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  • BBC Natural World Iron Curtain, Ribbon o...
    by George Freund on January 11, 2015 at 7:38 PM
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    Natural World is a strand of British wildlife documentary programmes broadcast on BBC Two and BBC Two HD and regarded by the BBC as its flagship natural history series. It is the longest-running documentary in its genre on British television, with nearly 500 episodes broadcast since its inception in 1983.[3] Natural World programmes are typically one-off films that take an in-depth look at particular natural history events, stories or subjects from around the globe.

    When communism crumbled in 1989, it created an opportunity for wildlife. The Iron Curtain that divided communist Eastern Europe from the capitalist West had created a no-man's-land protected by barbed wire and minefields - a last haven for many rare animals and plants. This film tells the story of the movement, led by biologist Dr Kai Frobel, that set out to save the wildlife of this precious strip.

    Now as we celebrate the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Iron Curtain, we can also celebrate the birth of the biggest conservation movement in the world, a ribbon of life stretching 13,000 kilometres across Europe, protecting everything from bears and wolverines in Finland to rare eagles in Bulgaria.

  • Central Bankers Push The Recovery Illusi...
    by George Freund on January 11, 2015 at 8:22 AM
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    By X22Report

    Saturday, January 10, 2015

    Central Banker propagandists push the idea that we're in "recovery". Apparently retails stores closing, mortgage declines, record auto loan defaults and labor non-participation rate are all signs of recovery. Something's brewing, prepare yourself wisely.

  • New Twist: Charlie Hebdo Police Investig...
    by George Freund on January 10, 2015 at 8:24 PM
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    JANUARY 10, 2015 BY 21WIRE

    21st Century Wire says…

    As the dust settles from this week’s terror extravaganza in France, more loose ends are turning up (or being tied up), with this latest bizarre bombshell which is already fueling speculation as to the covert nature of the Charlie Hebdo false flag affair.

    A Police Comminioner from Limoges, France, Helric Fredou, aged 45 (photo, below), turned up dead from a gun shot to the head on Thursday amid the Charlie Hebdo affair. A high ranking official within the French law enforcement command-and-control structure, Fredou was also a former deputy director of the regional police service.

    At the time of his death, police claim to have not known the reason for his alleged suicide. This was recorded in their official statement: “It is unknown at this time the reasons for his actions”. However, a back story appears to have been inserted - originating from the same police media liaisons, who simultaneously claim the Fredou was “depressed”. Here is a link to the original report in the French media, which confirms that Commissioner Fredou was indeed working on the Charlie Hebdo case:

    “The Fredou Commissioner, like all agents SRPJ, worked yesterday on the case of the massacre at the headquarters of Charlie Hebdo. In particular, he was investigating the family of one of the victims. He killed himself before completing its report. A psychological ‘cell’ was set up in the police station.”

    EDITOR’S NOTE: It is not yet know to 21WIRE exactly how the fatal gun shot occurred, but if any other past political and high-profile ‘suicided’ cases are anything to go by, then authorities will claim that this victim either shot himself in the back of the head. In addition, there would also be a lack of gun powder burns on the hands according to the autopsy.

    UK-based investigative reporter Morris108, interviews ‘Phil in France’ regarding this new development:

    Sputnik News

    Police commissioner, who had been investigating the attack on the Charlie Hebdo magazine committed suicide with his service gun on Thursday night.

    Police commissioner Helric Fredou, who had been investigating the attack on the French weekly satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, committed suicide in his office. The incident occurred in Limoges, the administrative capital of the Limousin region in west-central France, on Thursday night, local media France 3 reports.

    Helric Fredou, 45, suffered from ‘depression’ and experienced ‘burn out’ [according to the official statement]. Shortly before committing suicide, he met with the family of a victim of the Charlie Hebdo attack and killed himself preparing the report.

    Fredou began his career in 1997 as a police officer at the regional office of the judicial police of Versailles. Later he returned to Limoges, his hometown. Since 2012 he had been the deputy director of the regional police service.

    “We are all shocked. Nobody was ready for such developments”, a representative of the local police union told reporters.

    On January 7, 2015, two gunmen burst into the editorial office of Charlie Hebdo magazine, known for issuing cartoons, ridiculing Islam. The [suspected] attackers, later identified as brothers Said and Cherif Kouachi, killed 12 people and injured 11, and escaped from the scene. Following two days of nationwide manhunt, the suspects were killed on Friday by French police some 20 miles northeast of Paris.

    by George Freund on January 10, 2015 at 3:02 PM
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    I opened VIDSPOT.NET I got a good media player. You'll see an 'X' to the upper left of the play icon in the middle of the screen. Close it to evade the pop ups. There's a pop out player at the upper left by the embed icon. I used that to get the full screen. If you ever get a pop up that doesn't close power down to evade it.


    In light of the Paris attacks look at how deep the rabbit hole goes. Then think about what happened. Even the police and security services will not know the deep cover agent. As I research the event all I can say is there are several plots played and it is very, very deep. I'll try to have a finished product over the weekend. Remember Charlie Hebdo was a catalyst for the 2012 embassy attacks around the world. The former editor was charged under anti-terror laws at the time and acquitted. Cherif Kouachi was arrested and released under anti-terror laws too. How deep is the rabbit hole? They may well have been intelligence assets.

    Traitor is a 2008 American spy thriller film, based on an idea by Steve Martin who is also an executive producer. It is written and directed by Jeffrey Nachmanoff, the film stars Don Cheadle and Guy Pearce in the lead roles.


    Samir Horn (Don Cheadle) is an Arabic-speaking Sudanese-American and devout Muslim. His Sudanese father was killed by a car bomb when he was a child. As an adult, Horn is first seen operating as an arms dealer. While negotiating a deal with Omar (Saïd Taghmaoui) in Yemen he is arrested and thrown into a Yemeni jail. Later, Samir and Omar become friends and when Omar's people arrange an escape, he takes Samir with them.

    Joining the Islamic Brotherhood, Samir uses the skills he learned as a Special Forces Engineer Sergeant with the U.S. Army Special Forces to bomb the U.S. consulate in Nice, France. The group then devises a plot to place suicide bombers on 50 buses in the U.S. during Thanksgiving. Meanwhile, in London, the Islamic Brotherhood finds out Fareed is being targeted by the FBI and he escapes by a source in the FBI headquarters. It is revealed that Samir is working under deep cover for an intelligence contractor, Carter (Jeff Daniels), with the United States government against terrorism. The FBI agents pursuing him don't know this, and Carter is killed by Omar.

    Meanwhile, FBI Special Agent Roy Clayton (Pearce) pursues Samir through numerous countries, resulting in their final confrontation in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. While on board a cargo ship to Marseille, France, Samir learns the identity of Nathir and kills Nathir, Fareed, and when Omar is about to kill him, he tells that he switched the bombers' emails and he placed them all on the same bus so all of them died without victims (except for the driver of the one bus). Canadian police, with the FBI, breaks in and kills Omar and injures Samir.

    Later, under an 'L' bridge in Chicago, Samir tells Agent Clayton he feels guilty for killing innocent people. Samir tells Clayton that the Qur'an says that to kill an innocent person is to kill all mankind. Clayton responds by noting that the Qur'an also says that by saving an innocent person, he has saved all mankind, and tells Samir he is a hero.

    by George Freund on January 10, 2015 at 1:46 PM
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    Kev Baker Show

    Kev Baker has been on the front lines since 2009. Hailing from Glasgow, Scotland, Kev was recently featured in VICE magazine as a front-line consultant and expert on activist groups in the United Kingdom. You can listen to Kev Baker on AM/FM in Colorado, Oregan, California, Sydney and London or tune into any of the TFR internet streams or listening options.

    by George Freund on January 9, 2015 at 11:02 PM
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    an employee of the magazine reportedly called French Media II, saying "it's a massacre" before being disconnected.


    CONSPIRACY NIGHT AT THE MOVIES: Three Days of the Condor


  • AK-47 Versus Watermelon
    by George Freund on January 9, 2015 at 2:52 PM
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    We study the effects of the 7.62 X 39 AK47 round at close range fired at a watermelon. This is a very powerful round. The effects are devastating. We are being fed a lie a policeman was shot to death in Paris by 'terrorists.' What is clearly evident is that part was staged. The fact an Israeli newspaper man was in a position ready to photograph the scene is quite the stroke of luck.

    At the 19 second mark of this copy of the film we learly see the smoke or dust particles after the alleged round was fired.

    One second later the smoke is dissipating. Take careful note of the fact the policeman has NO WOUND!

    In case he is a slow bleeder, we advance another second. There is no wound. The smoke actually rose from several inches from his head. There was NO MUZZLE FLASH and the gun does NOT RECOIL. It would be safe to conclude no round was discharged from the weapon at all. Now you know why this film is removed from websites or the policeman is altered so that we see nothing of the evidence.

    Lateral view of a steel-cased 7.62×39mm FMJ cartridge.


    Critical: Firefighters carry an injured man on a stretcher in front of the offices of French satirical paper Charlie Hebdo

  • France False Flag Shooting -- Attackers ...
    by George Freund on January 9, 2015 at 1:04 PM
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    Supposedly there were at least two gunmen on the street of Paris France shouting "allahu akbar" while shooting up the area. Supposedly these gunmen were going after the Charlie Hebdo magazine.

    The "allahu akbar" shout was caught in this video from France24 (watch in 720p HD if possible)

    This video was shown on France24 television LIVE... supposedly "unedited". Unfortunately, this "evidence" was highly edited.

    In my opinion, Muslim / Islamic people are being SETUP .. being portrayed as "terrorists" when in reality these are scenes spliced in, and faked most likely.

    Full written analysis for the visually impaired or the avid reader:

    In the video, we can clearly see this "allahu akbar" scene was SPLICED in. The "gunmen" magically appear out of thin air AFTER the splice is done when they duck behind the chimney on the rooftop. No doubt about it.

    First there were three SWAT police on the street at the intersection AS THE BLACK CAR IS STILL ROLLING in from the left hand side of the screen from around the corner of the building.

    The police then magically DISAPPEAR in a quick edit done as the camera pans down behind the chimney.

    Then , within 1-2 frames, or less than 1 second time, BOTH gunman appear in the street shouting "allahu akbar".

    The police magically disappear, no return gunfire, and were not shot (no police in swat gear or on bicycles reported hurt at that location).

    On the roof , where the video is being filmed from, a man in body armor is seen crouching down, then getting up rather boldly to look over and direct the camera person where to point the camera.

    You can see the man in the bullet proof vest point down the street at the three police in black (with white writing on their back). As they both duck down behind the chimney, the splice occurs.

    Finally, at the end of the video , you see the man in the bullet proof vest again walking on the rooftop, another edit / splice , and the people with their hands in their pockets, texting and standing around while OTHERS run by in panic?!

    Summed up, we have three SWAT police on the street below, and a man in body armor on the building rooftop above. The police do not engage the car pulling up, instead they are edited out, and the gunmen edited in... INSTANTLY.

    The people milling around on the roof , are mixed with other people in all black clothing and white gloves. Strange for several people to be wearing those similar clothes, while others are normally dressed.

    I'd like to know how they were able to edit and splice the video and get it up LIVE as it was going down, and I'd also like to know why three police were edited out BEFORE the shooting happened. Why is there a man on the roof in a bullet proof vest? Who are the people in black with white gloves?

    And finally, I'd like to know how 2 gunman can appear within 1 frame less than 1 second when the police were edited out?!

  • They're Getting Ready To Make Their Move...
    by George Freund on January 9, 2015 at 2:35 AM
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    Constitutional Attorney Warns "For Coming Assault Upon American People!"

    January 8, 2015

    The brand new video below just released by WatchmansReport2127 shares a breaking story from Constitutional Attorney Michael Connelly and Red Flag News that should send shivers up the spines of all law abiding American gun owners while giving us a date for the final push of progressives in Congress to disarm us of our 2nd Amendment Rights: 2015. Warning us that the gun confiscation agenda "is official", Connelly also tells us that "they are getting ready to make their moves" as he predicts a number of "coming assaults upon the American people". While some may label Connelly's warning as 'fear mongering', those who have been paying attention to history KNOW that one of the MOST IMPORTANT aspects to accomplishing a dictatorship and imposing martial law within a country is DISARMING the people, just ask Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot and Mao Te Tsung; Mr. Obama and those in Washington DC who want us powerless over what they have coming to America have taken a page directly from THOSE DICTATORS' book. This story also continues Barack Obama's war upon United States Veterans as they are highly targetted by this new push as shared below. Also check out 'the mother or all charts', the human cost of gun control, below video.

    From Connelly: It is official. 2015 is the year that progressives will make an all-out push to quash the Second Amendment and disarm the American people. I have been reporting on my blog for the last several years about the ground work that has been laid including the escalating efforts to disarm our veterans, the issuing of illegal Executive Orders by Obama to limit gun rights, the movement to get individual states to pass and enforce unconstitutional limits on gun ownership, and the signing of the UN Small Arms treaty.

    Now they are ready to make their move and I predict it will consist of a number of assaults on the American people. In fact, some of them are already in the works:

    The DOJ is floating the claim that the UN Small Arms Treaty is now the law of the land despite the fact that it has never been submitted to the U.S. Senate for ratification by a two thirds majority as required by the U. S. Constitution. This means that Obama plans to enforce the provisions of the treaty without ratification and despite the fact that in 1957 the Supreme Court ruled that no treaty, even if signed by the President and ratified by the Senate can override the protection of individual rights guaranteed to Americans in the Constitution.

    Much more from Connelly here while the video below breaks down Connelly's story in more detail.

  • Road of Bones the Kolyma GULAG
    by George Freund on January 7, 2015 at 10:16 PM
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    "Looking back, we wonder: could Stalinism have been as bad as we feared? Kolyma answers with a resounding "yes." Exploring the legendary Siberian prison camp through interviews with survivors, vintage films and photos, and modern footage of the abandoned camp, this powerful, award-winning documentary shows how the Soviets used terror to maintain their power for most of this century. Unbelievable torture and degradations were endured daily by the 2 million men and women who died at the camp and the luckier ones who lived; you hear accounts of random executions, rapes, starvation, exposure to the Arctic temperature, and more. Director Mikheev is careful not to veer off into the realm of exploitation, keeping the viewers sympathetic to the plight of the prisoners throughout the film. Now that the cold war is over, it's important to see why it was fought; though history is written by the winners, Kolyma makes it clear that the right side won this time.

    "Remember, there's a reason why you never learned about this very real holocaust and genocide of 100 million Russian & European anglos by the Bolsheviks that took over Russia after years of terrorism in 1917. That is less than 100 years ago but not a single Hollywood movie? I never can understand how that has never arose suspicions in more people. They took power very similar to the phony "war on terror' events of today! Yet 99.9% know NOTHING about this history! The Bolsheviks were jewish freemasons, sponsored, trained, and funded by Wall St. The very same bankers who today have stolen trillions from us all, (Goldman Sachs. JP Morgan Chase) and are funding BOTH Obama and Romney, trying to keep us divided in any way they can.

     You'd think people would know by now after 11 solid years of MSM lying to us all to start wars, that the US media does nothing but lie and run psychological operations on the public to keep them dumbed down and divided. From the looks of it, most have not woken up at all.

    Sad to see considering how many have tried selflessly for years to wake up the general public, yet so many are still obviously brainwashed and treat what they learn from TV as gospel truth. Sickening to watch.

    it's ironic that we talk about slavery and racism when the fact that 10's of millions of whites were carted off in trains with no possessions to Siberia to work non-stop slave labor in -60 below. I bet these white slaves dreamed of picking cotton while freezing with no coats, food , or tools, surrounded by sadistic CHEKA secret police. TOday's version is FEMA and DHS.

    This is a real horror that made nazi's look like Disneyland.

    When you give up your liberty for security know where the journey leads.

  • PARIS : Terrorist Shooting Policeman on ...
    by George Freund on January 7, 2015 at 9:34 AM
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    This one is blurred so we can't see the evidence or lack thereof.

    As usual it appears we have another shooting incident to spark outrage against Islam. Is it even real? Of course there's always a strategically placed cameraman. The 'terrorists' move about with impunity. In this scene they fire on the policeman. He falls wounded. He sees two armed men approaching him for the coup de grace and puts his hands up. He doesn't return fire. The film conveniantly stops before the death shot is fired to spare us. However, there was no blood on the sidewalk from the first rounds fired. Is it just another propaganda operation? it seems so.

    by George Freund on January 7, 2015 at 8:20 AM
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    El Cid was one of the greatest epic films of the age. Could there be a knight who practised true Christian principles? In a time of conflict between faiths he spared a Muslim who returned to him as an ally. Together they saved Spain from invasion. His reward was a charge of treason and banishment. Who would bear these burdens today to save their nations as a christian hero? He stood up to the weak king and molded him into a man. We see both faiths influenced by men seeking personal power under cover of God. We see true believers uniting faiths in botherly love and turning against Satanic influences together. Perhaps those actions bought us generations of tolerance. Today we see the same difficulties facing us. Can we find knights who look to the greater good of love and unity or leaders who exploit the situation for their personal embellishment? EL CID!

    El Cid (1961) is a historical epic film, a romanticized story of the life of the Christian Castilian knight, Don Rodrigo Díaz de Vivar, called "El Cid" who in the 11th century fought the North African Almoravides and ultimately contributed to the unification of Spain. The film stars Charlton Heston in the title role and Sophia Loren as Doña Ximena. 

    Made by Samuel Bronston Productions in association with Dear Film Production and released in the United States by Allied Artists, the film was directed by Anthony Mann and produced by Samuel Bronston with Jaime Prades and Michal Waszynski as associate producers. The screenplay was by Philip Yordan, Ben Barzman and Fredric M. Frank from a story by Frank. The music score was by Miklós Rózsa, the cinematography by Robert Krasker and the editing by Robert Lawrence. The film had its World Premiere at the Metropole Theatre, Victoria, London on December 6th 1961.


    General Ibn (pronounced Ben) Yusuf (Herbert Lom) of the Almoravid dynasty has summoned all the Emirs of Al-Andalus to North Africa and chastises them for their complacency in dealing with the infidels and reveals his plan for Islamic world domination. Later, while en route to his future bride Doña Ximena (Sophia Loren), Don Rodrigo (Charlton Heston) becomes involved in a battle against a Moorish army. Two of the Emirs, Al-Mu'tamin (Douglas Wilmer) of Zaragosa and Al-Kadir (Frank Thring) of Valencia, are captured, but Rodrigo releases them on condition that they pledge to never again attack King Ferdinand of Castile's (Ralph Truman) lands. The Emirs proclaim him ‘El Cid’ (the Castillian Spanish pronunciation of the Arabic for Lord: "Al Sidi") and swear allegiance to him.

    For this act he is accused of treason against the King by Count Ordóñez (Raf Vallone) and later Ximena's father, Count Gormaz (Andrew Cruickshank). Rodrigo's proud father, Don Diego (Michael Hordern), supports Rodrigo against Count Ordóñez. Later Gormaz refuses to take back the challenge or the accusation of treason, and Rodrigo kills him, the King's Champion, in a duel. Ximena swears revenge upon her unrepentant father's murderer. Rodrigo then takes up the mantle of the King's champion in single combat for control of the city of Calahorra, which he wins. Rodrigo is then sent upon a mission to collect tribute from Moorish vassals of the Castillian crown, but Ximena, in league with Count Ordóñez, has plotted to have Rodrigo killed. El Cid and his men are ambushed but are saved by Al-Mu'tamin, to whom he had previously showed clemency. Returning home, his reward is the hand of Ximena in marriage. But the marriage is not consummated, she removes herself to a convent.

    King Ferdinand dies, and his eldest son, Prince Sancho (Gary Raymond), becomes king. The younger son, Prince Alfonso (John Fraser), also desires the throne; his sister, Princess Urraca (Geneviève Page) secretly has Sancho assassinated. At Alfonso's coronation, El Cid has him swear upon the Bible that he had no part in the death of his brother. Since he had no part in it as his sister was responsible, he swears so, but has Rodrigo banished for his impudence. Ximena's love for El Cid is rekindled, she chooses banishment with him and they have children.

    But Rodrigo is called into service by other exiled Spanish fighters, and eventually into the service of the king once again, to protect Castille from Yusuf's North African army. Rodrigo does not join the king, and allies himself with the Emirs who fight at Valencia, where Rodrigo relieves the city of the wicked Emir Al-Kadir, who betrayed him. Count Ordóñez brings Ximena from where the king had imprisoned her and the children after his defeat by the Moors. Valencia falls and Emir Al-Mu'tamin, Rodrigo's army and the Valencians offer the crown to ‘The Cid’, but he refuses and sends the crown to King Alfonso. Rodrigo then repels the invading army of Ben Yusuf, but is wounded in battle by an arrow before the final victory. If the arrow were removed, he would be unable to lead his fighters, but he would have a chance of recovery. El Cid obtains a promise from Ximena to leave the arrow, choosing to ride out, dying or dead. King Alfonso comes to his bedside and asks for his forgiveness.

    The morning after El Cid dies, his body is secured upon his horse and sent out at the head of his army with King Alfonso and Emir Al-Mu'tamin on either side of his horse. When Yusuf's army see him with his eyes still open, they believe that El Cid's ghost has come back from the dead. Babieca, his horse, tramples on and kills Ben Yusuf, who is too terrified to fight. The invading North African army is completely defeated. King Alfonso leads Christians and Moors in a prayer "for the purest knight of all".

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