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Did Muhammad Really Exist Or A Roman Vatican Creation 3-30-17
Posted by Conspiracy Cafe on April 13, 2017 at 12:24 PM

Published on Mar 22, 2017

Greg looks at the Pope’s Secret Plan for 2017, looking at a presentation by Walter Veith. He also looks at how the Pope became infallible also tracing it to a Jesuit plot within the Catholic Church.

It Looks Like Pope Francis Is Resisting Trump In His Own Way

Trump Doesn’t Appear Interested In Meeting With The Pope In Italy

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Tags: Jesuits , new world order , islam invasion , vatican , world war 3 , hegelian dialectic
Three Stages Of Jihad, Destruction Of America 3-21-17
Posted by Conspiracy Cafe on April 13, 2017 at 12:14 PM

Published on Mar 21, 2017

Greg talks about the enemy within and how the US is being set up for destruction. Islam is not our friend and at its core a religion of intolerance using a three stage process for world domination to their god Satan/Allah.

Quoting David Wood and his Three Stages of Jihad, he said, ” Make no mistake about it folks, the Western world is now at war with the Muslims. They are invading our countries through legal loop holes in our system, and our governments have been infiltrated at the highest levels. It is now time to stand up against these pagans who have no intention of assimilating with us, in fact it is the exact opposite. They intend to grow in numbers and install Sharia law over their adoptive countries.”

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Tags: Jesuits , new world order , islam invasion , vatican , world war 3 , hegelian dialectic
The Conspiracy Show with Richard Syrett Feb. 5, 2017
Posted by George Freund on February 7, 2017 at 8:02 AM

This Week On The Conspiracy Show



Richard welcomes the recipient of the 2016 Conspiracy Factist Award by TruthRising to the program. They will discuss POTUS45 relationship with the intelligence community, He is known to keep his own security and not trust the establishment, as well as making bold moves in a world gone mad. Can they bring order out of chaos?

GUEST: GEORGE FREUND hosted his own popular talk show on That Channel delving into such issues as the debt crisis, 9/11, weather weapons and all things hidden.

When reality is conspiracy then by definition conspiracy must be reality. For 20 years George has been a talk radio junkie revealing to millions upon millions the deep dark machinations of the shadow government. He has learned that corporate media is nothing but a slick propaganda machine to lure us into sleep.

Conspiracy Cafe is an alternative media forum that challenges popular opinion with difficult truths. As a student with a passion for the intelligence history of the world, events can be applied to those dictum's. Those who don't know their history are condemned to repeat it. If there is anything learned from history, it is people learn nothing from history.

There has been many roadblocks to the website of late. We have to persevere. I will try again to get the media player working, but it's embedded at the link. 

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Tags: New world order , the conspiracy show , richard syrett , donald trump , cia , justin trudeau , free trade , globalization , world government
Though The Fig Tree Does Not Bud, Part 1
Posted by George Freund on November 27, 2016 at 9:12 AM

Posted by Ravi Zacharias on December 13, 2014
Topic: Problem of Pain and Evil

Topic: why suffering

How can a loving God allow evil and suffering in the world? Have you ever struggled with this question? When violence occurs, it can be easy to wonder why. Listen as Ravi Zacharias looks in the book of Habakkuk where God answered those same questions. That’s today on Let My People Think.

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The Power Hour Monday, November 21, 2016
Posted by George Freund on November 23, 2016 at 2:49 PM


WILLIAM ENGDAHL, prolific researcher and economic journalist joins to discuss current happening around the world.

Websites: &

New Power Mall Book: “The Lost Hegemon: Whom the gods would destroy”

Additional Book: “Seeds of Destruction: The Hidden Agenda of Genetic Manipulation By F. William Engdahl”

Is Trump an actor and agent of a facet of the NWO? Time will tell. But to live in the swamp, there's not too much leeway in hiring swamp creatures. 

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Tags: William engdahl , the power hour , joyce riley , israel , ww3 , donald trump , zbigniew brzezinski , netanyahu , mike flynn
Former CIA officer John Kiriakou
Posted by George Freund on November 2, 2016 at 10:33 AM

John Kiriakou, a former investigator of international terrorism with the CIA who turned whistleblower.

"The only person from the CIA who was jailed over the CIA use of torture was John Kiriakou. John was jailed for blowing the whistle on CIA torture."

"The people who did the torture have suffered no comeback at all," adds Mr. Murray.


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The Censorship Solution with Michael Dean
Posted by George Freund on October 2, 2016 at 8:16 PM

Michael Dean of joins us today to discuss the .bit top level domain and how it provides a censorship-resistant alternative to the easily censorable .com, net. and other government-administered top level domains. We talk about what .bit is, how it’s managed through the decentralized Namecoin blockchain, and how the average person can use tools like Meowbit to start surfing the .bit universe.


Michael Dean on FreedomFeens

Fundraiser to send Ben “Bad Quaker” Stone to Porcfest 2014

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Globalization's Impact on Evangelism Part 2
Posted by George Freund on October 2, 2016 at 7:54 AM

Do you feel like culture has changed significantly over the past few decades? What kind of impact are these changes having and what are the dangers? Be sure to tune in to today’s Just Thinking as Ravi Zacharias takes a deeper look at these questions.

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Globalization's Impact on Evangelism Part 1
Posted by George Freund on September 24, 2016 at 8:41 PM

Fifty years ago, the world seemed much larger. Today, a kid in Minnesota can watch a video uploaded by a kid from Europe that features a kid from the Philippines. Thanks to technology, it’s truly become a small world after all, and with that connectedness comes opportunity. This week, Ravi Zacharias is speaking about the effect of globalization on evangelism.


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JEFF RENSE: Tariq Farag - Islam Is The Death Of America
Posted by George Freund on August 18, 2016 at 11:28 AM

Radical Islam is Traditional Islam

I am sharing a link from the Rense program which features Tariq Farag, who is an Egyptian immigrant to America and is now an American. In the interview, he was asked how many Muslims are radicals if there were 10 in the group. Mr. Farag answered that in Islam, 90% of Muslims adhere to an Islam which radicalizes them.

The reality is out of 8000 Muslims from Syria which image Obama imported, 7200 of them are prone to radicalization, and will never become Americanized. It explains why under Obama, these San Bernadino, Fort Hood and Orlando Islam incidents of terrorism erupted in these are not isolated incidents but to be expected.

For those too lazy to listen to the hour long interview, Mr. Farag has a name for radical Islam. He simply calls it TRADITIONAL Islam, because Muhammad in one of his first acts beheaded 800 people he conquered from sun up to sun down with his own hands.

Americans and Europeans are not dealing with 1% ISIS radicals, but 90% Islamic terrorists who are traditional Muslims. This fact can not be overlooked.

In order to save America, all Muslims who have been imported must be returned to their lands in safe zones and then screened, and only the 10% be allowed into America. This must progress out to the past generation and if these Muslims who were naturalized refuse to be the 10%, then the citizenship bestowed, must be revoked and they must be deported to the same safe zones.

It must not be overlooked in this the reality, that we are dealing in the Obama Muslims, a group of 3rd worlders who act like 3rd world Obama in mass murders in overthrown nations and a complete disregard of the US Constitution. They are 3rd world. The Syrians have no conception of civility after the exposure of nation rape unleashed by Clinton and Obama.

Child rape, human traffick, zombie terrorists, beheadings and mass murder, are what these Muslims were all exposed to. That kind of exposure would change a Christian, and does many US Soldiers who resort to destroying themselves in suicide.

It is a reality that Muslims exposed to this, are not going to turn into Peace Corp recruits. These are savages. Predators among the American and European sheep, full of diseased bodies and psyches. There is not any changing these primates from the animals they are.

These are the crimes of the image Obama and Angela Merkel and the profiteer George Soros, as much as the US Chamber of Commerce. These elite must face criminal charges for this, and these Muslim traditionalists do not belong in the civilized world any more than turning 8000 tiger loose in the streets.

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