of fires burned in North Korea, sending smoke over the Sea of Japan.

    Credit: NASA image courtesy Jeff Schmaltz, LANCE/EOSDIS MODIS Rapid Response Team at NASA GSFC

    Dozens of fires burning in secretive North Korea are visible on a new satellite image.

    The Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer on NASA's Aqua satellite caught this snapshot of fires burning in both agricultural and wilderness areas on the Korean Peninsula. Farmers in North Korea use fire to clear away last year's agricultural debris and prepare the land for a new crop, according to NASA's Earth Observatory. Wildfires in mountainous regions may be sparked by downed power lines.

    Pictured: the 'real site' of the Hanging Gardens of Babylon

    A British academic believes she has identified the precise spot of the elusive Hanging Gardens of Babylon - in one of the most dangerous places on earth

    Ancient texts tmay have revealled what could be the site of the Hanging Gardens of Babylon

    It is the only one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World for which the location has for centuries remained elusive.

    Now, though, an academic from Oxford University believes she has solved one of the world’s last great archaeological mysteries by identifying the precise spot on which the Hanging Gardens of Babylon once stood.

    Dr Stephanie Dalley focused her search hundreds of miles north of the site of the ancient city of Babylon, now near Hillah, in central Iraq, to support her theory that the lush, elevated marvel was in fact built near the city of Ninevah, in the north of the country.

    The believed site of the Hanging Garden of Babylon, in the foregound, on a mound near the ancient city of Ninevah, northern Iraq (CHANNEL FOUR)

    From piecing together clues from ancient texts, the academic has uncovered evidence that the gardens were in fact produced not by the Babylonians and their king Nebuchadnezzar, as has traditionally been assumed, but rather by their neighbours and foes, the Assyrians under their monarch, Sennacherib, around 2,700 years ago.

    Satellite captures enormous 90-mile-wide storm that's UNDERWATER

    A Nasa satellite has provided jaw-dropping pictures of a huge 'storm' brewing under the sea.

    The swirling mass of water - which measures a whopping 93 miles wide - has been spotted off the coast of South Africa by the Terra satellite on December 26.

    But there's no need to alert international shipping, or worry about the poor fish that might find themselves in an endless washing cycle - the body of water poses no threat.

    Stunning image: The 90-mile-wide whirlpool, spotted off the coast of South Africa by Nasa's Terra satellite, looks deadly but it more likely to create life by lifting nutrients from the ocean floor

    Indeed, it is more likely to create life by sucking nutrients from the bed and bringing them to the surface.

    The sea storms - which are better known as eddies - form bizarre whirl shaped shapes deep beneath the ocean's surface.

    This counter-clockwise eddy is thought to have peeled off from the Agulhas Current, which flows along the southeastern coast of Africa and around the tip of South Africa.

    Closer look: A detail from the Terra photo shows the eddy is turning counter-clockwise - with the water surrounding it becoming a deeper blue the further it is from the centre

    Agulhas eddies - also called 'current rings' - tend to be among the largest in the world, transporting warm, salty water from the Indian Ocean to the South Atlantic.

    Vesuvius's big daddy: The supervolcano that threatens all life in Europe

    Two thousand years ago Mount Vesuvius destroyed Pompeii. Today, a larger, far more deadly supervolcano lurks on the other side of Naples. If it erupts, Campi Flegrei could wipe out all life in Europe. So why are British scientists battling the Italians for the right to poke at it with drilling rods?

    The Campi Flegrei caldera is a supervolcano. While a new eruption here would be more likely to result in the creation of another Vesuvius-like cone, the worst-case scenario could see it obliterating much of life in Europe

    A Giant Discovery That Overshadows the Pyramids of Giza: Long-Lost Pyramids Confirmed in Egypt

    The Long Lost Ancient Egyptian Pyramids that overshadow the Pyramids at the Giza Plateau seem to be a reality. These so-called lost Pyramids could change the entire history of Ancient Egypt.

    The mysterious ‘pyramids’ discovered in 2012 by American researcher Angela Micol were dismissed at first by many as being only sandy mounds and not man-made structures in the desert. But 34 rare, antique maps might prove these structures, re-discovered in 2012 might be Pyramids larger than those found at the Giza Plateau. According to satellite imagery, one of the monuments is three times the size of the Great Pyramid of Giza.

    “It has emerged these formations are labeled as pyramids on several old and rare maps,” Micol told Discovery News.

  • Patrick Henningsen LIVE with guest Shawn...
    by George Freund on December 31, 2016 at 9:24 AM
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    Patrick Henningsen and Shawn Helton

    21st Century Wire

    It’s that time of year again. As events become more complex – with new stories seemingly folding into one another, the task of unraveling and deciphering plot lines becomes even more difficult. As with previous years, 21WIRE has has been there for all the biggest news stories, both domestically and internationally. As new scandals unfolded, we tracked the media coverage and followed their narratives, before assembling the puzzle pieces together to determine where the criminal and power elite interests converge. All this, to arrive at the real story which was lurking somewhere behind the obvious headlines.

    As we saw previously in 2015, there were many high-profile incidents and stories which didn’t make the list – like the western media’s inverted coverage of the Liberation of East Aleppo and the BREXIT vote, the bizarre murder of Jo Cox, along with the Oregon Standoff, the untimely death of Justice Anton Scalia, the Zika Virus, Twitter’s Bana of Aleppo and Dusty Boy. What about the Pentagon paying British PR firm Bell Pottinger $540 million to make fake al Qaeda videos (we weren’t surprised)? All these could’ve easily been included in this year’s conspiratorial omnibus, but were omitted because we only had room for ten main conspiracies.

    Like 2015 before it, 2016 was also the year of the ‘Active Shooter’ – a term which has been adopted by the media, but which was once reserved exclusively for drills. Is this where drills blend with live events? This is worth thinking about, especially after we saw a number of false starts and other strange Active Shooter incidents at LAX Airport, Joint Base Andrews in Maryland, and at Ohio State University (said to be an ‘active shooter,’ but was later changed to a ‘knife attack’;) – all hyper-sensational media-driven events in their own right. Similarly, there was the case of the New York City and New Jersey Bombers which happened at the very same time the US had waged a brutal airstrike campaign in Syria that killed over 70 Syrian troops, but also just happened to also coincide with the UN General Assembly in NYC, where President Obama was delivering his “War on Terror” addresses to the international community. Then suddenly, the Big Apple went on ‘high terror alert.’ Perfect theatre? These were just a few of the spectacular, and highly improbable events that drove western news cycles over the past year.

    Below is our Top Ten list of conspiracies from 2016 – a year which featured some of the most improbable, if not impossible people, places and situations. Another incredible year…

  • He Built an Underground House for $50
    by George Freund on December 31, 2016 at 8:18 AM
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    Friday, December 30, 2016 5:26

    As someone who lived for more than three decades in an underground house he designed and built for $50 and then later expanded for $500, Mike Oehler has a mission.

    Now in his 70s, Oehler wants to convince other people of the advantages of living underground. In an interview with video journalist Kirsten Dirksen, Oehler shared his passion for underground living as he showed her around the homes he has built in Northern Idaho.

    Mostly walking barefoot, which he called a lifelong habit, Oehler revealed the aboveground home he first built in 1968 after purchasing his property as a young San Franciscan involved in the back-to-the-land movement. After spending his first winter “freezing to death” in a cabin in the woods, however, he decided to use the earth as insulation.

    In creating his first attempts, he fell into some of the mistakes others often make in designing an underground home — most of them centering on not having enough windows or with using basement types of windows only.

    “An underground home has no more in common with a basement than a penthouse apartment has with a dark, dusty attic,” Oehler stressed. Explaining that an underground house can have many windows, he proved his point by showing Dirksen the many creative ways he incorporated patchworks of mostly used windows in his homes.

    Be Prepared … With A Pocket-Sized Solar Generator!

    ‘We want a house that has windows on all four sides,” he explained. “Not everywhere on all four sides but enough so that each room has light coming in from two directions. That is very important.”

    As he learned more and more about what worked and what doesn’t work in underground home design, Oehler began to find his own comfort zone. He called his inexpensive low-tech approach to building “PSP” for post/shoring/polyethylene, and he is particularly proud of what he calls his “uphill patio.” The uphill patio is a terraced space that allows for light, gardening space, outdoor grilling and water run-off.

    Throughout the interview, Oehler mentioned the many advantages of living in an underground home, or what he prefers to call an earth-insulated home. Among the benefits:

    Less property tax.

    Warm in winter and cool in summer.

    Serves as fall-out shelter with radiation protection.

    No foundation needed.

    Low maintenance.

    Sound proof.

    Increased growing space.


    Environmentally sound.

    Weather resistant

    Probably the most striking thing about Oehler’s designs is that they do not have the feeling of being underground. In fact, largely because of their use of natural light, the homes seem traditional from certain perspectives.

    Crazy Gadget Makes Every Window A Cell Phone Solar Charger

    “With an earth-integrated house, you are working with the earth, not overwhelming it,” Oehler said, adding that some Native American tribes saw the advantages of living underground centuries ago.

    He finds home sites “by instinct.”

    “I will sleep at the site for a while to get a feel for the space,” he said. Although he cannot do the construction of the homes he designs any longer due to health reasons, Oehler said his home sites are all hand dug. He enjoys digging and finds it to be good exercise.

    One downside of his underground home in Northern Idaho? It is attractive to bears. Oehler has had more than one very close encounter with a bear who thought Oehler’s abode looked appealing.

    Although Oehler thinks the soil in Northern Idaho – with its mixture of sand, silt and clay — is ideally suited to underground homes, he said you can build an underground home anywhere.

    Would you live in an underground home? Share your tips in the section below:

    Are You Prepared For Extended Blackouts? Read More Here.

  • Kung Fu: S1 EP4 An Eye For An Eye
    by George Freund on December 30, 2016 at 6:39 PM
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    Kung Fu is an American action-adventure martial arts western drama television series starring David Carradine. The series aired on ABC from October 1972 to April 1975 for a total of 63 episodes. Kung Fu was preceded by a full-length feature television pilot, an ABC Movie of the Week, which was broadcast on February 22, 1972. The series became one of the most popular television programs of the early 1970s, receiving widespread critical acclaim and commercial success upon its release.

    Kung Fu was created by Ed Spielman, directed and produced by Jerry Thorpe, and developed by Herman Miller, who was also a writer for, and co-producer of, the series.

    Grasshopper Caine

    The series follows the adventures of Kwai Chang Caine (portrayed by David Carradine as an adult, Keith Carradine as a teenager, and Radames Pera as a young boy), a Shaolin monk who travels through the American Old West armed only with his spiritual training and his skill in martial arts, as he seeks Danny Caine, his half-brother. Many of the aphorisms used in the series are adapted from or derived directly from the Tao Te Ching, a book of ancient Taoist philosophy attributed to the sage Laozi.

    Keye Luke (as the blind Master Po) and Philip Ahn (as Master Kan) were also members of the regular cast. David Chow, who was also a guest star in the series, acted as the technical and kung fu advisor, a role later undertaken by Kam Yuen.

    Kwai Chang Caine (David Carradine) is the orphaned son of an American man, Thomas Henry Caine, and a Chinese woman, Kwai Lin, in mid-19th century China. After his maternal grandfather's death he is accepted for training at a Shaolin Monastery, where he grows up to become a Shaolin priest and martial arts expert.

    In the pilot episode Caine's beloved mentor and elder, Master Po, is murdered by the Emperor's nephew; outraged, Caine retaliates by killing the nephew. With a price on his head, Caine flees China to the western United States, where he seeks to find his family roots and, ultimately, his half-brother, Danny Caine.

    Master Po: Close your eyes. What do you hear?

    Young Caine: I hear the water, I hear the birds.

    Po: Do you hear your own heartbeat?

    Caine: No.

    Po: Do you hear the grasshopper which is at your feet?

    Caine: Old man, how is it that you hear these things?

    Po: Young man, how is it that you do not?

    Of course you come to Conspiracy Cafe a site that hears the heart and sees the grasshopper. Others who do not may chide you, but they do not see or hear as Christ was able to say despite their having eyes and ears.

    4 "An Eye for an Eye" Jerry Thorpe John Furia, Jr. January 25, 1973

    A southern family seeks vengeance against the yankee soldier who raped and impregnated their daughter, setting in motion an escalating cycle of violence that Caine may be powerless to stop. Winner of 2 Emmy Awards: Best Director (Jerry Thorpe) and Best Cinematography Jack Woolf.

  • It's a Wonderful Lie: 100 Years of the F...
    by George Freund on December 26, 2016 at 9:57 PM
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    Published on Dec 31, 2013


  • The Last Ship S1 EP9 Trials
    by George Freund on December 26, 2016 at 9:38 PM
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    The Last Ship is an American post-apocalyptic drama television series, based on the 1988 novel of the same name by William Brinkley. In May 2013, the cable network TNT placed a 10-episode order for the series. The series premiered on June 22, 2014, at 9:00 p.m. EDT.

    On July 18, 2014, The Last Ship was renewed for a 13-episode second season. The second season started airing on June 21, 2015. On August 11, 2015, The Last Ship was renewed for a 13-episode third season, slated to premiere June 12, 2016. The season 3 premiere was postponed following the 2016 Orlando nightclub shooting because the episode also included a mass shooting in a nightclub.


    After a global viral pandemic wipes out over 80% of the world's population, the crew (consisting of 218 men and women) of a lone unaffected U.S. Navy Arleigh Burke-class guided-missile destroyer, the fictional USS Nathan James (DDG-151), must try to find a cure, stop the virus, and save humanity.

    99"Trials"Jack BenderOnalee Hunter HughesAugust 17, 2014 (2014-08-17)108

    With Dr. Scott back on board, the crew begins prepping for human testing of the vaccine. Six volunteer crew members are selected as test subjects, based on their genetics. However, the testing does not go smoothly, as the sailors suffer symptoms and side effects that are unexpected and far worse than anticipated by Drs. Scott and Tophet, who disagree on the cause and go to extreme measures to counter which all seem to fail. In the process however, Scott determines the virus causes a severe autoimmune response, turning the body into its worst enemy. The crew eventually comes up with the vaccine and the cure, but not before they lose one of their own.

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