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Saturday December 29, 2012 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM


This will be a special emergency broadcast of Conspiracy Cafe. The NDAA was passed in virtual secret Dec. 21st. While you fell for the diversion of the school shooting, the Constitution was shredded by the fifth columnists in the House and Senate. Americans are about to learn a HARD lesson. Welcome to the world of the disappeared. ALL protections for U.S. citizens were removed the the TRAITOR McCain and the gun grabber TRAITOR Obama will sign it most likely New Years Eve so that it will be effective New Years Day. I would BE PREPARED for roundups to start in the early A.M. as the inebriated can offer no resistance. Stay up late; clean your guns. Wait for a pre-dawn attack. It could be your future for years to come. Make an evacuation plan locally and internationally. Carry nothing with a chip. It could get really, really ugly, but it is your fault. The gutless are fuel for the chimney not PATRIOTS deserving rights. You have been warned. A law like the NDAA is a declaration of WAR on WE THE PEOPLE. Just in case you don't know who that is, look in the mirror. They'll come for the guns in the coming weeks to months to complete their victory on the stupid and gullible. Still writing them for an assault weapons ban? Good little communists you'll die well.