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George's letter to Tony Blair outlining the plot to destroy America ala financial collapse‏

Posted by George Freund on April 28, 2011 at 11:35 AM

The joy of cleaning is from time to time finding a little treasure laid away in the past. As a long time historian and activist I surprise myself sometimes at what I've forgotten. In this letter is the reader's digest version of the plot to destroy America hatched before most of us were born. I've always said WWII never ended. It just went underground into an intelligence and special forces mode.


Many people are all too willing to cower in fear instead of rising to destiny. They fear being put on the infamous 'list' of the state. If there's one thing I am certain of that 'list' is the same as the one of those who will sit next to the father upon his return. Many are called, but few are chosen. Stand up and preach the truth so you know redemption is certain.


In this analysis a little sarcasm is used. One can clearly see how one is added to the 'list.' You can also clearly see how the leftist Obama is so naturally at home with the rightest Bush agenda. The left and the right are understood in boxing to come from the same body as arms extending from a soul entity hitting you. It is no different in politics. Your adversary is power of an elitist cabal.






The Right Hon. Tony Blair, M.P.

10 Downing Street,

London, SW1

United Kingdom


Dear Sir:



You were featured in Toronto's Globe & Mail recently extolling the virtues of Russia joining NATO and the New Europe. For over one hundred years the greatest geopolitical minds have strived for such an end.


Dr. Duisberg of the I.G. Farben Company clearly directed your purpose in 1931.


Only an integrated trading bloc stretching from Bordeaux to Sofia will enable Europe to gain that innermost economic strength which is necessary to uphold her leading position in the world...The longing for a thousand year Reich cries for a new approach. For such a purpose we can use the mirage of a pan-Europe.


How astute of you to find the proper approach. In 1943 our Fuehrer set up the top secret 'Europe Committee' under Heinz Truetzscher Von Falkenstein. Our first post war leader Dr. Adenauer employed him for the same purpose to establish the 'New Europe' under a 'Greater Germany.'


Dr. Adenauer himself advised us that, "We must move very cautiously. We ought not to give the impression either in Germany or in the U.S., that we shall collaborate with the Russians." This soft approach conceals the advice of Dr. Goebbels, "The day will come when nazism and communism will fight side by side against the decandant west." Oh what a glorious day. "If one has to embrace communism in order to get lebensraum, what of it?", Heinrich Hauser The German Talks Back. "We must point to the danger that Germany may be forced to cooperate with Russia," Admiral Canaris OKW-Abwehr classified letter March 15, 1944.


Of course our designated post war leaders Field Marshall Keitel and Grand Admiral Doenitz prepared the plan "The Overcoming of the Catastrophe" on April 3, 1945. Their conclusion is irrefutable.


A colossal bloc of world dominating greatness, economic power, energy and numbers of population would be created from ocean to ocean...

The two great peoples, the Russians and the Germans, have extraordinary possibilities for the development without collision of their interests.

The chief emphasis in this bloc will shift more and more to the racially superior, intellectually more active and more energetic (people), that means to Europe.

Thus would be formed an alliance between the young Socialist forces against the old rotten entrenched powers of the west.


The strategy is called 'Fesselnsprengen' (breaking the chains of our entrallment). It will necessitate the causing of an economic crisis in the United States to bring them to their knees such that they must come to Europe for aid thus introducing the new order.

All of this is well laid out in the Madrid Circular Letter dated September 1950. It may have taken 52 years to fulfill the destiny of the Reich, but with such a natural leader as you success could never have been in doubt.


Our plans almost failed in 1953 when your country's Foreign Secretary, Mr. Eden, arrested the conspirators and seized four tons of supporting documents. Trust providence that the resulting white paper was never made public. So instead of making history, you will be fulfilling destiny. Long live the new thousand year Reich of Tony Blair.


Sincerely yours,


Mr. George Freund

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