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JEFF RENSE: Tariq Farag - Islam Is The Death Of America
Posted by George Freund on August 18, 2016 at 11:28 AM

Radical Islam is Traditional Islam

I am sharing a link from the Rense program which features Tariq Farag, who is an Egyptian immigrant to America and is now an American. In the interview, he was asked how many Muslims are radicals if there were 10 in the group. Mr. Farag answered that in Islam, 90% of Muslims adhere to an Islam which radicalizes them.

The reality is out of 8000 Muslims from Syria which image Obama imported, 7200 of them are prone to radicalization, and will never become Americanized. It explains why under Obama, these San Bernadino, Fort Hood and Orlando Islam incidents of terrorism erupted in these are not isolated incidents but to be expected.

For those too lazy to listen to the hour long interview, Mr. Farag has a name for radical Islam. He simply calls it TRADITIONAL Islam, because Muhammad in one of his first acts beheaded 800 people he conquered from sun up to sun down with his own hands.

Americans and Europeans are not dealing with 1% ISIS radicals, but 90% Islamic terrorists who are traditional Muslims. This fact can not be overlooked.

In order to save America, all Muslims who have been imported must be returned to their lands in safe zones and then screened, and only the 10% be allowed into America. This must progress out to the past generation and if these Muslims who were naturalized refuse to be the 10%, then the citizenship bestowed, must be revoked and they must be deported to the same safe zones.

It must not be overlooked in this the reality, that we are dealing in the Obama Muslims, a group of 3rd worlders who act like 3rd world Obama in mass murders in overthrown nations and a complete disregard of the US Constitution. They are 3rd world. The Syrians have no conception of civility after the exposure of nation rape unleashed by Clinton and Obama.

Child rape, human traffick, zombie terrorists, beheadings and mass murder, are what these Muslims were all exposed to. That kind of exposure would change a Christian, and does many US Soldiers who resort to destroying themselves in suicide.

It is a reality that Muslims exposed to this, are not going to turn into Peace Corp recruits. These are savages. Predators among the American and European sheep, full of diseased bodies and psyches. There is not any changing these primates from the animals they are.

These are the crimes of the image Obama and Angela Merkel and the profiteer George Soros, as much as the US Chamber of Commerce. These elite must face criminal charges for this, and these Muslim traditionalists do not belong in the civilized world any more than turning 8000 tiger loose in the streets.

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The Link of the Resurrection, Part 2 of 2
Posted by George Freund on June 18, 2016 at 8:26 PM

by Ravi Zacharias on November 9, 2013

The resurrection is an event that changed everything. But when you look back at history, you can see that the Gospel and the reality of mankind pointed to it’s necessity long before it happened. Ravi Zacharias takes a closer look at the resurrection this week, on Let My People Think, and he shares why it directly refutes any claims of the naturalist.

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The Link of the Resurrection, Part 1 of 2
Posted by George Freund on June 12, 2016 at 8:48 AM

by Ravi Zacharias on November 9, 2013

The resurrection is an event that changed everything. But when you look back at history, you can see that the Gospel and the reality of mankind pointed to it’s necessity long before it happened. Ravi Zacharias takes a closer look at the resurrection this week, on Let My People Think, and he shares why it directly refutes any claims of the naturalist.

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Donald Trump vs. Pope Francis REVERSE SPEECH Technology: "I'm the Evil, You seek"
Posted by George Freund on March 13, 2016 at 4:24 PM

Jeffrey Rense interview with David Oaks (founder of reverse speech technology which is considered pseudo science to the establishment)​ -​​ t​he same establishment that says vaccines are safe and effective​ and who are taking away our freedom.​

Jeff Rense and David Oaks evaluate short excerpts from Pope Francis's speeches forward and then "in reverse". Also, Mike Huckabee speaks out about the comments made against Trump by Pope Francis, recently, that he is not a Christian. So listen to this audio from the beginning. It is well worth it.

Every syllable is pretty clear. You can hear it yourself!

Reverse speech Pope Francis

18:18 I'm evil, you seek it

20:20 Eat the holy come

21:16 I rape the other kid

24:30 Murder was the Catholic answer

Reverse speech Donald Trump

29:50 America must serve God

31:00 I am the man (or is it I am Iman?) Iman means Faith in Arabic.

32:02 I heal this

32:40 Hillary lets see this email

33:38 America Now!

34:10 Believe It!

35:10 I was the one and I believe it

36:42 We love you

37:00 We value

37.27 Wake up, Wake up! We are the best America Yet!

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Dorothy This Ain't Kansas on Conspiracy Cafe
Posted by Conspiracy Cafe on February 24, 2016 at 8:28 AM


Our August 20, 2009 masterpiece with guest host James Haarp. What can I say? We end with the reference to research on the interdimensional portal. Is that where Flight MH370 went. They ended the search. They never mentioned the pilot turned up. There is nothing like Conspiracy Cafe now or then. This is an audio file only. The video was lost. It will be in the podcast section.

Massive tornado front sweeps Toronto and vicinity, missing ship Arctic Sea rendez vous with Hillary Clinton at Cape Verde in black op gone bad, Robert Hanssen and the 911 connection, dump site 41, Sunrise Petroleum secrets, mysterious explosion in B.C., Canada sets up bio lab in Kyrgyzstan, Kenyan woman returns as a disease vector, Canada Revenue Agency rips taxpayer, Pittsburgh gunman George Sodini worked for Gates law firm with Manchurian implications. Dorothy this ain't Kansas anymore on Conspiracy Cafe.

Journey of the Artctic Sea:

Arctic Sea: eight arrested after ship discovered

The mystery operator of the Arctic Sea exposed 

Director of the operating company, Viktor Matveyev, may have a dubious past. KGB defector and former naval officer Sergei Kourdakov mentioned a KGB officer with this name in his book The Persecutor. They were part of a group that arrested and tortured Christians. Is this the same Viktor agent of the extreme state and freelance man of action?

Breach (2007)

Starring Chris Cooper and Ryan Phillippe

Based on the events leading up to the capture of FBI Agent Robert Hanssen, who was convicted of selling secrets to the Soviet Union

Was Hanssen on to the 9/11 plot? In this arrest scene in the movie the hidden message is YES!

Film Producer Bobby Newmyer Dies at 49

Promis Software - Bin Laden's Magic Carpet

The Bush-Saudi Connection

Don't doubt for a moment the Neo Cons aren't in bed with them again orchestrating war and conflict with a major regional nuclear war on the horizon.

U.S. Identifies Vast Mineral Riches in Afghanistan

Billionaire club in bid to curb overpopulation

Polio surge in Nigeria after vaccine virus mutates

Drug to combat swine flu leaves '1,000 patients in suffering'

Baxter patented the “swine flu” vaccine two years before outbreak of “novel swine flu” virus * Austrian Baxter scientist involved in H1N1 vaccine patent also advises WHO

Singer gets rude welcome to Canada

OPP told Kurdish superstar and film crew were armed terrorists

Fort Detrick, Quantico, DHS and Halliburton --What do they all have in common?


Reinhard Gehlen The Secret CIA

Many heard the anniversary of the Sunrise Petroleum blast in Toronto. My cohort in communication Timothy Spearman and I did a Cosmic Horizons broadcast together where we filled in the uninformed about the underground research facilities under Canadian Forces Downsview and York University. There is also an anti-terrorism training facility run by the military for the police. They use flash bangs and blanks, but as Daddy used to say, "No smoking in the dynamite shed." It should seem to be logical that you don't ignite pyrotechnics next to a propane storage facility. The explosion was massive waking up a good portion of the city of Toronto and leveling a neighborhood. We were told by sources on the inside that experiments on weapons of mass destruction have been carried out in the past. We figure this is a hot story. Major media is purposely covering it up even still today. I did get a turn with it on the Oakley show on AM640 one morning at least.

The Coffin Code key to future events.

I've had a few complaints the show is interrupted in the player. I've put it at this link as well.

It was a hot one let me tell you. Nobody says it like this.


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Beware the Grand Chessboard Queen on Conspiracy Cafe
Posted by George Freund on February 9, 2016 at 9:41 PM

All I can say is WOW! Did I say all that. A restoration of the July 23,2009 show with guest host James Haarp. This will be an audio file presentation in the podcast section. The video file was lost. 

Russia & China warn of WWIII over Iran, Canadian Food Inspectors botch flu collection infect themselves and others, polar ice expanding, urban renewal ala bulldozer as major cities set to implode, Bohemian Grove, the death of Superman George Reeves. It's your move check.

French Foreign Legion sets forest fire twice using tracer ammunition. New Zealand moves 12 inches in massive earthquake. New Jersey mayors arrested in high level money laundering. The passing of Walter Cronkite World Federalist. He'd sit on the right hand of Satan for global government. He never mentioned that at CBS. Guess what? Hillary Clinton and Bush are World Federalists. I think they sit beside Satan too. That's Impossible documentary on weather warfare. Virginia Tech shooter's mental health records found. The doctor took them home before the shooting. 

The shooter's sister, Sun-kyung Cho, worked for McNeil Technologies. The have contracts in Iraq and with the Defence Intelligence Agency. Veritas Capital bought McNeil Technologies in 2004. They have 2 CFR members on the board. There is also a link to Systems Planning Corporation. Systems Planning studied the Columbine shooting as well as the first WTC attack. They make the Flight Termination System as well. It allows you to take control of multiple aircraft in flight from on the ground or in the air. Their V/P was hired as a Undersecretary of Defence prior to 911. He was a contributor to the Project for a new American Century document. Cho was modelled after a character in the Korean film Oldboy. These companies operate like the Parallax Corporation as portrayed in the movie The Parallx View one of my all time favorites. 

Cho attended Westfield H.S. with a Michael Kennedy who shot and killed a police officer and wounded two others in fairfax County, Va. 

Vice President Agnew said if he didn't leave quietly, he would be killed. 

Massive quake moves New Zealand closer to Australia

Baxter Files Swine Flu Vaccine Patent A Year Ahead Of Outbreak

These Are The People Who Do Not Want The Fed’s Veil Lifted

US cities may have to be bulldozed in order to survive

Arctic ice may shrink less after North Pole's late thaw

 Russia-China Warn US That Israeli Attack On Iran Means “World War”

Mayors, rabbis arrested in NJ corruption probe

Meet the real Walter Cronkite

2009 Jakarta bombings

The Coffin Code continues:

There are several travel stickers on the coffin. The baggage ticket is for YVR Vancouver airport. There was a plane crash there.

Train derailment Italy

Bridge collapse India

Fires London

Terror attack Indonesia (Asia) Notice the sticker has two windows under the roof.

Notice the crime scene has two blown out windows.

Ahmee said: Why? What to they want with this happened? What are they looking for? Killing people? Very inhuman! Photo: TwitPic



There has been some sabotage with the Your Listen site. An ad box blocks it. I have reloaded the show. it plays for you now. I think you can tell from the content there's going to be a little interference.


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The Conspiracy Show Podcast - December 20th
Posted by George Freund on December 27, 2015 at 7:34 AM

We will rock the heavens with the prophecies of Gang Il-Sun the Korean Edgar Casey who warned the world of great calamities. They include a pole shift, a world war originating on the Korean peninsula. It will last three days, and Seoul will be consumed by fire. A great pestilence will follow lasting 68 days. American forces will flee the peninsula taking the disease throughout the globe. Kim Jong-un claims he has a hydrogen bomb. Is he bluffing? Will the prophecy unfold?

And I saw: and behold, a pale horse, and he that sat upon it, his name [was] Death, and Hades followed with him; and authority was given to him over the fourth of the earth to slay with sword, and with hunger, and with death, and by the beasts of the earth.

Revelation 6:8

There are two heavens The Early and The Later. Jeung-san Sahng-jeh-nim, Ruler of the Three Realms opened The Later Heaven and let in spirits in 1901. In retrospect if all these angels of enlightenment descended to Earth, how did WWI come about. Then in 1907 there was a major financial collapse and the great flu pandemic of 1918. The Heaven was only held open for nine years. The eternal question is what enters by this way? Will CERN open a portal for the physical heaven while those divining spirits open the portal though the mind and soul? What will be the result if we guess wrong? Edgar Cayce and Gang Il-Sun said the pole shift.



We move next to the San Bernardino shooting event. There were three men at the beginning and two patsies at the end. There was a media report one of the rifles came from the police department. The apartment was a stage not a crime scene. This was a classic false flag style event with actors and the infamous drill.


Harry Bowman, 46

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The Conspiracy Show with Richard Syrett WAS THE CANADIAN FEDERAL ELECTION FIXED?
Posted by Conspiracy Cafe on November 16, 2015 at 10:51 AM

At the stroke of midnight the bewitching hour, I will be a guest on The Conspiracy Show with Richard Syrett. Richard has to be commended for taking the bull by the horns to deal with contentious issues. We discuss the theft of the Canadian election through use of the infamous algorithm. Returning officers report the results were in before the ballot boxes were even opened. Parkdale High Park was neck and neck through the count with some giving the edge to the incumbent Peggy Nash. They didn't have the results until 2:30 a.m. The result was provided at 11 p.m. the previous evening.

I cry foul because I know the history of regime change. It has happened before. Prime Minister Diefenbaker was subject to the same shenanigans in '63. The pollster provided the results in a vast conspiracy to unseat him that included the military and the media. He survived with a minority government. Prime Minister Pearson got the treatment next. Are we free to determine our fate? Justin Trudeau and the liberals had help from the Obama spin machine. The results were reported before they were counted. It sounds like the same old trick. It is one few have ever heard about. It was documented in detail in the book VOTESCAM. Only the chosen one of the New World Order can pass the muster. The ballot box was and still is rigged. Now you know the trick. Don't get fooled again.


SOFT FOCUS REGIME CHANGE: The Obama Machine Takes Over Canada

Emperor Justian of Rome and America's Emperor of Canada Justinian I


B-52 Stratofortresses fly alongside Canadian allies

The media player doesn't seem to play, but the download is working at this time.

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Never Alone in my Room on Conspiracy Cafe
Posted by Conspiracy Cafe on July 19, 2015 at 8:38 PM

Britain aims to set up the infamous telescreen, US tax dollars fund insurgency, secret UAE funds transfers, FEMA wants your kids, Russian subs off the east coast, great big gobs of greasy grimy monkey guts to be served your way, did Gorski film the moon landing, Canadian financier killed in plane crash, Chavez up in arms, Blackwater revelations. UFO crash in the Ottawa River. Remember you can never be alone in your room if you don't listen.

Welcome to George Orwell's private room 1984. Show date August 8, 2009 predicts the Sydney terror attack. Using The National Post's Coffin Code we state categorically THERE WILL BE A TERROR ATTACK IN SYDNEY! We also report the drilling on the fault line on the major plate off Japan by the ship Chikyu and anticipate A MAJOR QUAKE!

Scientists Drill a Mile Into Active Deep Sea Fault Zone

Chikyu drill prepares to pierce Earth's mantle

We've deduced that there was a pictographic code presented in the press in the guise of a coffin with travel stickers. One of the events still to unfold was a terror event in Australia. We've had the plane crash at YVR Vancouver airport, fires in London, a train derailment in Italy, a bombing in Asia, and a bridge collapse in India. The Roos were heading for Sydney, and so were the 'terrorists'.

On July 20, 1969, commander of the Apollo 11 Lunar Module, Neil Armstrong was the first person to set foot on the moon. His first words after stepping on the moon, "That’s one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind", were televised to Earth and heard by millions. But just before he re-entered the lander, he made the enigmatic remark:

"Good luck, Mr. Gorsky." Many people at NASA thought it was a casual remark concerning some rival Soviet Cosmonaut. However, upon checking, there was no Gorsky in either the Russian or American space programs. Over the years many people questioned Armstrong as to what the "Good luck Mr. Gorsky" statement meant, but Armstrong always just smiled.

Many a truth is spoken in jest. The story below entails a remark made by Neil Armstrong on the moon. There are various versions of how the remark came to be. Entertainer Buddy Hacket used it as a joke. It is also used in the movie The Watchmen. However, if the moon landings were faked and filmed, there was a renowned German movie director Peter Gorski active in the 1960's. His 'work' seemed to tail off with the advent of the 'space' program. Did Neil address the Director on tape? Gorski's filmography is notable for the movie Faust. Did he make a pact with his Nazi brethren at NASA for knowledge? Was he the shadow man employed in the greatest hoax in human kind?

Faust in his Study about 1652

This is one of Rembrandt’s most puzzling prints, as its exact subject is a mystery. It shows an elderly scholar in his study, transfixed by the apparition of a blazing disc of light enclosing a series of letters. The scene may represent an alchemist, but does not correspond with traditional representations of the subject. Although nicknamed ‘Faust’, it does not accord with any passage in Marlowe’s ‘Dr Faustus’. The shining disc also remains unexplained, although the letters ‘INRI’ match the inscription placed over Christ’s head during the crucifixion. The scene possibly shows an allegory of faith; the letters surrounding the disc are intended to be indecipherable, reminding the learned scholar that human knowledge is limited and ambiguous, in contrast with the clarity of divine wisdom.

Faust is the protagonist of a classic German legend. He is a scholar who is highly successful yet dissatisfied with his life, which leads him to make a pact with the Devil, exchanging his soul for unlimited knowledge and worldly pleasures. The Faust legend has been the basis for many literary, artistic, cinematic, and musical works that have reinterpreted it through the ages. Faust and the adjective Faustian imply a situation in which an ambitious person surrenders moral integrity in order to achieve power and success for a delimited term.

A Triple Sunrise Over Gdansk Bay


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The Alex Jones Show -
Posted by George Freund on June 17, 2015 at 10:24 PM

The first hour of this show is heart stopping. The elites have chosen genocide. They are going to require the melding of man and machine into a cyber being. Human consciousness will be uploaded to the CLOUD in a deception of Biblical proportions. Will you be ready for the NWO's power machinations?

Alex Jones - 2015-Jun-17, Wednesday

June-17-15 5:00 PM

On this Wednesday, June 17 edition of the Alex Jones Show we break down the unfolding economic crisis as Greece prepares to default on its bankster loans and send financial waves through a European economy propped up by trillions of dollars in derivatives. We also look at escalating hostility between the United States, NATO and Russia as the US places heavy weaponry on Russia’s border and Russia responds by putting 40 new intercontinental ballistic missiles into service. On today’s broadcast we talk with the author of The True Story of The Bilderberg Group, Daniel Estulin, and Gingi Freeman, the woman behind "Urban Farmers for Food Freedom" and the Domestic Geek Girl blog.

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